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MedSTAR is the single medical retrieval service for the state of South Australia. Formed in 2007, it is controlled by the state government under the Department of Health through the SA Ambulance Service and provides emergency medical retrieval services. MedSTAR is designed to respond to trauma, medical and disaster emergencies anywhere within the state.

A former medical assistant mentioned, "Previously worked within the MedSTAR company. Management is very poor and unprofessional. Management in hiring should take a look at who they hire to be in charge of offices. The one in charge of Charlotte Hall isn’t going to make it. The rudeness and lack of skill is ridiculous. Asks way to much of you to stay, does not care about your kids nor other life commitments. Terrible communication between offices and other co workers."


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Customer Service Representitive (Former Employee) says

"This company does not care about it's clients and even less about employees. It is a soul crushing place to work. Stay away from any QMES companies. They also consistently have mass layoffs due to "restructuring""

Document Specialist (Current Employee) says

"After working for the company for 2 years there was no mention of a pay raise or positional change every mentioned, even when HR was complained to. Everything you do will micromanaged and you will always hear "corporate complained about..." Cons: Awful pay, terrible managing"

Billing Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Nothing is done to show employee appreciation the benefits are bare minimum you only receive 2 sick days per year. The pay was okay however the overall company did only what was required and there was no extra incentive. overall the company was pretty lenient with employees and allowed you to work not being micromanaged. Cons: none"

Tech Support Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"phone rings non stop. Not enough help to answer & assist with extremely high volume of Tech Support calls. Cons: short lunch break with no restaurants close by."

Customer Service and Order Entry (Former Employee) says

"over worked and not time for a personal life they expect you to work late just about every night.. Not properly trained for the position. management will give you different answers on how something is to be done."


"ok place to work if you want dme experience staff is somewhat cool atmosphere ok good place to start just not stay don't get stuck there"

DME COMPLIANCE SPECIALIST- Temp Position (Former Employee) says

"I was there only a short period of time, but while I was there I felt that I was always trying to conquer an uphill battle. It didn't matter if I was implementing what I learned in training, it seemed like I was always doing something wrong. Don't question anything either, because that just irritates management because they have to talk to you longer than they want too. Also, not the place to work if you don't like being micromanaged. It was a very stressful and defeating place to work. They would have employees competing unnecessarily and morale was very low and stressed."

Customer service rep (Current Employee) says

"It is a good place for individuals in a related medical field. THe work is typically mindless but processes has made it complicated."

Collections Specialist (Current Employee) says

"A typical day consist of processing secondary claims, updating patient accounts, processing payments, refunds, notifying other departments to update or review patient accounts, sorting mail, adjustments, updating collection accounts, scanning, taking payments all while answering phones calls from customers and assisting them with questions and concerns."

Rehabilitation Technician/Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was fasted paced and heavy loads of hospital and insurance company information. I learned how to organize and fill patients orders according to their needs and company policies and procedures. Management was ok I feel that it was room for improvement but didn't stop me as an employee form performing my duties. Co workers were good people hard working like myself and together we formed a strong Rehabilitation Department. Most enjoyable part of the day was feeling like I accomplished something and made someone less fortunate than I am life a little better as well as easier. Cons: No job securtiy wheither you were the best or worst employee"

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"Not too much room for growth. You’re basically working with durable medical equipment. Building wheelchairs, hip chairs, commodes, walkers, knee scooters, and same day deliveries. Cons: Very dusty and strenuous work"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Sometimes it would be hard to get in touch with the customer because they weren't home. You also have some really nice customers who are nice and understanding."

Medicare Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"You must work hard all day making sure your work is done fast and correct reaching goals and finishing assignments. There is always a new skill to learn for you to be better at your job."

Helper (Former Employee) says

"I was only helper of a worker at this company . Contacted to help deliver medical equipment. Very fine company. The warehouse base ran very smoothly Cons: I don't know not many"

Medical Documentation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A great place to work, if you're a person who's capable of working on your own without a supervisor or manager. I believe they should have had a supervisor or manager on site oppose to only being in contact via emails."

Former Employee - Rehabilitation Counselor says

"I worked at MedStar Health full-time Cons: who. And what you say"

Former Employee - IT Audit Manager says

"I worked at MedStar Health full-time for more than 3 years Cons: High Turnover. The IT Audit Manager job keeps reappearing on Glass door about once a year. As a former employee I'd advice potential employees to look elsewhere and save yourself the stress. My career has been much better since leaving as well as others I know who were also in the Internal Audit Department."

Current Employee - Financial Analyst says

"I have been working at MedStar Health full-time for more than a year Cons: They are not flexible at all. No opportunity for employees to work form home. Barely any training. You learn as you go. Company only gives $3K for tuition reimbursement."

Former Employee - Physician Assistant says

"I worked at MedStar Health full-time for more than a year Cons: Management. Very disorganized. Little experience. Can be very difficult. High turnover due to the sometimes hostile atmosphere"

Former Employee - Payroll Tax Analyst says

"I worked at MedStar Health full-time for more than a year Cons: Don't let the title fool you; this is a 1980's call center. They literally yell to inform staff, including exempt staff who do not answer employee inquiries via the telephone, to go to lunch (which can be anytime on a given day from 11 - 12:30). You are mandated to take a laptop home everyday, in the event of a weather or other workplace issue but if you need to work from home, forget about it. It is only for their convenience. And the generous vacation accrual is difficult to use; when I was there, the supervisor would call people who were on vacation with workplace questions and thought she could reprimand persons who didn't answer her calls. The same supervisor became irritated if you attempted to schedule your vacation leave months ahead of time. At on point, there was a 100% turnover rate and no one blinked an eye. Lastly, expect to be questioned or challenged on your religious stance. The supervisor will mandate that you submit to their prayers over meals during team meetings."


"I worked at MedStar Health Cons: The managers, nurse techs and RNs"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at MedStar Health full-time Cons: Inflexible. No work / life balance. Lack of respect for employees by management."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at MedStar Health full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor Leadership No HR support unless you are a manager trying to get rid of an employee Average pay No Diversity in Leadership Leadership more concern with personal career and not organizational concerns or growth Not enough resources to get the job done Leadership does not put the training provided to use. Leadership does not coach or mentor staff"

Current Employee - Phlebotomist says

"I have been working at MedStar Health full-time for more than a year Cons: All the medical supplies out dated. Horrible pay. 10 dollars an hour."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at MedStar Health full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Big business, took the “care”out of healthcare"

Trusted Customer says

"Too expensive. The main goal to pay for these services is to complete the experience profile in your CV. Nowadays it's extremely difficult for IMGs to match into residency in the US. If you are after the experience go ahead. If you are after the match you will need a crazy high score or a crazy special connection to a hospital"

Valued Trainee says

"1-the prices are very expensive. 2-your programs don't include residence place or food."