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Marciano Stores is an American upscale fashion brand, which is owned and operated by Guess Inc named after Guess's co-founder and former CEO, Paul Marciano. It is the first extension line by Guess and includes clothing such as tops, skirts and dresses, jeans and accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets sold exclusively in Marciano and selected Guess stores.

"Look if you work at a clothes store, you ARE customer service! I guess they don’t have to worry about customer service at all! I Will not go back and happily spend my money elsewhere." says "Alexandra Williams" on a review on Marciano Facebook page on March 10, 2020:

"I went to the store today to return an item I brought there a week ago. First, the lady was extremely unfriendly and cold. I couldn’t find my receipt. She told me there is nothing they can do if I don’t have my original receipt with me. So, I went outside to call customer service and was able to get my receipt via e-mail. When I went back inside, the lady was lying to me and told me that she talked to her manager. Apparently, her manager said that I was not able to return the item because it has some water stains and it’s a bodysuit. Sounded she was making up some reasons why they wouldn’t accept the return. I asked to talk to the manager but she was lying again and told me that her manager is at a kid’s birthday party. I spent 30 minutes on the phone to get my receipt! She literally just wasted my time and kept lying about stuff. When I asked her, what I should do now she just told me to call customer service in a very disrespectful way. Look if you work at a clothes store, you ARE customer service! I guess they don’t have to worry about customer service at all! I Will not go back and happily spend my money elsewhere."


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Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Guess and Marciano was one of the worst retail places I’ve worked for. Upper management has favoritism, are condesending and micromanage everything. Clothes are expensive especially at Marciano yet the quality SUCKS, legging ripped, pants had thread coming out, not what you expect for $158. The only upside was I was some employees became friends outside work.Certain employeesEverything"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Marciano was great at first. It became a lot more hectic when managers threatened taking away your hours if you don't meet unrealistic goals. Girls became catty, it felt too competitive and you got in trouble if you didnt spend your paycheque on clothes from Marciano to wear at work. The clothes was nice, the customers were great but I would not work back for the company."

Gérante (Former Employee) says

"I don't like my experience there,, I don't not have life and I have to work over than 10 hours per day ,, some time you don't have time to eat and so short staff, team was amazing ,, clothes there not really nice but good discount employer.long hours"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I loved the work environment, it was clean and fun. However, when i went above and beyond my sales goals I was punished with fewer hours and the hours I did get were stock hours, which I didn't mind, but when hours are based on sales it only hurt me. I love retail and working with people as well as talking to and helping new people everyday, that was the best part of the job. The hardest part of the job was the stock shifts, scanning, hanging, steaming, tagging, and placing an alarm on each piece was not difficult, it was mundane and I was placed in the back alone to process hundreds of garments. My co-workers were fun, competitive, and catty, but overall they were easy to work with."

Sales associate (Former Employee) says

"I was a sales associate at Guess by Marciano. It was a very slow paced job and was hard to sell a lot of clothing and accessories as the prices are very high. I learned how to build up my cliental skills as a lot of the women that shopped there had a lot of money. The management was very organized and my co-workers were fairly easy to get along with, they were older in age so it was hard to relate a lot of the time. The hardest part of my job was to sell the products because they were very pricey and the most enjoyable part of my job was that I usually made commission because once I built up my cliental, I would have regular customers that would spend enough money for me to make my target goal.long paid lunches, commissionlong hours, co-workers, slow, salary"

Sales Leader, Merchandise lead (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would start with me arriving and cleaning and maintaining the store. It would start with stock replenishments, and going over sales analysis, setting up the business for the day. My coworkers were mostly female, and were always upbeat and very positive to be around. Advancement was hard for me because of my gender, unfortunately. I absolutely loved the product, the fashions, and designs of the product. Learning my product knowledge and sharing that with the clients was always very enjoyable. I loved booking client appointments, and walking them through the store, the collections, and getting to shop and fufill their needs.Event planning, Client relations"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Really amazing experience. Everyone level headed and friendly. Flexible working hours. Great management. Great boss. Everything was just super amazing."

Assistant and Visual Manager (Former Employee) says

"loved all the people i worked with. they were amazing. started early at times sometimes i started late why are you making me do this indeed i like dogs"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working at Marciano was a good experience, i had many customers coming back for me and asking for me. I had my own clients that would come and contact me, from Guess as well. Helping clients find what suits them best and leaving them happy was always a great accomplishment. Unfortunately the pay and lack of hours is what cut me off slowly.discountspay"

Senior design (Current Employee) says

"C'è molto rispetto per il lavoro di ogni reparto, la gente è educata e con attitudine costruttiva alla risoluzione dei problemi. Manca un pò più di organizzazione sul lavoro, magari avvalendosi di programmi informatici più snelli."

Sales Associate/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Marciano has its ups and downs. The turn over rate is high. Your sales definitely reflect your hours and you only receive 10% commission for every 100 dollars your make over your " 2500 sales goal ". You must wear the product or you will be hounded your whole shift or sent home. Don't think about dying your hair or piercings. & don't expect to make as much as the bilinguals."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"A lot of customer service is required and keeping customers satisfied. fun atmosphere for people who are fashion forward and aware."

Sales Associate, stock, cashier (Current Employee) says

"- start receiving and scanning merchandise - unpack merchandise, start hanging, sensoring, steaming, and organizing - everything in terms of sending items put for delivery, cashier duties, stock - mutual with all co-workers - consisted of many on-calls - always on the go of things to dolearning experinceson-call shifts"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Marciano is great to work for. The people you are surrounded with in the store are the most helpful. We are strong on customer service, and you can easily have a great clientelle base. by providing a one of a kind experience. Our customers truly support us.Customers, discount, being associated with the Guess Brandno room for advancement unless you know someone higher"

Sales Associate & Stock Lead (Former Employee) says

"Great clothes, great employees. Lots of fun times but the requirements are brutal and they treat you like modern slaves. Required to clock out at the time your shift is suppose to be over even if you are forced to stay overtime.Discount, Good peopleToo much work for not enough reward"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Marciano had a lot of perks. They treat their workers well; we had a paid store meetings and the managers made them fun. They let me balance my school and work life well.Fun coworkersLow pay"

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