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Max Mara is an Italian fashion business. It markets up-market ready-to-wear clothing. It was established in 1951 in Reggio Emilia by Achille Maramotti (7 January 1927 – 12 January 2005). In March 2008, the company had 2,254 stores in 90 countries. It sponsors the Max Mara Art Prize for Women.

Max Mara website doesn't refund money when mistaken items are returned, according to Laurence at

"Never buy anything on max mara online. When you return an item max mara does not refund. Layers and thieves. Be careful."


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Former Employee - Key Holder says

"Very bad management. Ex employee had multiple dangerous warning signs but they were ignored by management until that employee assaulted a co-worker."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"HR is completely useless — there is a fear culture that makes it hard to voice concerns to anyone in management. "Tenured" corporate employees that have worked at the company for 10-15+ years are untouchable despite an HR file that must be 10000 pages long full of abuse complaints. Departments are very isolated and people work on the same floor yet do not know each other's names."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"They treat you badly, they make you work extra hours without paying it no giving them back, no back of house responsible, no security"


"My experience with MMFG was by all means toxic, and the behavior of HR was particularly disturbing. -There were several issues with management making inappropriate comments, promoting gossip and grading associates based on it, and many other things that I’d prefer not to say publicly. -Management would fire or discipline one person for a certain issue while going through hoops to cover up the same errors + more made by others. -The overall environment was quiet and draining with little to no work-life balance. Even the physical store itself was giving out -Management was extremely unsupportive- even combative at times. -I did not feel that anyone cared about our well-being. I remember my doctor *begging* me on the phone to leave work a little early for an extremely urgent procedure because of a medical emergency that occurred before a shift. I didn’t even ask, because my doctors note was already tossed by HR, saying, “if you’re late you’re late”. I would often be told by management, “you must know, this is a very difficult job...”"


"No training, no communication amongst the team, horrible company environment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No growth in the company, it is a family business. catty co-workers because the commission is high recently, they are really trying to appeal to the younger consumer but it is just not working. it is chasing away the older clients. no work life balance, it is very demanding"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Favoritism is a very common practice amongst upper management Corporate completely unorganized with no real leadership Unless you are a "flagship store" you not given effective tools, attention or support. Policies and sales plan constantly changing Sr. executives have inflated egos with a tendency to micro-manage and use fear and intimidation tactics Way to many conference calls and reports/re-capping Corporate office always quick to point fingers and only be accountable when the situation is favorable."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"long working hours, bad managment, no commision, overtime, no personal life"

Former Employee - Store Sales Manager says

"When you join the company you are stripped of all individuality . Minimal make up , hair scraped back, no jewellery . Given Max Mara trouser suits all oversized with flat loafers . Luncheon vouchers and dry cleaning vouchers unusable . Flagship store run like a prison with Store Manager walking around with unfriendly manner . Start early and finish late every day . Late night followed by early training morning following day . Staff all tired and unhappy . High staff turn over . Senior Managers have been in their positions so many years that they have no idea of what is happening in retail today . Stock rooms so overstocked many pieces are damaged having been forced onto bulging hanging rails. No stock takes prepared in advance of yearly stock take which causes total chaos with long hours to count the stock."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company doesn't care about employees. No bonuses, no payed overtime. Environmen bossy. Low salaries. High staff turn over. Worse experience of my life."

Stylist/Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"This is a challenging company to work for. The culture is not one that I generally felt comfortable with. This is not somewhere I would be comfortable recommending."

Addetta ufficio acquisti (Former Employee) says

"Mai più nella mia vita, non lo consiglio a nessuno"

commessa addetta alle vendite (Former Employee) says

"- Le entrate e le uscite dal lavoro delle venditrici vengono segnate dalla store manager e dalle sue assistant, e NON esiste il sistema di timbrare il cartellino, come in moltissime aziende (anche minori). - Straordinari non pagati, ma si recuperano in un futuro non molto prossimo. - Alle venditrici junior non viene fornita una formazione adeguata al ruolo, ma soprattutto non gli viene data la possibilità di vendere dato che esiste una gerarchia da rispettare, per cui la venditrice senior andrà sempre in vendita e triplicherà il suo budget del mese, mentre la junior rimarrà in ogni caso indietro. Mi chiedo come questo sistema possa funzionare alla lunga, visto che le senior sono ormai vecchie e non si investe nelle junior e come può la junior raggiungere il suo budget entro la fine del mese retail ed apparire di conseguenza "bene" agli occhi dell'azienda. - Vi è una pressione continua, spesso accompagnata da parole che sminuiscono e svalutano il lavoro delle junior. Mai una parola buona nemmeno quando le vendite sono buone. - Store manager che pure durante le pause parla male di alcune venditrici ad altre venditrici, assurdo e poco professionale. - Gestione incompetente da parte delle assistant manager: una affida un compito, l'altra la contraddice subito, creando solo confusione e ansia, col rischio poi di venire sempre sgridate per NULLA. Il clima di lavoro è quasi sempre ansioso, non si lavora in tranquillità e nemmeno con voglia, perchè se una leader non è capace di gestire il suo personale le conseguenze si sentono eccome. Gli errori che fanno le assistant manager"

Rather not say (Current Employee) says

"Very hi employee turnover during my time at MM. a lot of Disorganization not attention to priorities in some departments. It’s a company first attitude. If you were Italian from Italy you have first preference all others are treated as second-class or third class citizens. People are pushed under the bus. Do your self a favor and go find a better company to work for!"

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"la propriétaire madame Dalva se permet de hurler et insulter ses employés dans toutes les sens ils embouchent des étrangers et ils les traitent comme de la mrde à éviter !"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The worst you can expect from a fashion company. Competitive, narrow-minded, judgemental, mobbing environment. Never ending working hours. Very low salary.Fancy fashion attitudeToxic"

Pattern Maker (Former Employee) says

"bad enviroment, lots off stress and prohibitive in all the possible ways. Very strict Old mentality and way of work. Also old visions of the things. No space for improvement"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management team was not a cohesive team and did not take care of their employees. Assistant manager would use favoritism with certain employees and change their schedules to meet their needs/wants. Management did nothing to curb the hostile work environment caused by the Assistant Manager's favorites.Worked at a outlet mall which meant you got discounts at most of the other stores.Terrible staff, terrible management team, horrible work environment"

New Position "Accessory Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"Very high quaility until recession. More clothes being made in India, Hungry, and China. Prices getting higher and higher. No focus in store on larger built women. Management changing every 4-6 months.Beautiful coats, high style clothing.Management changing every several months."

addetta vendite (Current Employee) says

"Dopo diversi anni trascorsi in questa azienda, sento la necessità di trovare nuovi stimoli e motivazioni per continuare ad amare il mio lavoro."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Valgono i numeri, non le persone. Stipendio basso per il lavoro che viene svolto"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"Very unfair business pracrtices. The management is not effective at all. The salary is the worst in the industry.there are no pros to this company.senior management is awful in everyway."

addetta vendite/cassiera (Former Employee) says

"La classica azienda italiana che potrebbe fare molto, ma rimane gestita in maniera oligarchica. Ambiente molto competitivo, che non invoglia al lavoro di squadra, bensì agli "sgambetti" fra colleghe. Straordinari non pagati (al massimo, te li fanno recuperare... quando se ne ricordano) Organizzazione pessima dei turni, che vengono comunicati di settimana in settimana. I buoni pasto sono ticket elettronici, utilizzabili solo in pochi locali. La gestione pratica del negozio, è ferma agli anni '60. Le commesse, devono anche spazzare per terra, spolverare... Inaccettabile per un'azienda che vuole puntare molto sull'immagine. Attenzione per il dipendente, pari a zero.ProdottoTutti"

Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"No structure within the company at all. They make up rules as they go and don't even follow them. Witnessed 3 managers leave within an 8 month period on the heels of the most successful year ever at that store location. Do not see the culture changing as long as the Upper management in corporate remain there.Good Store HoursDoes not value management at all, Revolving door of managers. Unstable enviornbment stems from corporate."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"sell nice clothes, my coworkers are amazing, hardest part is closing sales. ive learned new ways of selling"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente estremamente severo. Il dialogo aperto non è incentivato. L atmosfera è fredda e basata sulla sottomissione all' autorità senza discussioni e continue bugie. Store Manager totalmente incapace e falsa. Ruba le vendite alle RDV per apparire bene in azienda e poi con totale incoerenza riprende le sue sottoposte perché non vendono abbastanza. Da manicomio. Non c è possibilità di crescita, si è troppo impegnate a sopravvivere e a mantenere sanità mentale. L unica cosa che si salva è il prodotto, meraviglioso. Non ci sono i buoni pasto ma delle card del valore di €8,50 spendibili solo nei locali convenzionati. Non si timbra perciò non si ha certezza che i turni fatti vengano comunicati con onestà e precisione.Prodotto made in italy stupendoGestione e clima di lavoro poliziesco"

Digital Content & Communication Manager (Former Employee) says

"Do you know the "Devil wears Prada" movie, right? that´s the environment. Max Mara believes they are luxury, comparable to Chanel and so, and that being luxury means being posh, disrespectful of "normal people", quite humiliating and sometimes even bizarre. The management is pretty out-dated and not willing to change, stubbornly the same since ever."

Practicante (Former Employee) says

"Una empresa con poca calidad humana, como practicante estábamos todo el día de pie y no teníamos lugares para sentarnos y descansar. Los horarios establecidos nunca se cumplían y nos hacían trabajar muchas horas extras sin pago alguno. Tampoco se nos daba ningún tipo de hidratación y los comerciales eran poco agradecidos.Sueldo razonable para un practicanteMalos horarios y trabajo excesivo"

Gerente de Sucursal (Former Employee) says

"Poco profesionales, al ser una empresa donde los directivos son familia hay poco profecionalismo, hay mucha preferencia hacia el personal antiguo aun así sepan nada, la peor decisión fue entrar a laborar ahiSalario medioPoco profesionales"

Addetta alle vendite/commessa (Former Employee) says

"l'attività lavorativa era stimolante e gratificante poichè si poteva gestire la vendita dall'inizio alla fine riuscendo a soddisfare la cliente in quasi tutte le sue richieste avendo a disposizione tutte le tipologie di vestiario ed accessori necessari.buoni pasto, puntualità nei pagamnentirifiuto dei permessi"

Angry customer says

"Agree with others, I will never buy anything on Max Mara online again. When you return an item Max Mara does not refund. They mess you around with promises but no money ever goes back to shoppers. Liars and thieves. Be careful."

Sallysalls says

"Do not trust a single word that Max Mara write on their official websites. Make your own judgements and then you will save a lot of time from not having to deal with such a dodgy company. I have purchased some items from their online store recently and have never had any good experience dealing with Max Mara. Therefore I would like to give a few honest words about their terrible customer service regarding returns, refunds and more recently deliveries. The first case involved my attempt to return a coat which was too long for me. When trying to return it online the system would not generate the label, so I contacted the customer service. They informed me it was because the Eurotunnel was closed, but this was not the case as the tunnel was, and is, open. They added the Eurotunnel statement to their returns section, but the whole page still promises fast delivery and free returns and refunds. Brexit is not an excuse as other companies have taken a much more transparent approach to their customers. The second issue that I have found when dealing with Max Mara is that the box that they use to ship their products is of terrible quality, especially considering that it is such an expensive brand. One of my boxes arrived from UPS wet and falling apart. Again this is not an issue I have had when UPS have delivered for other high end brands. Speaking of transparency to their customers they promise fast free delivery, but my most recent purchase took more than 10 working days. To make this worse I was given a delivery date by DHL for the shipment and then only found out when the parcel did not arrive that there was a "exception". On contacting DHL they informed me this was because it had not left Italy. Max Mara then told me it could be several weeks. Again the customer service blamed Brexit despite other companies showing no similar problems. When I was reading the comments I was quite shocked to see how many people have had similar bad experiences. I am going to wait patiently for my refund, based on the comments I read here I am expecting 2 months plus, but would seriously advise others not to make a purchase in the first place. They do appear to be continually breaching all Sales of Goods acts in their description and approach to refunds."

rossella mastroianni says

"Terrible customer care! I never expected this treatment here in US, from a so famous and important brand. I was a frequent customer in Italy. I will never buy from them again. Edit: my experience is related to the Bellevue square store. I used to buy in Italy ( I am Italian) and I had only excellent reviews."

Josephine Glover says

"Oh no! I wish I had read these reviews before making an online order from Max Mara via their UK website. I ordered a dress in Dec 2020 for £429. The photo on the website showed a pencil-shaped dress down to the model's knee. When it arrived it had strange bulges at the hips and reached my mid calf (very-unflattering - and I'm 173 cm tall, not short). The website offered free delivery and returns at that time. I immediately requested a return, was told 5 days later that return was not possible because the parcel came from Italy and Eurotunnel was shut (which it wasn't). Then I was told that they company could not yet work out the documentation needed for the courier but both UPS and DHL offered such services online. So basically, Max Mara is obstructing the return of this dress and thus the refund of the considerable amount of money taken from my credit card. I shall seek help from my credit card company if this misshapen dress cannot be returned and refunded. Just do not use this company!!"

James King says

"DO NOT USE - TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE Ordered a £1500 coat on 18 December - Max Mara say the item has been shipped but shipping company have no record of ever receiving the item. Have called and emailed the customer service line multiple times but am continually told to "wait a few more days for an update" whilst out of pocket for a substantial sum of money with no confidence of ever receiving the item or a refund. Absolutely awful from what is supposed to be a reputable brand. AVOID AT ALL COSTS."

D Wil says

"Placed an order in December. Since then, impossible to get hold of customer service and when I do, they tell me the order is a day of so away...and it never is. I spoke to another customer service agent today (Silvia) who spun a similar story. It's been weeks now.... Unless I spend hours trying to get through to customer service etc, they're are no proactive comms from MaxMara about the deliveries / my order etc. Very poor I must say. Been such a fan of the brand but this will be my last purchase. Avoid. Its a shame as they might be having problems but as a consumer, I'm concerned for the hundreds of pounds that has come out of my bank account...and if i'll see this again."

Marko Ljubotina says

"I ordered a bag on 12/29/2020, today is 1/20/2021and nothing happened! They did not charge me, but that is not the point, I want the bag! I did not make an order from a Chinese website, it's MaxMara for goodness sake! I called them and the Indian lady said something about Italian warehouse, but come on, I order stuff from Europe all the time and it arrives in no time! This is ridiculous! Oh and, I also emailed them but got no response. I don't get it, MaxMara is supposed to be a reputable house, I am flabbergasted! No more business from me. BUT, I am not letting this go, I want the bag!"

Tanya S says

"Recently I have had a very unpleasant experience with the Max Maria's customer service. I have bought a lot of goods from their website and I wanted to return some. I couldn't request the return online as it wasn't working, so I had to call them to Italy to ask for it. I then couldn't send the parcel back to them because they didn't provide the proper return labels due to the problem on the border in the UK. I sent them a number of emails and asked them for a help but they didn't care about you. I find their services very unreasonable and I don't want to be their customer anymore. I now waiting for the refund but I don't know for how long it will take as they said it takes ages. Please avoid their website."

Carol says

"I’m in the UK and bought a coat on Max in December for over £1000. The coat I received is huge (must be an error) and not a regular size 4, so I need to return it. (The packaging was not good either). The website won’t let me request a return and they apparently can’t send me a returns label by email ‘at the moment due to Brexit’. Obviously I am not happy and need to get this coat returned ASAP. I expect A1 service when spending this amount of money. I also ordered items from LV and Gucci and I cannot fault their service at all. I will update and alter the rating I’ve given if and when I am able to return the coat and get a refund."

Miriam Teodosio Green says

"I am disgusted with your brutal source of animal skin in China. You should feel embarrassed for encouraging animal cruelty and low wages workers."

Emmy Bohlin Olofsen says

"Don’t order anything from their web shop if you are not 100% sure you will keep it. It’s been almost a month since Max Mara received my return and I still haven’t got my money back. I have emailed costumer service several times with no answer, resulting having to call them from Sweden. Very disappointed! Will not order from Max Mara again."

Victoria D says

"I bought on line a teddy coat but size small was too big. I have returned the coat and bought an xs. The xs had the sleeves to short so I have decide to return it as well. I have sent the second coat back and I waited for the 2 refunds to be issued to me . I waited and waited ...20 days latter no refunds we are talking about 10 k in total. I have contacted customer care . For the next 10 days every day , I have wrote to all emails and contacts they provide but never got an answer back . I called everyday , talked to the same person that kept promising to escalate the issue . It took them almost 1 month to refund my money.They kept blaming the warehouse .. it was a night mare . Both coats came in a generic cardboard box thrown inside . Omg ! The worse ever experience , if you wanna spend on high end fashion go anywhere else."

Dmitry Pichugin says

"I made the order of the article in September as a present for my wife. Since the size was too small, I followed the instruction for the return for Switzerland and sent the item back on 22 September. Since then there was no refund and my request on the website via the contact form was unsuccessful. I received just standard reply that I shall follow the instruction for the return that I can receive per email."

Harriet Soderberg says

"Ended up on the subscription email list for Max Mara somehow and the website will not allow you to unsubscribe. It literally disables the "apply changes" button when you say you don't consent to being contacted by them. I've contacted them directly and requested that they remove my details / not contact me again but not yet received a response."

Alla Melnyk says

"Did not receive a refund, after multiple phone calls/messages! Very upset wit the customer service!"

Ivonna says

"Aggressive workers at YVR Canada store. Really bad . Her name is Michelle. Absolutely rude person"

Solomatina Ira says

"unacceptably horrendous customer service. they don't even answer!"

Evelina says

"I bought clothing by Max&Co., which is the MaxMara young fashion label, for a long time. Unfortunately, the customer service is quite bad. I had multiple problems with their online shop; once I bought a dress which got unstitched after wearing it just a couple of times in the office. I sent pics to the customer service and they replied they could not do anything about it. They suggested I bring the item to the local MaxMara shop, but I had to be prepared to pay for the repair myself! That is when I deleted my account and never bought anything from their online shop again."

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