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Marchex, Inc. is a Seattle-based public company, founded in 2003, with more than 300 employees. Marchex is a B2B call and conversational analytics company. It specializes in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze conversation data between businesses and customers.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "Marchex is a horrible place. Worse job I ever had. They make money off of "clicks" on internet ads. They love spam, and are always trying to figure out how to scam somebody."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Way too heavy on senior management and heading further down the drain with what appears to be a monthly new VP addition. Product/engineering is overly bloated and not productive. We will build it and they will come is not a mentality that should be adopted by this team. Likewise releasing software that does not meet minimum customer needs is pitiful."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay. No Benefits. Pay is well below industry standard. You can make more serving or bartending. You won't get benefits and they will work you like a dog. Not an ethical employer that puts value in its employees. There really is no growth in the company unless you are willing to sell your soul. They'll tell you there is plenty of room for growth and that they are growing but look at their stock. Blatantly not true."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No patience from senior leadership - things are constantly changing Main product focus is broken. If you are an intelligent media buyer than you realize you are paying for something you get for free or paying a premium for a service you could get through a more established search engine (i.e., Google) No leadership whatsoever outside of Seattle Limited training Witnessed some external dealings that lacked ethics"

Campaign Manager says

"Low pay not enough for cost of living. Lack of communication from management. A large majority of Campaign Managers are temps and excluded from all company events giving the office a feeling of segregation. Managers are not very people friendly."


"-pay rate way below industry standards -all this company cares about is hiring the cheapest labor in-house & out"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"Lack of product focus, leadership ability, budgets are tight so no new hiring and no one is hired to replace engineers who leave. Half of engineering is outsourced to China and India. Pay is average with only small to no increase if you are promoted. They have spent all their money recently buying 3 other companies to hopefully turn the ship around."

Former Employee - Customer Success says

"- Compensation is not competitive at all -Leadership has visions of grandeur for the future, and this is affecting the core product of analytics -Developers who built the foundation of the core-products have all departed -People are very high school acting. Expect gossip and cliques. -Leadership does not care about SMB and only care about Enterprise"

Current Employee - Senior Systems Engineer says

"We’ve had some past challenges but our future is bright. Underlying our opportunity are the incredibly bright and talented people that work here. We’ve had some important successes recently validating that our focus is beginning to yield results. New leadership opportunities have emerged and the teams are starting to align in new and exciting ways. We believe the hard work is paying off and my hope is that soon you will see it too. Thanks for writing, Ethan"

Senior UX Designer (Former Employee) says

"the idea of the company is great but sadly the managers were rude and one sided. Overall the service is interesting and beneficial to business community. Unfortunately the company falls short of desire to be a part of their culture.great locationrude management"

Director of Product Engineering (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place. Worse job I ever had. They make money off of "clicks" on internet ads. They love spam, and are always trying to figure out how to scam somebody."

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"Reactive & unfocused, the “interim office of the CEO” has no realistic strategy to return to profitability. Ask 10 employees what Marchex's business is and you'll get 10 different answers. Low pay vs the industry. Work life balance is okay, unless you're on-call."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"I would strongly suggest questioning their long term intentions for the role. If history repeats itself, you will find out they tend to hire in someone new, they are in the role for approximately 9 months to a year...just enough to get the new sales pipeline ramped up and in trial production. Then, they let the person go with a laughable severance package, and few pretend shed tears for it not working out. If you decide to move ahead anyway(b/c the company benefits and perks can easily put stars in your eyes), get some sort of guarantee bonus comp on top of a higher base salary that is based on contracts being signed, not revenue generated. Also, get some guaranteed bonus based on pipeline growth over the 1st year. The process to get a new client fully ramped (billing) can take up to a year, and that is simply due to the shortage in product development & management, account management, and other support needed. You will spend a lot of your time explaining to new clients that are excited to get things moving forward as to why nothing has happened yet. In addition, be ready to go into the role with no training or no mentor. If you are not able to self teach yourself, you basically have 0% chance of making it in this role.Great benefits, work/life balance, company activities, unlimited snacks/drinks, etc.Executive team could really care less about the well being of their employees"

Campaign Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management needs to do a lot of work in making their employees feel valued. When asked to do extra work, the hourly employees are rewarded with non-monetary compensation such as Starbucks gift cards. Not exactly morale-boosting. The benefits are pretty standard, but there are a good amount of work events and get togethers, which can be nice. There are also plenty of snacks and drinks in the break rooms."

Account Director (Former Employee) says

"Had a great experience at the company but found they were changing company focus/mission/product offering back in 2015 without thinking it through. Made it hard to find a path to develop there when roles were so in flux."

Accounts Payable Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Company overall was pretty fun. Was able to learn a lot due to how small the company is. Workplace culture was fun, plenty of socials to interact with people. Hardest part of the job was staying late when needed or not always being able to leave at the time you desired.Free lunches, Socials, cool location"

CAMPAIGN MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Right from day one, it became clear that an entry-level position at Marchex was never going to lead anywhere. Campaign Managers are offered almost no benefits and management rides them pretty hard to continuously improve campaign performance, even though performance is frequently beyond their control.Free dinners when management wants you to work overtimeFew benefits, limited upward mobility"

Service Operations Lead (SOC) says

"Within the technical operations group at Marchex there is a wide array of opportunities to take on additional projects to lead improvements at the individual, team, and organization level. Days consist of cross team involvement engagement with management and other operational teams as a unit moving toward a consistent goal of improvement. The operations team within Marchex is extremely intelligent and willing to improve the organization and the company. With a midsized company Marchex is able to make significant changes to their processes and their technologies with very little overhead providing an immediate view of success and changes. While the people are extremely intelligent and there is a large availability of projects to tackle there is a lack of motivation to grow the operations teams to appropriate size to handle these new endeavors.Great people, Environment is fast paced, Always availability to grow individuallyCompany expectations do not reward or promote internal team members for skill or for dedication."

Operations Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Marchex is a fun place to work and learn valuable skills. They have free soda/snacks and have happy hours regularly. The company is full of smart and capable people.Work life balanceLow pay, company has lost focus"

analyst (Former Employee) says

"agile sw solutions based products n-tierd architecture with multiple platforms work/life balance progressive call analytics products"

Accounting Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I enjoyed the workplace, job and culture. Lots of employee involvement activities. Great work location and great benefits."

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