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Marza Animation Planet Inc. (株式会社マーザ・アニメーションプラネット, Kabushiki gaisha Māza Animēshonpuranetto) is a Japan-based CG animation studio dedicated to making full-length feature films. Their extensive résumé includes CG add-ins for television series and video games. Their head office is located on the 18th floor of the Tennoz Ocean Square (天王洲オーシャンスクエア, Tennōzu Ōshan Sukuea) in Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo near Tennozu Isle Station.

In 2013, Marza Animation Planet Inc. announced that they would produce their first original animated film feature, Robodog. It was clear the film was shelved, however, there was never an official announcement. The only things ever released were a few promotional images, a spot in Marza's 2015 demo reel, and a storyboard uploaded to their channel.

An angry fan expressed his opinion on Marza Animation Planet Inc.'s position regarding the cancellation of this project:

¨It sucks, but if Marza continued with its pet projects then that would have meant turning away paying customers on the videogame and movie front. Marza isn't a huge company, so you gotta work while your work is in demand.

Quite frankly I'm surprised so much footage of the film is floating around. It seems far enough along that you could afford to bury it deep in a vault somewhere, stick in on the back-burner and try to finish it a few years down the road - but they pretty much bit the bullet and left it behind.


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