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Mastagni Holstedt is located in Sacramento, California. The law firm specializes in employment and labor law. For over 35 years, the attorneys have dedicated their careers to fighting for clients. They will stand up for you in all federal and state administrative offices and courts. The attorneys have the skills and expertise you need to move forward. They will help you complete the right procedures to resolve your issues successfully. Mastagni Holstedt has earned a track record of results.

On March 2020 an outraged customer wrote a review sharing his experience at Mastagni Holstedt he said he never felt the least bit valued, published by Yelp: Went to the firm a couple weeks ago. Took awhile to get a call back, and then only got an admin to call me, that gathered the same basic information I gave the front desk. Approx. a week after, I got a follow up call from a (staff?) attorney. Approx. a week later I received a letter declining my case as a business decision dated a week prior. (fully protecting themselves even though I was never a client) Basically, I was turned down because they did not have the time to get all my facts from me so I can only assume they are only interested in the quick easy cases such as meal or break time, or hourly overtime and nothing complex. Some firms told me upfront this information, but this company did not. Regardless, I never felt they were interested in me as a customer, and feel overall the experience was very poor. Maybe for some this could be a fit, but Not for me. From beginning to end, I never felt the least bit valued.


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"I didn't really work here long enough to know too much about the company other than management was really micromanaging and abrasive. Cons: Poor management and poor overall employee morale/attitudes"