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A user mentioned, "A word to the wise - always find out how much it costs BEFORE signing up for a "free trial". MarketSmith wants me to pay $149.95 PER MONTH???? PER MONTH??? To NOT invest my money, but give me advice?. So basically, MarketSmith is The Motley Fool, but with a bigger price tag? I literally guffawed."


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Former Employee - Marketing Associate says

"I worked at Marketsmith full-time Cons: Was hired for one position, but moved to another without being told the details of it. Had very very very poor training. Forced into volunteering - and brought into a fun guilt trip when I told them I wasn't available that night. Told the day before that I needed to go to a place 2 hours away, no warning. Guilted when I had a doctor's appointment and couldn't stay at the last-minute 6pm meeting. Told I was getting paid hourly, but then got salaried for 8/hours a day when I worked 10+ each day. Some people were very clique-y and made sure you knew. HR was a joke and no help when I aired out my problems."

Former Employee - Associate says

"I worked at Marketsmith full-time Cons: When I worked at Marketsmith, the CEO would demand that employees write positive reviews on Glassdoor to attract talent and would make us pose for pictures around the office to use on their Glassdoor page. That clearly is still happening now based on these obnoxiously glowing 5-star reviews. Even the FAANGs of the world have some inevitable negative sprinkled into a positive review. I just hope that prospective employees see through these quite clearly forced and fake positive reviews. But I digress. Working at Marketsmith was the worst professional experience of my life. Being told to write positive reviews on Glassdoor and posing for pictures around the office is so indicative of my time there. The C-suite micromanages to the extreme. I constantly felt tense or like I was being scrutinized by the "leaders" AKA bullies in the C-suite, I was regularly scolded for leaving before 6pm everyday (even when I had finished all of my work), I felt small and uncertain rather than confident and empowered. I know now that this was a very toxic workplace and it really took a toll on my mental health. The clients are not exciting (mostly small, local companies you've never heard of), there's a complete lack of internal process which means there are constant fire drills and lots of confusion, and there are some forced (that word appears again you'll see - a lot of smoke in mirrors at Marketsmith) attempts at creating a positive culture like food trucks, summer Fridays, and vendor days. But you create a positive culture through effective leadership, building innovative products that ACTUALLY WORK, exciting projects, and a supportive welcoming environment. Marketsmith lacks all of these things. The benefits are abysmal. Terrible health insurance plans, they don't match 401K, and the salary is so far below market rate that I couldn't support myself independently when I worked here."


"I worked at Marketsmith Cons: Think of the worst job you have ever had, then multiply that by twenty. This agency shows well, but if you look under the hood you will find a lemon. Most in management have absolutely no idea how to run an agency or motivate employees. They are hanging onto clients by the skin of their teeth. The employee turnover rate is mind blowing."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Marketsmith full-time Cons: Marketsmith is a master of illusion. While some employees do thoroughly enjoy working here, many are miserable and looking for an out—just because there are smiles in the pictures they post online, doesn’t mean they are actually happy. Work/ life balance is only a real thing for some, with the same group of people being the ones that are overworked constantly. I can only speak to my own experience, but during my time at MSI, I’ve been completely drained of all life. I worked a minimum of 10 hours a day, with many weeks exceeding 60 or even 70 hours. When I asked for support, the request was ignored for months. There is growth and development, but so much of it is self-taught because there is no real mentorship. Award recognition, praise and promotions are sometimes well earned by employees, but often they get political or they go to the managers of the people that actually did the work. There is definite undermining within the company, with some upper management taking credit for the work their reports did, or just stubbornness where management doesn’t want to believe they don’t always know what is best. While the fear tactics have gotten much better over the past year or two, they still exist with the possibility of getting screamed at residing as a fear in the back of everyone’s minds. Maybe if the pay was better, this would all be a bit more tolerable."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Marketsmith full-time Cons: I was asked to write a Glassdoor review while employed at Marketsmith. I think this goes against what Glassdoor is supposed to be; unsolicited, unbiased reviews about companies. I think they wanted to cover up the negative reviews by consistently posting positive ones. Which leads me to believe many of the reviews about this company are not genuine. What are the chances that a few positive reviews would be posted around the same time or on the same day? See August 10, 2017. I have to give them credit; they do make it appear like it’s a great place to work. I did not like working for this company would be an understatement. I think they believe screaming, demeaning employees and threats are what produces results. I read a previous review that talked about “fear based management” and Marketsmith has perfected it. Management’s desire to make everyone work under duress made the environment absolutely toxic. Threats and verbal abuse are their modus operandi. They talk about respect and support, but never actually provided it. They talked about a work/life balance, but it didn’t truly exist. I was rarely able to take a lunch. I never left on time because the workload was too intense and I was afraid I would be given even more work if I did leave on time. Random projects with ridiculous deadlines would be conjured all the time. It was by far the worst job I have ever had. If you are considering working at this place, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere."


"I worked at Marketsmith for more than a year Cons: Benefits are a bare minimum and change so frequently that you are never sure what's actually available and all questions are referred to an outside resource. From day to day your goals will constantly change and a clear picture of what success means for you will be unknown. Working late will feel like a requirement and if you do leave on time, you will also leave feeling guilty even if there was no more work for you to get done that day."


"I worked at Marketsmith Cons: If you are looking for a company where you can expect to work predictable hours, leave at around the same time each night, and have a clear understanding of the way each day will unfold, this place is not for you. My biggest complaint with this company was the instability that the environment breeds. Some nights I was able to leave at 5:30 because I had finished all my work (though I was often chastised for doing so), while other nights I was at the office until 9 because I felt that I would be judged harshly by upper management for leaving, even if I was not contributing much to whatever project or presentation we were working on. There would be spur-of-the-moment meetings that were both irrelevant to my role and drama-filled. Upper management is incredibly distrusting of the staff and seems to believe that bullying and using scare tactics are an effective way of managing people. There are occasionally work events, like a holiday party or a summer BBQ, but even these events are highly controlled by management and end up feeling forced or overly contrived. Plus, none of the employees are actually able to relax and enjoy themselves because they are so on edge. Aside from the issues with corporate culture, there are several fundamental issues with the company. First, there is no org structure. Employees are hired with random titles assigned to them that oftentimes have nothing to do with their actual role. There are teams, but teams seem to be defined as a cluster of people who happen to work on the same account. Meaning that there is no clear structure to the hierarchy of teams which makes it difficult for mentorship and growth to occur. Another huge issue is the salary. The company is incredibly top heavy with EVPs, SVPs, and VPs who undoubtedly make six figures and above. This means that the few entry level employees who work at the company are compensated very poorly - far below the typically salary for entry level positions at other agencies."

Analyst says

"I worked at Marketsmith Cons: Long hours, no work and life balance and a management team that has a scream first mentality. Work life balance doesn't exist and you will work late most days."

Media says

"I worked at Marketsmith for more than a year Cons: Micromanaging and trust. If you let your people do their work you’ll see how good of a job they all can do. They want you to take time off but the workload is too much you don’t feel like you can and when you do, be ready for criticizm. Leaving at the end of the workday is promoted but frowned on. There are not enough people to do the work that needs to be done because everyone is a Vice President or manager there isn’t enough lower level people to actually do the work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Marketsmith full-time Cons: The work can get repetitive and make you feel as if you are stuck in a rut. Executives get paid very well, while entry level pay is quite mediocre and well below average. Even the managers don't get fairly compensated for their workload. There seems to be a somewhat significant disconnect between the handful of executives and the rest of its people. Although they may do a good job in getting things done for the company in terms of the big picture and long run goals of the company, they don't seem to know what goes on in the trenches. Requests to upper management and HR often go unheard which leads to a high rate of employee turnover. This is especially the case with the younger employees."