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McCann, formerly McCann Erickson, is an American global advertising agency network, with offices in 120 countries. McCann is part of McCann Worldgroup, along with several other agencies, including direct digital marketing agency MRM//McCann, experiential marketing agency Momentum Worldwide, healthcare marketing group McCann Health, branding firm FutureBrand, and public-relations and strategic-communications agency Weber Shandwick. EMMA ROSENBLUM wrote for VULTURE about the McCann agency which was mentioned in an episode of  Mad Men: “In Sunday’s Mad Men episode, within the industry banter of old colleagues, Pete Campbell and Ken Cosgrove emerged a vicious reference to McCann Erickson, the firm that, last season, bought out Sterling Cooper (and was the impetus for the creation of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce). Said Cosgrove of McCann: “It’s the worst agency I’ve ever seen. The worst. My mother was a nurse at the state hospital and that was the last time I saw so many retarded people in one building.” It was a surprising blow to the real-life firm that, in the wake of its pivotal role on the AMC show, replaced their company homepage with a cheeky video compilation of the times its name was referenced onscreen; it also had taken out ads in trade publications Adweek, Brandweek, and Mediaweek with the tagline, “Welcome, Sterling Cooper.” So what has McCann got to say about the surprising slight”


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Art Director (Former Employee) says

"Projects are designed poorly, over working hours everyday, and the company doesn't pay for over working hours. Colleagues don't participate as team works. very bad experience"

Creative/ Account Services/ Production, Management (Current Employee) says

"The environment isn't like a regular advertising agency. When you start working there they do not give you a guide on the agency or on the accounts that you will work with. The management doesn't care about the employees and gives no incentive for growth. When the "agency" decides to take everyone out to lunch for winning an account, they usually choose a hamburger joint not to spend money. There is some time of favoritism with male employees. Also, management promises promotions that never happens and you keep working for nothing. I would run away from this place.BenefitsPoor management, low compensation, no creative team- only interns, rude management"

Digital Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Extremely politicised culture New employees are welcomed based on their salary Visa fee will be deducted from your salary in some hilarious ways No job security Non-professional management with least knowledge about business Workplace bullying is part of daily routineNoneAll You Can Think"

Junior Creative (Current Employee) says

"Non c'è collaborazione tra senior e junior tanto che è impossibile formarsi e quindi crescere. Contratti precari, stage infiniti NON a fine assunzione. Qualità del lavoro medio/bassa con altissima dose di stress. Assolutamente sconsigliato soprattutto chi è alle prime esperienze.nessuno"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Great way to use as a stepping stone for your career. Gain your experience and then get out. Salary is not competitive and there's no such thing as an annual salary increase and bonuses.Free pizza once a month, great location downtown, great office spaceNo annual pay raise, no bonuses, clients are over demanding"

Full-Stack Developer (Former Employee) says

"Every couple years the whole company was restructured and embarked on a new direction. Business out exceeded business in and overall something of a sinking ship, but restructuring failed to solve systemic issues and deepened others.Extra day off on long weekendsEndlessly increasing workloads without promotion nor raises"

Acct Exec (Former Employee) says

"Zero loyalty to staff, Top management does not know or care about persons that work there. New ideas are typically rejected unless generated or stolen by top management. Communication is very poor from top management. Information is on a need to know basis. Very cliquish, people become invisible until a favor is needed.Free candy machines, benefits are good.No management involvement or guidance; no career path;"

Birmingham (Former Employee) says

"Boring, no collaboration, no transparency, no chance for improvements/promotion, very low salary, no benefit, poor management... Very corporate for an agency.Location, work life balance, no stressPoor management & 0 benefit"

Art Director (Former Employee) says

"Great colleagues on my team who care about each other and the work. Interesting projects covering a wide range of industries. Excellent location. Sometimes long hours and many weekends are required.Nice peoplelack of advancement"

Director of Client Service (Former Employee) says

"You dont get a raise unless you threaten to quit. Fun work culture otherwise like other ad agencies. Upper management keeps changing which impacts middle management drastically."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Just a good name in the market nice place with lot of creative heads around. Not that great for other roles. slow growth …………………………………./…………………...Good nameno job security, can be laid off any time for no valid reason"

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Beautiful campus with a swimming pool - just a shame no one ever used it! Predominantly worked with Aldi - would like to work with smaller creative companies in future!"

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Best part about being in an agency is the work environment and the opportunity to work on creative ideas. The rich experience can be an asset when one goes on the other side (client) to take charge of brand communication. But yes there is is the never ending struggle with timeline and being compelled to produce work that you may not be very proud of. However, accepted a part of business.Creativity and oppurtunity to grow fastNo working hours and timelines pressures"

Groundworker and 360 track digger operator (Former Employee) says

"A hard working and rewarding environment to work in. Have opportunities to develop and gain skills to then implement within the work environment. Learn to work part of a team and use own initiative."

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at McCann, new management that seems to want to replace everyone with all new people, which is their perogative but are getting rid of lots of good people"

Publicista (Current Employee) says

"Una empresa donde adquieres demasiados conocimientos laborales. Pero la calidad de vida y los tratos entre trabajadores hacen que el trabajo sea desagradableManejo de grandes cuentasmalos tratos entre trabajadores"

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