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Barry James Meguiar (born July 24, 1942) in Pasadena, California is the President of Meguiar's, Inc., a California-based company of car care products founded in 1901. and former host of Discovery's Velocity (TV Channel) series Car Crazy,

Penni shares her disappointing experience on Amazon, "I liked the selection on Meguiars kit, however, there were products that were dried up and unusable. I was upset since it was a gift for my husband and he was not able to use it. We contacted Meguiars and they stated that the products were discontinued and not able to replace. I will not reorder these products again!"


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polidor (Former Employee) says

"Nesta empresa me tornei um bom profissional. com bons colegas de trabalho e uma boa gerencia. Cons: distante"

Lawn Technician (Former Employee) says

"No communication. High school mentality"

Show/ Account Manager (Current Employee) says


Oto kuaför ustası (Current Employee) says

"Çalısan elemanların disiplinsiz calışması ve çalışanların hakkını çalımayan elemanların prim sistemiyle hak etmeden alması. Cons: Haksızlık"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"I am one of the sales with company car looking for client who will interested to open a new business..whole day from 8 am to 5 pm I drive to look for the client Cons: long hours"