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Meet Millie, a situation comedy about a wisecracking Manhattan secretary from Brooklyn, made a transition from radio to television in the early 1950s. In the live television version, Mom and Millie were living in Jackson Heights, Queens. The popularity of this series led to a four-year run on CBS Television.


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Ali Crooks says

"This was the first time I used this app. We had booked our sitting a month in advance, woke up to a text the day we were leaving to go out of town saying the sitter had cancelled, and there were no sitter in my area. This is an absolute joke, I am livid that there is no 24 hour notice cancellation policy. Will never use this service again. Dependability, trust, and communication are key skills your company needs to have when taking care of pets."

Dawn McCombs says

"If I could give them a zero I would. Do not trust this company with your pets. I tried to apply a free promotion code for 1 dog walk and it wouldn’t go through. I never used the service, since the code didn’t work and they charged me anyway. I was on the phone with them for an hour trying to get a refund and was told it was cleared up. That was in March, and I just noticed that that never refunded for that walk AND they have been charging me $9.99 per month ever since. I called and spoke with someone named Eleazar. He said they could not refund me for the subscription, even though according to their records I have never used their services. I gave them the choice of being ethical and cancelling my subscription and refunding me for all of those months, or I would call my bank and dispute the charges and give them a review accordingly. They chose the latter. I would never use a company as unethical as this to walk my pets. NEVER."

Susan says

"I filled out all the questions and Bio info to become a Walker. Then they had the audacity to tell ME to pay THEM $30 nonrefundable to just have my application looked at. No guarantee of becoming a Walker. What!? That's like walking into an interview and handing them a $100 bill asking for an interview with no guarantee you'll get the job. Wow. No thanks. I'll stick to rover. Go figure it's a CA based company."

alyssa moran says

"terrible. i signed up for a trial while i was fostering a dog. shame on my for not reading the fine print but i would have really appreciated an email to tell me my trial was changing to a Premium account. Now I have several $9.99/month charges i cannot get refunded. Unless you know you will want this service indefinitely, i would recommend not using this app."

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