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Media24 is the print media division of the South African media company Naspers. It controls Naspers' newspaper and magazine Southern African publishing and printing activities, including Internet publishing of the collection of web portals. Media24 is Africa's largest publisher, printer, and distributor of magazines and related products, as well its largest newspaper publisher.


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Former Employee - Senior Sub Editor says

"Media24 is the con. You will be overworked and underpaid. No incentives as this is a media titanic. It is going down and it is going down fast. Office politics, editors and senior staff that are too young and inexperienced to do the work, buddy buddy system that favours who studied with whom and who's parents (yes really) are having braais with who. It's the broederbond all over again."

Former Employee - Sub Editor says

"Bad attitude from management, retrenchments, no job security, low salary"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor executive management with dim strategic vision."

Former Employee - Training Coordinator says

"Fast moving have to be able to adjust instantaneous"

Current Employee - Content Producer says

"Low pay No medical aid No Commision for content producers who do all the work on marketing campaigns."

Former Employee - Regional Manager says

"Sometimes you are just a number"

Current Employee - Team Lead/Ionic Developer says

"none, none, none, none, none"


"very long hours. Do not expect to have weekends to yourself."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"A lot of after hours work meant less time with friends and family."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Constant job insecurity as company downsizes means you'll have to start looking for a new job from day one. Retrenchments have become routine. Can be very bureaucratic, and very corporate."

Junior Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"The company overall is a good company to work for. Not much space (encouragement)for growth, very deadline driven not a normal 9-5. Offers good benefits H.r department very efficient.Very laid back atmosphere easy going and no strict dress codesLong hours especially on deadline days"

Business Process Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Great salary and benefits. Friendly employees. Management was not the best. Leadership from Management is poor with no proper mentor-ship and support."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"a well established company that has alot of staff but the working conditions are bad and especially the hours you work per month it is not fair at all for a person to work those hoursnothingno breaks"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Good company to work at but promotion to management level not good.however I was a branch manager in the Goldfields.I won most improved sales consultant national award in 2010.Companies done exeptionally in sales when I was a consultant there.I had done cold calling,face to face meetings and presentations with prospective advertisors and build up a good client database and network.pension, medical aid, shares, 13th chequenot very open for opinions from junior employees"

Advertising sales representative (Former Employee) says

"Constant pressure and measurement of your performance. Your success was only measured on meeting targets and coming up with new ways to generate income through selling ads. I learned to succeed above my own expectations, but after four years, I just couldn't take the 'judgement' anymore, my moral took a dip and I got very demoralised and demotivated. Management was very fluctuating towards the sales team, one moment of approval, the next of disappointment and disapproval. What kept me going was my co-workers, we were a fantastic sales team, worked very close together and complimented each other well. I often think they were the reason I stuck it out for so long.Taking ownership, meeting with them, offering them business solutions.Too stressed environment"

Credit Controller (Current Employee) says

"It's a leading media company in Africa and it has great working environment however month end are often stressful and draining however the systems that they have in place are really world classHave highly effective systems in placeUnfriendly people"

Callcenter Agent (Current Employee) says

"It is a very busy days and lot to do. I learned alot and is still learning in my work place. My co-workers will always help if the work load is to much and we always work together. The hardest part of my job is the stress. The enjoyable part is the satisfaction you get in helping the cleints and sorting out the complaints.OvertimeLong hours"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Account Management - establish and maintain long term client relationships Negotiate and close deals Communicate with different levels of management, staff and customers Preparation and construction of proposals Delivering presentations Drawing up sales plans and route cycles Completion of all contracts and relevant admin Achieving of sales targets set Seeking new business opportunities by cold calling/prospecting for new business Following up on renewals and pending deals and maintain existing client contacts on a regular basis Maintain and update client lists regularly Responsibility in resolving customers' queries and complaints effectively Weekly sales meetings and workshops, functions and other company related events in and out of business hours Working well within a team environment as well as independently Assist in other areas of the business when required Setting up of formal internal sales processes Maintaining and establishing filing systems for internal purposes Ensuring the administration for the sales department is kept up to date Performing ad hoc duties as and when necessary Maintaining all company disciplines, policies and departmental standards and adhere to company proceduresRestaurant on top floorNo Parking"

HR Manager (Current Employee) says

"A typical day involves many interactions via email and personally with the business unit General Managers and their teams.No buy in from management to align to processes.Love interacting with everyone that works here.Learned that publishing magazines is a difficult task.subsidised dstvsalary not market related"

Senior Business Strategist (Current Employee) says

"New challenges daily. Finding and developing solutions, new strategies and creative implementation processes.flexible, fantastic boss, new challenges, new learningdifficult economic circumstances currently, print under pressure, company under pressure, magazines closing, retrenchments and low morale."

Intern Journalist (Former Employee) says

"My first time working there I was overwhelmed by the work but as the time goes by I got hang of it. Meeting deadlines was not an easy task bug I managed quiet well and I am thankful for the experienced I got because I was working fog a national paper. Print for me is my passion and I love telling people'stories it gives me a relief when I have help someone through my articles."

Advertising Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Working for Media24 most certainly had it's challenges. I had the opportunity to work for Beeld Newspaper in 2006-2008 working on Features and supplements as well. The market then was extremely good in terms of advertising in Newspaper Print, but newspaper print took a turn in 2008 where circulation started dropping and daily readers turned to online news. I would have loved to do a course through Media 24 in online but the opportunity never came. Beeld and Rapport being the only Afrikaans newspapers in Gauteng region started losing interest from their readers and public making it more difficult on a monthly basis to reach what was needed. Especially if retrenchments are put in place, the uncertainty of having a job in a month or two started showing. Media24 have well trained Managers and Line Managers that use a "hands-on" approach. When working on projects your co-workers certainly have an impact when it comes to team players and most of my co-workers have a special connection to me as friendships tend to grow. I would say the hardest part of the job was the time-frame we had to sell on a feature / supplement / project as we ran more than one project at a time and most often when in the early stages the feature weren't going according to plan, we had to cancel it and come up with a new, fresh idea, which can be challenging. Advertisers are much more educated when it comes to marketing and advertising and different avenues are being used to market their products, mainly online, which we couldn't offer our clients. The most enjoyable part of the job wasMovie tickets, prizes, free publicationsJob security"

Advertising Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Media 24 is an incredible company to work for. There is a lot of pressure but I got used to it and enjoyed every moment. I learned a lot of things with in the industry."

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"day started at 8 ends at 16:00 learned how to deal with difficult clients, to always stay calm under pressure friendly colleagues and helpful trainers"

drive (Former Employee) says

"Its a really nice environment with team building skills problem solving hard working place were you learn alot about media and different outlooks great place for entry level and get work experience and buil character with all the people you meet and get to knowfree lunchlong hours"

Administration Clerk (Ads24 Finance) says

"The company has a very productive team in all the departments and the people in the building is very friendly and helpful.Benefits - DSTV"

System Administrator (Current Employee) says

"We work hard, but learn something new every day. We have opportunities such as to apply for study bursaries and management development programs. My co-workers are delightful. Getting people to conform to governance rules is hard, but resolving problems and making enhancements possible are the most enjoyable part of the job.Study bursaryLong hours"

Marketing & Events Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"No typical day at work because everyday is different from the previous. You are pushed to do better everyday and staying on the trend. The economic state of the country makes obtaining sponsorship challenging but it teaches you to negotiate better.Attending social eventsWorking public holidays"

Accountant (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy everything about my current company. Basically, I have a good relationship with my managers, the directors (down to earth personalities), you can go to them with any kind of situation, they are always ready to listen. i do the overall finance duties including overseeing creditors, querying, chanllenges are my kinda thing, give me any challenges and I will always give a resolution, i never give up until i get to the top of things. I love audit, everyone else hate the time of audit but I just don't get the fuss about the audit, I'm always prepared to take on the challenge. My manager always say he just don't get how over motivated I am, it's not something you see everyday. My job for me is a passion, I do it for the love of it. I enjoy reconciliations, budgets/forecasts, audit.Free coffee, flexi work times, friendly managersLong hours"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Not a bad place to work at, but development opportunities were very lacking. No easy chance to work towards advancement due to flat structure. Most of management were a pleasure to work with."

Michelle van Lingen says

"Very fast to quote and accept your POP,very slow on feedback regarding a follow up appointment.I have sent ALOT of emails to Abigail and Priscilla with no responds. VERY BAD SERVICE!"

Customer says

"No one ever returns your email, most frustrating"

Doulos Services says

"Your account department is a total disaster, year after year we have to battle to get the statements up to date and then within 3 months they stuff it up, Last year September we fixed it and now my account again looks like I do not pay you guys , I have actually given you guys until end of June to fix it or I will cancel everything Jaco Flemix"

Customer says

"We have been trying to get our contract for months already, and have spoken with numerous of people regarding it, always promising to get back, but never does. What is the cancellation policy? How much notice should we give?"

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