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Marriott International, Inc. is an American multinational diversified hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities. Founded by J. Willard Marriott, the company is now led by his son, executive chairman Bill Marriott, and president and chief executive officer Arne Sorenson. Marriott International is the largest hotel chain in the world. It has 30 brands with 7,003 properties in 131 countries and territories around the world, over 1,332,826 rooms (as of March 31, 2019), including 2,035 that are managed with 559,569 rooms, 4,905 that are franchised or licensed with 756,156 rooms, and 63 that are owned or leased with 17,101 rooms, plus an additional 475,000 rooms in the development pipeline and an additional 25,000 rooms approved for development but not yet under signed contracts.It is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. In 2017, Marriott was ranked #33 on Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list, its twentieth appearance on the list.

An unhappy customer shared this in a review, "The company is held back by many antiquated people who have been in their roles for far too long. There are so many egos in the building and anything takes forever to get done because there are hundreds of layers of approval. It is obvious that management isn't doing their job right. A lot needs to change here."


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Former Employee - Senior Program Specialist says

"terrible pay and extremely cliquey"

Former Employee - Front Desk Manager says

"Long hours, little time off, low pay."

Former Employee - Housekeeping says

"Toxic Environment, Back Stabbers, Gossip Queens and Two Faced Supervisors"

Current Employee - Director, Human Resources says

"No able to grow within the company."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long hours Upper management doesn’t care"

Former Employee - Event Supervisor says

"Pay should be better for all you have to do and deal with."

Former Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Guests were difficult to deal with"

Former Employee - Marriott Voyager says

"Marriott standards are not followed at many hotels. I did not receive my training. When COVID hit, there was chaos. The fact that the largest hospitality company in the world did not take care of their employees says it all. They do not put people first as they claim."

Current Employee - Hotel Service says

"Too much work due to laying off all employees"

Former Employee - Guest Service Representative says

"Management does not care about you. You are just a number. They say you have to keep above certain scores so we stay ahead of other hotels in the area. In reality, When you exceed that score the higher management gets a bonus. They don't tell you that. When I worked there, there were robberies in the hotel. They tried to hide it from the police and us and tried to bribe the guests but one person actually called the police. This is how I found out about the robberies. Marriott furloughed most of their employees right at the beginning of covid. Now they are letting employees know their health insurance is being cut off. Wow despicable."

Banquet Server (Former Employee) says

"Worked for this company for 3 years. The environment was cut throat, the management played favorites, and you were expected to not have a life and dedicate yourself to a job with mediocre pay. Cons: favoritism, drama, poor management"

Server (Former Employee) says

"no one cares. I worked there for 4 years and at the end of the day management doesnt care about you. as long as you produce the numbers they don't care. Cons: bad bad"

Guest Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"once you work you'll know whats it like working for marriott. franchise company is different than corporate property. a lot to learn and a lot of dow Cons: pay not enough"

Guest Service Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"It's sad to say that I took this position with high hopes in achieving a better career Kama a structured work environment, and a positive place, it was none of those things they didn't even come close to meeting the expectations that I had, What a disgrace this company is, absolutely not a care in the world about the employees, forget achieving your goals, employee retention and morale is horrible due to lack of structure, order, respect, management, maturity. I've often cried myself to sleep over what went on in this place, Cons: Stress, depressed, sad, negative working environment from the time you walk through the door to the time you leave, I developed stress headaches, and often cried myself to sleep over this place."

Executive Housekeeper Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company sucks. Everyone is a liar. It will be all good for about a year then everything will change for the worst. Pay drops hours drop benifits go away. Cons: No breaks no health care. Isn't anything good about this company"

Mordomo (Former Employee) says

"Equivalente ao que se passa no Governo. Cons: Tudo"

Customer Loyalty Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Been working 5 years 8a-630p & recently had to do a shift bid with nothing but late shifts available.(allegedly based on tenure) How am I tenure & getting a late shift off at 2a!! Incentive bonus is a joke hard to bonus how are you to make bonus for booking rooms if all they are calling for is early check in & if the pool is open! & they really don’t care for your livelihood or mental health! back to back calls all day every day never an end or slow time. Can get a better discount with Expedia than the employee rate! Again back to back to back annoying calls same bulshii! Rudest entitled guest ever! Cons: Back to back calls, tenure means nothing, no raise, no advancement, sucky schedule! Clueless managers!"

Housekeeper (Current Employee) says

"The manager does not appreciate his employee when it come down to raises we cannot get one for the next two years. We clean 9 to 14 room a day and cannot get a raise Cons: don't have time to take a break"

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"it was okay and very mediocre. very few co workers that i liked and a lot of them seemed very fake, but it paid well so that is all that mattered at the end of the day."

Housekeeping Laundry Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Poor management, they only pick their friends for promotions, employee of the month etc , Human Resources seems like she’s afraid of housekeeping manager , the work and job is easy it’s management that makes you not want to wirk there Cons: Poor management"

Overnight Auditor (Current Employee) says

"Worse company I have ever worked for. I will never work for another Marriott again. Management is a joke and corporate does not exist anymore since covid. Cons: Everything"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company does not objectively invest in promoting equally. It's a good old boy/girl system based on popularity and who likes you. Hard work doesn't matter if you're not connected to the "in crowd". Cons: Micromanage, no growth, it's who you know."

Dining Room Attendant (Current Employee) says

"Working at the marriot comes with complications, work overload and lack of management. After being furloughed due to COVID, they made many changes to staff and management which has caused a dissatisfactory shift in service and quality of work. I would recommend looking someplace else for work in Tampa. Cons: Short breaks, under staffed, long hours/low pay rate"

Sales and Reservations (Former Employee) says

"This job started off good when it was Starwood but once Marriott took over it just became a down here battle once covid-19 came in the big play they didn't care about their employees at all no matter how much money we made for them no matter how many years we spent making that company money that's how she just saw like like the waste I wouldn't recommend working here"

Dishwasher/Food Prep (Former Employee) says

"Over work and the pay is cheap!! Cons: Slavery"

Guest Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"I only worked at the property for 6 shifts and almost every shift the sheriff's department would be at our property for one reason or another. The staff is also disrespectful to management and guests."

Telephone Reservationist (Former Employee) says

"Go in every day and start taking calls. The hardest part of the job was making a sale because they were booking them online and just had questions. Cons: Dirty call center."

Banquet Chef (Current Employee) says

"Pandemic has weighed everybody in the banquet department off we have never been compensated for anything since the pandemic and we basically would never help with jobs or anything to help our license dependent we were just totally laid off and never talked to again"

Angestellte (Former Employee) says

"Das Frankfurter Marriott ist nicht zu empfehlen."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Bad management and the workers you will never advance in this company they have workers there that have been there forever and are set in their ways no diversity. Management nor HR care. The pay is horrible for the work you do. Don't waste your time applying do retail instead less work more pay Cons: Terrible pay"

Randall Fitzpatrick says

"Every day I get at least two calls from various locations, many local which fool me into answering a pre-recorded telemarketing call. When I call Marriot to complain they tell me it’s a scam and they can’t do anything about it, then they can’t remember my name. Which is a scam? I will never stay at a Marriot again."

Ashutosh K Rai says

"One time if you stay, does not matter you subscribe or not. They will call each day three times. "Thank you for choosing Marriot hotel, you are the lucky winner ". Do not stay in such type of hotels."

Andreas says

"Hotel was nice, everything OK, but actually happened this: -> stay is not reported on the website, so says, wait 10 business days (I waited) -> then I still see no update, then I filled a report for missing the stay -> I get the answer about the missing stay after ONE MONTH, after I contacted again (sent another email). -> Again, they say wait 3-7 business days to comeback with a reply. -> I waited again 7 business days and NO ANSWER so I finally called them. -> Again, they say send the bill and details about stay (already sent 2 times!!? now the 3rd time). -> Again, they say wait 3-5 business days to comeback with the answer. Wow... That's so painful to know that such brand has such a low low low Customer Support. Just think about other platforms like where everything is automated, instant reply, instant messages, and also better prices sometimes than ANY MARRIOTT. Think to quit. Doesn't worth."

Aziz R Gulbahari says

"I am just sick of receiving spam calls from Marriott. It is so stupid to bother people so many times."

Morteza Amiri says

"beautiful room, but very noisy, I can not get rest, I'm sorry!"

Scott Thompson says

"I get approximately 30 telephone calls per day from Marriott Hotels offering a promotion. The phone calls give me an option to opt out which I have done many times. I have gotten these calls for over six months and no matter how many times I opt out the calls just keep coming. I block these calls, but Marriott keeps changing the number they call from. I am on the do not call list. I called Marriott Corporate and they claim this is a scam call. I will be publishing on EVERY social media platform that I can find indicating that Marriott doesn't care about solving this problem and we should boycott Marriott until they take action to find and eliminate this source of harassment."

Kim Broussard says

"The absolute worst service I've ever received. The TV and internet was not working and nothing was done to address the issue. Very bad service."

Natalia Riabina says

"Marriot Marquis Dubai , my expectation was its a 5 star luxury hotel ! Appear to be the worse ever stay I had! I did not like the staff of the hotel, very much not educated , they never go out of the box, security , receptionists , concierge, manager -all are well trained, but in a wrong directions, trained not how to help people and make them comfortable , but how to report to the manager and not to lose the job. Show- very bad water pressure, and morning time the water is warm , not hot , difficult to regulate how/cold. Room - has broken electrical sockets, no robs as for 5 start hotel , only one small shampoo for 2 people for 2 night !!! Device for control room appliances and light placed next to the bed, and making constant noise. I was charged extra money from my card , 6 hours after I checked out !! , I trying until now understand what was this for , have not got the bill even and yet ! Housekeeping was very slow, our luggage was delivered to the room after 30 mins we left the lobby and after 2 angry calls to them ."

Charles LaBue says

"Never stay at a Marriot hotel. For literally YEARS afterward you will get robocalls from them, almost on a daily basis, and it won't matter that you are on the DO NOT CALL list . The calls will spoof many different numbers from different cities, but will never identify on Caller ID as Marriot. The robocaller will give you the option of opting out of future calls (which I have done many times) and apologize for bothering you. THIS WILL MEAN NOTHING. You will continue to get the same endless annoying robocalls. I will NEVER stay at another Marriot hotel."

A. Wake says

"It’s 1:10am and I’m typing this whilst awake in my room at the Waltham Abbey Marriott. I have just been threatened by a group of drunks in the corridor outside my room as I opened the door to investigate the latest in a series of disturbances. I didn’t speak but was lunged at and forced to rapidly slam the door closed before they could gain entry. Since 11pm I have been woken by people six times and I’ve now given up on the idea of sleep. It seems this place is perhaps being used as a brothel or maybe for some other crime ? Are drugs involved ? Is it just drink that’s fuelling some of the world’s most ignorant people here tonight ? People clearly don’t come here to sleep. I’ve traveled the world and never encountered anything quite like this. If you’re a drunken footballer or prostitute then this is the place for you. If you’re here to sleep because you’re working the next day then forget it. You’d be better off sleeping in your car and safer too ! Never again !"

andredd says

"I booked for 2 rooms for our family either in Grand Berlin and Westin Vendome this summer, taking opportunity of promotional offers on the Marriott Bonvoy website, though we spent not small money for our stay. I complained about the low services provided such as no concierge, spa closed, restaurant closed, room cleaning not provided etc. With proper measures, many restaurants are open, or spa as well or concierge disinfecting luggages , or using gloves, etc. Reason of my complain was not of course that they should have ignored COVID issue in the two concerned hotels, but that the promotional offer on website did not mention the reduced services we were going not to benefit. Substantially we paid less to get less, there is no ANY promotion in it, just misleading communication and marketing. I got services of any 4 or 3 stars hotel, if I knew it in advance I would have booked maybe elsewhere. After my complaints, the best thing it has been done was to send me email from both hotels saying "you know there is covid, we look forward to see you again" etc, so completely off topic reply. I wrote them again, no reply at all. It is supposed to be a 5 stars. VERY DISAPPOINTED ! as I have been using Marriott since I was 27 yrs old, now i m gonna spend 50...."

Andrew K says

"I have stayed at various Marriott Properties both in the US and overseas. All of my experiences have been "very good" to "excellent". This was horrendous. First, I thought it was a big positive that the hotel was only 4 - 5 months new. However, as I quickly found it, that meant brand new inexperienced staff. I will stated that the staff was very friendly and polite, and would have accommodated if they had the experience and knowledge to do so. Here is a summary: 1. "Balcony, Ocean View" - Please see picture. This is not my idea of a "ocean view". Maybe a partial "ocean view", or better a "Full Parking Lot View, with a Partial Ocean View." 2. No Bellhop to help with luggage. They only had one person, and he was overwhelmed. We carried our luggage both ways. 3. We paid for breakfast, but they could not accommodate. 4. No Cleaning Service unless requested due to COVID. This was not communicated to us. So, after it was requested repeatedly, we never had our room cleaned. 5. Terrible room service, food not prepared as requested. 6. Safe not working, but was fixed promptly. 7. Not enough draws for family of four with two queen beds. 8. Staff not picking up phones or picking up phones after multiple attempts. We booked a non-refundable four-nights stay. I called the manager (Maria) and request early checkout and a refund of the two terrible evenings. Maria agreed. However, I only received credit for the two nights I did not stay. Terrible Experience."

Paul Dillon says

"I stay at Marriott Hotels occasionally. My stays have all been pleasant. Their telemarketing program is one of the absolutely worst ever invasions of my privacy and peace of mind. I have opted out of their marketing calls so many times I lost count years ago. I have blocked so many of their numbers I now pay extra for additional blocked numbers. I am on the do not call list. They still call me an average of twice a day. I would not stay in a Marriott hotel If you gave me the hotel."

anthony genth says

"I have just stayed at a hotel for the first time since COVID19 became an issue. It was a 7-night stay at a TownePlace Suites by Marriott in Broomfield, Colorado. As an Elite Bonvoy member I have received multiple communications from Arne Sorensen and his team at Marriott about their new COVID19 protocols to “protect” their Guests. I have wondered as someone who has been involved in hospitality for 40 years, how much of the “protocols” are just “hype” and how much “reality”. I say this because with thousands of hotels under management across the globe the challenge of retraining people is massive as we all know. I can say now after 7 nights at this Marriott property that in my opinion based on what happened during my stay, the protocols are mostly, “hype”. I complained because when I checked in my room was not, clean (dirty floors and utensils), I also complained because many Guests entering the hotel did not wear masks. The person who checked me in had a mask hanging from their right ear. The housekeeping staff either had masks around their neck or wore no masks. The first day I wanted to go to the gym but it was occupied by 2 people without masks! I complained to the front desk twice and to Bonvoy twice (they did confirm that Marriott’s policy is that staff and Guests are required to wear masks) but no one, has responded to my complaints, so far. This shows a degree of arrogance that is surprising in a company that claims to care about its staff members and, its Guests. It is also the very best reason for consumers like me to stick to vacation rentals (avoiding entities like Marriott Villas and Homes that obviously have the same lax protocols that Marriott hotels does). As a comparison I stayed in an Airbnb unit in Big Bear two weeks ago and the place was spotless. The hotel industry is facing a huge challenge and, in my opinion, the worst thing they can do is to calm the public’s fears by announcing cleaning and other protocols that simply are not real."

Tamara Kelly says

"MARRIOTT HOTELS ---omg! stop calling me with your FREE HOTEL STAY! I have opted out of your CONSTANT MESSAGES yet they still come!! I DON'T WANT ONE SINGLE FREE DAY FROM YOU NOW OR EVER!!!! STOP THE ROBO CALLS...............they are maddening!"

Greg Baca says

"I arrived to the Marriott unknowingly my booking was for a day use not a night though the price offered said pet night so after dealing with staff i was g given the room for the night same price a headache from jump though then i get in the room and it was not impressive nor very clean i found a syringe in the lamp when i went to turn it on and when i complained i was completely ignored and brushed off as is complaining is not allowed though i had valid reason i think any way but this was astound one month ago I've called almost every day spoke with corporate almost every day and nothing the manager of three hotel won't even speak to measst all it's like they hope ill just go away off they ignore me worst customer service most disgusting experience and to boot left feeling extremely disposable and mistreated very awful experience do not stay here"

Kelly Anderson says

"I didn't have a chance to have a bad experience at a Marriott hotel. I got a cold call from a solicitor for Marriott, and I asked if I could ask one question about where I could stay, and all he said was no questions and then hung up on me. Marriott can kiss my......... I'll go elsewhere. Some place where they appreciate my money"

Nathan Tremblay says

"Not bad and not look service. Sometimes it works well but sometimes you can have some problems with your booking... "Everything and everyone you know can change at any moment!""