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The brand MARCEL is owned and operated by WALTON GROUP headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its principal activities are designing, manufacturing, exporting, retailing of consumer electronics, home appliances, and automobiles. The manufacturing and product design operations are carried out at Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited (WHIL). R.B. GROUP has several subsidiary companies under it for distributing MARCEL products spread across Bangladesh and International Market.

A former employee shares his thoughts on, "Disadvantages of working at Walton HI-Tech Industries (Marcel):

  • Lack of chain of command, as subordinates have chances to report directly without informing the immediate boss.
  • HR and Recruitment team are full of dumb and unprofessional people from the district of company's owner.
  • For appointment letter, engineers are pushed to give them a signed cheque of BDT 5 lacs without a date which sometimes they plan to use for filing 'Cheque dishonor case' to make employee stay without their will. When you resign, they send you notices about large amount of money you owe to company which is not always true. Asking for a signed cheque is not a good practice."


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