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Maverick is an American Western dramatic television series with comedic overtones created by Roy Huggins and originally starring James Garner. The show ran for five seasons from September 22, 1957, to July 8, 1962, on ABC.


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Truck Driver (Current Employee) says

"Got my year in, other than that horrible company Dishonest from the get go should have quit when my training roommate was racially bullied into leaving. Look for a company with some integrity Cons: All of the corporate staff"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"At first thought was a good company knew people who have worked for them.... But since I got my main dispatcher my miles went down, I sat more lost more money couldn't ever get Ahold of my manager... Than I had to leave cuz mother got real sick and took me 2 weeks to get home and I had to quit just to find out my mother passed away the day before.... And didn't find out till I quit maverick cleaned my truck and my ride picked me up..... Told me what happened.... One of the worse company's so do good.... I just fell in between the cracks of horrible management"

Driver Flat Bed (Current Employee) says

"They could care less about you as a person, they need a body behind the wheel. Do not expect to get home fo nay usable hours.They promise you will get home for weekend then get you there just long enough to get sleep and back out on the road. Cons: no usable personal time or hours"

Truck Driver- Class A CDL (Former Employee) says

"Not worth the time of day, they promise a lot but once you get done with training you end up in more debt because of the cost just to get yourself ready fro the road"

Commercial Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"Training program is a never ending migraine. From the military style of training to the constant tests and hoops and loops to jump through. The staff is a very small one with very few Indians, but a lot of chiefs with little to no power. Training at ASUN was by far the best and most helpful thing about the program itself. Cons: staff, respect, organization, attitudes"

Truck Driver in the Regional Flatbed Division (Former Employee) says

"Stayed away from home to much. The company wasn't family oriented. I learned I wasn't a over the road trucker. It was a boring job."

Securement Specialist (Current Employee) says

"this job up and left people without jobs and offered nothing."

OTR driver (Former Employee) says

"Maverick is horrible. I worked there for 1 year and they tell you that you will be home at least every other weekend but you never get home. You have to fight to get home. The trucks suck. They are all automatic and are governed at 62 mph. They will give you a weekend load with only 250 miles. You will not make any money here. The orientation is like boot camp. If you fail a written test ( yes they give written tests) they tell you to go home, which you have to pay for. When I started there were 15 guys and only 4 were given trucks including myself. Cons: Everything"

Securement specialist/ CDL (Former Employee) says

"when you work for a company for 2 years and some one new starts working and cries because he does not get his way and the company gives him what he wants. then seniority becomes a thing of the past then something is wrong. the hardest part of the day was showing up for work. Cons: you can not depend on them to stand behind there good employees"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Trucks are newer but governor is set at 65 as well as the transmission so it shifts before 1500 rpms, and has now power to pull hills at 17 to 27 mph loaded with 45k plus pounds way to heavy for the way the trucks are governed very dangerous for the drivers they cap your mileage once you hit the 1k gross for the week they will send you home with load that delivers in monday even though you picked up the load on Thursday morning so by the time you get hit with taxes and cost of benefits you are lucky to go home with 600 dollars for a 60 hour plus week plus the cheap tarp pay of 25 dollar so that's 12.50 to put it on and strap and bungee and 12.50 to unwrap fold and put away everything in 10 below weather, it's a RIP of of your free labor"

Commercial Driver (Former Employee) says

"Work long hours under stressful conditions with no acknowledgement or support from management. Huge disconnect from labor and management, no possibility for promotion unless you marry into the clan. This company is spiralling towards destruction with their most talented assets having already bailed, sad to watch. Cons: Too many to list."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I was told i would be home 95% of the weekends. Which i was fine with. My last 4 weeks solo i was home less than 48 hours and had nothing to show for it. That's right... small paychecks. This company is full of some of the biggest liers and backstabbers in the state. I could not afford to feed my family with this job. Would not tell a friend to come work here Cons: Everything"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Bad training no miles Bad fleet manager. They could care less about the drivers. Maverick asked me to stay out over the weekend every time I did they laid me over in a truck stop. My last week I got 770 miles. Just because the fleet manager didn't like me. No money to be made at maverick. Cons: Fleet manager lies."

Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"They need to better communicate, don't tell everything up front. Eld log on trucks always mess up. Need to be fair on their policies. They claim to be family based, but if you have little bumps they will fire you. Cons: Lie"

Truck Driver. (Former Employee) says

"They try and act professional, but once your there a couple days you learn its all a game. Its Mericks way or the highway. Even if they know they are wrong its still the Maverick way. I went for orientation and when they was about to offer me a job I got the heck out of there. Cons: They treat and teach you like you are a 1st grader."

accounting (Former Employee) says

"If you brown nose the right people you will do well. Don't get sick or your position will be eliminated. And be careful who you oppose. A lot of people who point fingers. Cons: lots of turnover"

Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"Very poor pay don’t get miles they tell you that you will get home every other week not getting enough miles could use better pay horrible fleet manager could do better"

Benefits Specialist (Former Employee) says

"No advancement unless you are family"

Dock Worker trainee (Former Employee) says

"I attended training for this company I drove over 10hrs they put you through military style training they talk and treat you like trash! One day while training we trained for over 8hrs straight before that gave a break by the 12th hr we were testing I got an 83% on my test which to them is a failed test the instructor scalded me in front of the class stating the answers are in the book I told him I’m tired my eyes are tired I didn’t read that book I answered based off what I knew and when is an 83% failing. Next thing I know I was kicked out the program so as they were paying me to leave I asked well what did I do wrong they stated nothing it’s your demeanor. I said really but my class mates that failed every test is cool to stay don’t waste your time you have to raise you hand get permission to even go to the bathroom they force you to eat what they offer which was a lot of pork if you don’t eat pork Here’s cold cereal for you or nothing at all Cons: If you like being bullied then this is the place for you"

Deisel Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Former diesel tech. Terrible environment to work in. The people here couldn't even refrain from calling me derogatory nicknames instead of my name. An inappropriate joke or statement was uttered here at the very least twice an hour on average. The overnight manager spends hours sitting on YouTube, and this is acceptable here. Also should mention; this is an overpaid maintenance tech job. Currently bei"