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We print a Unique Number on the back page of every copy of the Mail - simply enter this number into your MyMail account each day and watch your balance grow. PLUS, as well as collecting points with the Mail, you can also boost your balance by collecting with over 500 other Nectar partners, including Sainsbury's. The Daily Mail Rewards Club is a bit like a loyalty scheme. You get rewarded in points for buying the Daily Mail. On the back of each Daily Mail and Sunday Mail, you will find a unique code that you can redeem for Nectar points. You can claim up to 80 Nectar points each week. You will need to buy the paper at least five times and claim five times in one week in order to receive your 30 bonus Nectar points taking your weekly total to the maximum of 80 points.

A furious customer shared her experience, "So yesterday I spent 50 mins on hold in a que, trying to get through to the Daily Mail's customer services, They sent me a new card about a year ago, and made me change the password! (which i had forgotten about). I was trying to log in which to be fare I rarely do, (you never really had to before).I was trying to put my old password into the app, well I must have tried to many times, so i asked to change the password. it let me then kicked me off saying contact customer services. After 50 mins on hold. I spoke with a gentleman, who passed me eventually through security, but I noticed he called me Michelle, I thought he had just slipped a name in there and let him carry on passing me through security. he then asked for my address and then said we have an old address on the system?? Really as I knew I had changed all my cards 7 years before when I moved?? I asked if he had the correct account number and I read it out again! He had someone else's details up and was amending there records! He eventually found the correct address and uplifted the stop on the card and told me to go to the email, follow the link and change my password and it would be sorted. well i was busy yesterday so decided to log in and change my password this morning! Guess what? yep theres a time limit on the system so i still can not get to log in! The App simply says CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICES! I am not waiting another 50 mins on the phone NO CHANCE!!"


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Postman (Current Employee) says

"Extremely stressful place to work made worse by unbelievably poor management and people phonong in sick all the time making it twice as bad for those who do put the work in. Management lie to you to get their own way. Morale is at an all time low. No team work just everyone looking out for themselves. Now we're back in lockdown its gone crazy again so flat out with no breaks and no help. The training was a joke, I had 2 days to learn my round and shown the collection route once. Then left to fend for myself. Vans are just about road worthy. On going training they promise that enhances your career consists of how to use your pda better and a few other pointless online courses. Cons: Too many to list"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"How have they survived for so long, the quality of senior management is very questionable, you are only as good as your last result. Cons: Long hours, lack of appreciation."

Postman (Current Employee) says

"Never work for this company they are bullies and are lying about the conditions you will be expected to work in . Cons: Everything"

Royal Mail (Former Employee) says

"bad everything no one to really on lucky with the workers because. they finish the job by morning because all the managers are useless in any way possible. Cons: they are to many"

Postman/Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"There is a sad and worrying bullying culture at Royal Mail.The staff are treated like dirt and expected to work overtime.If you refuse you are threatened with hours reduction.Steer well clear of this company"

Postman (Current Employee) says

"Working for RM was what brought on my depression. The managers are a joke and have no skills whatsover. Pressure day to day is unbelievable. I would not recommend anyone to work here. Cons: Extreme guilt trips placed on employees everyday due to pressure from poor management"

Postman/Driver (Former Employee) says

"Like working for the gestapo managers bully and harrass cheat and lie.forced to do overtime with no regard for childcare issues,forcing injured/unwell workers back to work against doctors orders Cons: Forced to do overtime, bullying management"

Post Person (Former Employee) says

"One complaint, you’re out. That’s that. Doesn’t matter about lack of training, lack of help, state of disrepair the vans are in, how unfair the demands’ll still get told off daily for things you didn’t even know you were doing wrong, then when you get fed up no one listens anyway. Don’t even get a uniform for 6 weeks, but they’ll soon tell you off for “not looking like a postperson.” Hundreds of complaints per day, customers always right no matter what. Cons: Lack of care."

Post Person (Former Employee) says

"I left a well paid permenent job to join Royal Mail. Huge mistake! Totally lied to about the job.. expected to do TRIPLE the hours contracted to no matter how much you said no. 20 hour a week contracts but doing 60+. Wages never paid correctly, and you are acused of lying when challenging this. They dont care about the staff at all. I have even been rang up every day SINCE LEAVING the company! Cons: Long hours, no breaks, going over contract hours bullying management."

Facteur (Former Employee) says

"J'étais au chômage et j'étais en train de vendre ma maison, donc c'était juste un travail, mieux que d'être au chômage."

Postman (Current Employee) says

"The job itself is ok when you get used to what your doing. Often working in pairs or on your is non existent and it’s often left to the person your paired with to tell you what you need to do. However in lots of cases they were newer than myself! managers are there to put you on your duty and nothing more. Very unsupportive and are nothing more than paper pushes. Cons: Management. Flexibility"

Postman (Former Employee) says

"Favoritism is rife in the place some people get payed 10+ hours for the same work as a part time staff member on 6 hours, workloads are never fair, and overtime is never payed on time, if payed at all. Walked out over hours consistently wrong and workloads too heavy for my pay grade. chasing your manager to correct your pay. If you value your health and well-being stay clear. Cons: Terrible management"

Mail Sorter (Former Employee) says

"There's a saying birds of a feather Cons: all"

packer (Former Employee) says

"The worst place to work, the worst hours, complete slave labour and most of the workers got treated like trash. Horrible environment, I wouldnt recommend it to anyone. Cons: Everything"

Postman/Driver (Former Employee) says

"In a fast paced work culture where new starters are thrown in the deep end and allowed to drown,and when they do,management is always there to ridicule bully and upset individuals with threats about their job,quite honestly the worst place I have ever worked,I feel sorry for what every post person has to put up with at Great Ysrmouth RM."

Postman (Current Employee) says

"Worst job ever! Since they treat part timers like dogs. I would not recommend this company. They think you can live on 25 hours per week? Plus when you do all the overtime they pressure you to do more, never enough. Plus with all this coronavirus they don't give out proper PPE or care for your health. Its gotten that bad Im looking for better job. Plus you inform the union on them they stop our pay and cause you to fall behind on your rent. Worst job ever!!!!! Do not bother."

Postman (Former Employee) says

"Worked for 38 years for Royal Mail sacked due to van rolling away. No union backing as they side with management otherwise they lose their priviledges. Van handbrake was faulty which was covered up still using faulty van months later."

Postman (Former Employee) says

"5 years service. Never felt comfortable there. Also I was bullied to the point of a breakdown. Terrible job. There are postman that have worked there for along time and will make your life a misery."

Postman (Former Employee) says

"The sheep follow the union with no concern about their future welfare, if you don't follow then there is a bullying culture, management are useless and the most enjoyable part of the job was occasionally finishing early. Cons: Long hours mainly, bullying atmosphere and clueless managers"

Postman/Driver (Former Employee) says

"Poor training. Poor social facilities.pushy supervisors. No driving until do a few months on foot. Hardest part hilly delivery routes. Depends on good driver. Take advantage of rookies."

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