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The Marshall Law Firm is dedicated to helping the little guy. Too often consumers are cheated, bullied or swindled and have no idea how to fight back. Many people simply don’t have the time to fight, even if they know how. We have the time. We know how.

The Marshall Law Firm has extensive knowledge of the consumer protection laws put in place to guard against unfair practices. We take the time to understand your needs as well as to examine all of the details surrounding your case to help craft effective solutions. Consumer laws are dense and complicated, but we help you understand and protect your rights by keeping you informed throughout the legal process and by making you a partner in important decisions about your case.

For over 15 years Chuck Marshall has obtained significant recoveries and victories for consumers in both individual and class actions. He has fought auto manufacturers, auto dealers, banks, credit card companies, tech giants, drug makers, retailers, insurance providers and debt collectors. If a company has violated your rights, the Marshall Law Firm can help. We will work tirelessly to protect your rights and recover a full, fair and just award for any harm these companies caused.

A sad client shares this review on social media " am not quite sure why Chuck Marshall received 5 stars because he only gave me a 1-star performance If I could give zero stars I would gladly give. I called Mr. Marshall law firm and he never answers the phone I mean never let alone return your calls. I am kinda glad I never got in touch with him because he is not reliable and I hate trying to hunt down someone who is supposed to be in business. No one is that busy where they can not return phone calls. Get some help."


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