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Marriott International, Inc. is an American multinational diversified hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities. Founded by J. Willard Marriott, the company is now led by his son, executive chairman Bill Marriott, and president and chief executive officer Arne Sorenson. Marriott International is the largest hotel chain in the world.

According to Ethan Steinberg's article on in which he talks about the merger of Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest to become Marriott Bonvoy he mentions, "One of the biggest stories of 2018 was the integration of Marriott, SPG, and Ritz-Carlton into a single, unified program. The merger was a long-time coming, but sadly things did not go as smoothly as everyone would’ve liked. The immediate aftermath of the August 18 changeover was messy, but issues persisted well into the fall. Even today, we here at TPG continue to get reports of problems that members have encountered, even as the program gets set for a few additional transitions (including the now-confirmed and almost universally-derided new name)."


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Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Way under minimum wage to start. They will over work you b.c everyone quits and then you have to do thier job. There is NO communication between anyone so you constantly get taken from doing your job to have like 3 different ppl repeat the same thing. NO SUPPLIES FOR GUESTS EVER, so they will then yell at you if a guest is unhappy. Filthy too, most linens have stains or smell. Guests are nice sometimesManagment will talk bad about guests and employees"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"They lie. They said Warm, Connected, Community was the Core Values and that they put their People First. All lies. It's a political world and they continue to have a "boys club" atmosphere. Leadership is lacking heart and they all speak out of both sides of their mouth. They only care about the bottom line and people are not treated with respect. Especially those that gave decades of work only to be let go in a few minutes over the phone. Many things they did raise questions to associates. Pay rates in regards to minimum wages for tipped employees, over time exemptions, promotions, etc. True colors came out during this pandemic. Room Discounts sometimesTerrible Leadership"

Resort Specialist Associate (Former Employee) says

"Your words don't mean nothing. Slavery, for the pay. Rude HR team and does not care about your unethical rude experience from untrained core mgrs. All they care about is average call volume and there monthly bonuses. Don't care about the facts or concerns of the guest reasons for calling. ACV should not base on your amount of monthly bonus at all.Don't even waste your time reporting anything to corporate. Its just a big waste of your time.No one cares or responded.The so call guarantee fair treatment act line is fake. No follow up or any response to your GFTs at all.Save your breathe and inner spirit. Just search for more well paying career and move on.Your efforts and strong work ethics putted in, don't count at all. Avoid this company call centers. Save yourself the wasted time of your life.Don't settle for less, if you know for a fact, you deserve the best. Nope, you provide your own lunch. 30 mins only depends on your amount of hours worked.15minutes break if worked over 4hrs."

Mesero/Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Tacaños a mas no poder.Siendo un hotel de lujo de cadena Internacional, no te proveen uniformes y si llevas los propios te los pierden en la lavandería. La comida es extremadamente mala y a veces incomible. No hay herramientas de trabajo ni insumos para los propios huéspedes. Está en una pésima ubicación apoderándose de la banqueta (ha tenido multas por parte del ayuntamiento) lo que hace que en temporal de lluvia se inunden los pisos de estacionamiento, los empleados deben realizar actividades riesgosas, reciéntenme despidieron injustamente empleados de distintas áreas por no haber impedido que se inundara siendo que no estaban capacitados ni les habían dado inducción alguna poniendo en riesgo sus vidas, no había ningún encargado ni gerente en turno por ahorrar fondos, que es lo único que les importa, la compuerta que detiene el agua no sirve y también para ahorrar no la arreglaron. Dejaron sin trabajo a mucha gente que no tenía la culpa por su pésima administración y falta de liderazgo. Solían ser una buena empresa y prestigioso Hotel pero cayó en pésimas manos. También de mala fe, te hacen firmar un acuerdo donde dice que tú solicitaste que te reduzcan la jornada laboral para pagarte menos.NadaSalario, Trato digno, Comida, Uniformes"

Bellman/Valet (Former Employee) says

"Hideously understaffed, with the exception of one manager all the rest of the managers and supervisors were morons who thought they knew everything but didn't know anything.It was a jobExtremely poor management."

Demi Chef De Partie (Former Employee) says

"Worst workplace ever, never been treated with respect, never had chance to do any training to develop my career, never be treated as the local chefs, never be considered for promotions and rewards as the local chefs, just want to forget about working there."

Night Auditor & Front Desk Associate (Former Employee) says

"Extremely low paying job for Front Desk and Night Auditor positions. Upward mobility is practically non existent. You would have to wait for someone to pass away to apply for a higher position. Even if that happens, the corporation always brings in an outsider instead of hiring from within.You meet a lot of nice and kind people.Short breaks, low pay, terrible hours, horrible work life balance."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional management.Always underestimate the staff.Never doing personal connections.Never keeping their word.Never giving proper training..."

Reservation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Over quarantine I started HRT for my transition and the company claims they are supportive however, before COVID I informed HR that I wad going to begin my transition and I was told that I had to use the women's room until I legally changed my name even after I started HRT which I thought was extremely inappropriate since having me enter the women's room is not going to go well when I have facial hair and a deeper voice. I came back on June 13th and was dealing with personal issues due to the HRT, I spoke with HR again and they told me they would make sure to accommodate to my needs. In late June my mother passed away and I needed time off for bereavement, I brought the needed paperwork and this month I was suspended due to "productivity" for June. Everyone was being brought back in a pandemic under high stress situations and they fired me for lack of "productivity." People are cancelling stays and calling in to verify properties are open before they decide to book, so obviously productivity and sales are taking a toll, I think they just didn't want to accommodate to my needs because Carol in HR is transphobic and they didn't want a lawsuit so they said it was because of my stats for June (a month that was almost half way over when I came back to work, and I was never brought into a meeting with my manager to discuss my stats beforehand).Barely anyBad managers, terrible HR people, toxic environment"

Chef (Former Employee) says

"The management in Sydney Harbour Marriott is very bias. If you are from certain cultures and races, you are protected. Marriott-International is a great company and brand, unfortunately it doesn’t happen in Sydney Harbour Marriott. The management only protect their family members work there and their friends. It’s sad.NoneFor you to find out. All the best."

Chef (Former Employee) says

"in indian management system all MNC are same they don't walk the talk. work life balence is zero.full of office politics . partiality .no accountability for efficient individual they only want ppl pass time for long hours. long hours presence without any logic is preferreddoesn't matter if you are a slaveillogical long hours"

Banquet Cook (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed switching from pastry to savory. Interacting with guests was always enjoyable. Hospitality was always top of the list for me. The management at Marriott lacked for me. No real instruction or definition and not organization."

Front Desk Agent (Current Employee) says

"The company is famous for giving you a job with several sub jobs built in. They must have downsized and condensed alot of the positions years ago. Now with Covid the company laid everyone off so now the people who are left have even more work while the mgrs play on their laptops.Direct depositBad mgrs and too much work for 1 person"

Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"At first the job was great. Benefits are amazing. However, the front desk was not run smoothly. Management just comes from other departments and has zero clue how to do anything. They constantly overlook long time dedicated employees for advancement and bring in their own people. Compared to other hotels, they significantly underpaid the staff. They cut hours without telling you, so you go from working 40 to working 20 ir less.BenefitsBad Management"

Food and Beverage Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I would surely not recommend anybody to work at this company where they take you for granted and gives you little rewards for your accomplishments. STAY AWAY"

Houseman (Former Employee) says

"Only way to get ahead to kiss the corporate butt. Terrible management, company culture, and pay scale. Only hotel in the region that doesnt have a union, and it shows. Expect to be fired if you mention it."

Executive Director of Housekeeping (Current Employee) says

"I work for a franchise of Marriott. Horrible. You are not a person you are number. All they care about is numbers. The hotel I work for is filthy. it's the blame game. The GM does nothing to enforce anything. instead of terminating people that have done wrong they get promoted. Tried to do my job to make a difference and get the place clean and you get shot down. The kitchen has roaches."

Kitchen Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"They don't care about employee's. I worked for 2 year's less than 3% increases, unsafe working conditions and do not care about work life balance. The only thing corporate Marriott cared about was the hotel owner's, because of this maintenance is neglected, employee's are paid poorly, the only thing that matters is the bottom line. Even costomers didn't matter the hotel I worked never had hot water instead of fixing the problem they trained how to deal with an angry customer."

Prop management (Former Employee) says

"THEY dont like blk ppl at ALL and if your over 40 dont please DONT take this job!!!!! Feminist,RACEIST, and. Extreme low pay for the work they expext theyNoneAll"

Chef de Cuisine (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work. You work veryyyyyy hard daily, and recognition is minimal. Your superiors support you, but majority the time, stab u in the back."

Tamara Kelly says

"MARRIOTT HOTELS ---omg! stop calling me with your FREE HOTEL STAY! I have opted out of your CONSTANT MESSAGES yet they still come!! I DON'T WANT ONE SINGLE FREE DAY FROM YOU NOW OR EVER!!!! STOP THE ROBO CALLS...............they are maddening!"

Greg Baca says

"I arrived to the Marriott unknowingly my booking was for a day use not a night though the price offered said pet night so after dealing with staff i was g given the room for the night same price a headache from jump though then i get in the room and it was not impressive nor very clean i found a syringe in the lamp when i went to turn it on and when i complained i was completely ignored and brushed off as is complaining is not allowed though i had valid reason i think any way but this was astound one month ago I've called almost every day spoke with corporate almost every day and nothing the manager of three hotel won't even speak to measst all it's like they hope ill just go away off they ignore me worst customer service most disgusting experience and to boot left feeling extremely disposable and mistreated very awful experience do not stay here"

Laurie Queenie Tinyo says

"We arrived at Marriott Napa Valley Resort & Spa--rates confirmed were changed without notification or authorization (blame on customer, no responsibility from front desk) no bellman, no maid, no gym open, no coffee in room, limited pool use on weekends, no communication on anything, power out--no checking in on us). Blaming COVID is no excuse for zero service. I understand perfectly about being safe and have no problem following limited service, but no service and charging a resort fee for no service is unacceptable. Then when complaining about it and being threatened is unprofessional. Do not recommend!"

C Marsh says

"I went to ATL for the weekend, was trying to figure out how to get into my hotel, residence inn ATL Peachtree and 17th and was physically assualted by a random and crazed woman on the property. After spending an entire weekend there because I paid for my room upfront and didn't want to spend another few hundred dollars somewhere else I had not received any communication from upper management for 3 days. When I did I was offered $100 gift card for my troubles. Not even to refund my room, cover medical bills sustained from the assault but a $100 gift card and never to be heard from again. This incident happened August 14 and I haven't heard anything from anyone since August 17, 2020. I am disgusted and will never stay at a Marriott or any of it's brand again. The lack of empathy and compassion for guests is insurmountable and disgusting."

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