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From Everything.Sucks

"Although it is a “fun” game to play, I find it HORRIBLE that you are forced to watch all the ads... ok fine— keep the ads... but is it necessary, when you are right in the MIDDLE of free spins— or a HUGE win— that it goes to an ad, only to go to a black screen and lose it all??? The only way to get it to work again is to close the game completely and restart... but any gains are lost!!! From a game where the developers “prefer” you make purchases, please ask yourselves— WHY would I even begin to IMAGINE giving my credit card to BUY coins— when most of the spins are losses, and so much instability that ANY gains go down the tube as well? I have written my reviews too many times that go unanswered to write any more. I just hope this review gets seen by people BEFORE they waste their time like I have for the last year or so."


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