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Manage It is a project management app that helps you manage your tasks, files, people, calendars, and projects.

David A. Project Manager shares some thoughts about ¨Manage it¨ in a review published by CAPTERRA: "Here are not a bunch of features. There are some more planning modules and some risk modules that would be helpful"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Leadership with horrible people skills - Life/work balance - Competing in a crowded ad space with a non differentiated product - Nepotism (most of the key positions held by people that used to work together) - Frequent layoffs, with no warning to employees - Negative office vibe -Badmouthing former employees"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-No discipline from top to bottom -Managers have really bad work ethic and are mostly unaware / ignorant to the employees' concerns -The entire company runs on a play of internal politics (read : Game of thrones with only Lannisters at play) -No set goal, product is far from sophisticated and only task that Sales team is good at is lying through their teeth and pitching the client offerings that don't exist!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Getting beyond the people and the money that used to be thrown around there is no transparency. Layoffs and the company is only a few years old. Plus the layoffs were handled poorly. That is scary. Constantly switching directions with different goals. Drama between coworkers all the time - it feels like high school. Avoid."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Pay is on the lower end (those who says otherwise are most likely upper management and/or engineers) -Minimum perks, definitely not up to par like common startups -Office politics have always been apparent and it's been worse than ever recently"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"If you are the type of employee that frequently has opinions that are "above your pay grade", this is definitely not the place for you. Your (good) idea may eventually get turned over to someone else, to implement -- in the meantime, though, you'll have made enemies for suggesting those ideas."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership takes a lot of credit for everything and very rarely offers praise to others. Worked hard and for low pay. Use of "Interns" is really to see if they like you before you get hired. Too many egos deciding what to do and very little appreciation. Also there is a lot of dead weight who were friends/past co-workers of Management not really contributing compared to other groups"

Apartment Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company is out of Reno Nv and the apartments are in a rural area of Nevada. The company does not care about this business or its tenants!"

Bus Monitor (Former Employee) says

"Working with special adults gettin on and off the school bus At every school and house . Making sure was in they seats and seatbelts are on each person.None3/4 break cause school time"

Maintenance Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"In the 2+years I was there I had 4 different managers. If your of Spanish heritage and a yes man who never questions anything then this is the job for you! No paid OT you have to be on call and then take the time off at the end of the next week! Yes you have benefits but most of the guys don't use them because they are so bad!"

Exec Asst/Marketing Coordinator - Netmanage (Former Employee) says

"Supportive management team. Room for professional growth Decent amount of red tape and politics Average company culture"

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