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Matutano (officially Matutano Snack Ventures, S.A.) is a producer and distributor of snacks and potato chips with headquarters in Barcelona, operating the markets of Spain and Portugal (here thru its subsidiary Matutano Unipessoal Lda.). The company was founded in 1965 by Luis Matutano Jover, and since 1971 is part of multinational Frito Lay.

A former Packaging Operator from Lisbon wrote a review for INDEED about his/her experience working for Matutano: "Lack of respect from the company's management towards other workers, there is pressure on workers to accept losing existing benefits, responsible for HR deliberately trying to deceive workers without recognizing their rights and actively seeking to deceive them about their existence. weekly and hundreds of kg of the finished products are destroyed at the same time as the workers are forced to work in continuous work, and even so the production lines for whole days of the week to work on weekends. there is pressure on specialists to work hours without registering and receiving them. During meetings with workers in charge of HR, she refuses to listen to the workers and turns their backs on them and leaves the meeting and the factory director says that the workers have no right to talk just listening. machines without maintenance and employees overloaded with functions without time for procedures, many of which are legal and are signed by the cross. Pressure from management on employees to circumvent safety standards instituted by the company itself. reprisals in assessments of employees who do not agree with an unofficial policy aimed at results at the expense of quality and safety. lack of respect for the very values ​​that the company claims to fulfill. and these problems are just a few of the many that exist"


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operador embalagem (Current Employee) says

"falta de respeito da direcção da empresa para com is trabalhadores, ha pressao sobre os trabalhadores para estes aceitarem perder regalias existentes, responsavel por rh procura deliberadamente ludibriar os trabalhadores nao reconhecendo os seus direitos e procura activamente engana-los sobre a existencia dos mesmos. semanalmente e destruido centenas de kg de produto acabado ao mesmo tempo que se quer obrigar os trabalhadores a trabalhar em laboração continua, e mesmo assim por semana as linhas de produção para dias inteiros de semana para trabalharem ao fim de semana. existe pressao sobre especialistas para estes fazerem horas sem as registar e receber.durante reunioes com trabalhadores responsavel de rh nega-se a ouvir os trabalhadores e vira-lhes as costas e sai da reunião e a diretora da fabrica diz que o trabalhadores não tem direito a falar só de ouvir. maquinas sem manutenção e funcionários sobrecarregados de funções sem tempo para procedimentos muitos deles legais e que são assinados de cruz. Cons: falta de respeito e pessimo ambiente"

produccion (Former Employee) says

"Es un sitio que se trabaja mucho pero lo bueno es que cada uno hace su trabajo. Te enseñan unos dias antes de dejarte sola. Cons: Que se trabaja mucho"

Embaladora (Former Employee) says

"Gostei muito de trabalhar la ate a uns anos atras. Gostava do meu trabalho nao gostava dos turnos rotativos nem de trabalhar fins semana e folgar 1 dia semana so. Cons: Turnos e fins semana"

Produção (Former Employee) says

"Foi bom trabalhar lá, apesar de ser cansativo o ordenado é muito bom, mas tive de vir embora, fazia turnos e era demasiado cansativo"