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Mahou is a Spanish brand of beers brewed by the Mahou-San Miguel Group. The brand portfolio contains a variety of beers including non-alcoholic and mixed varieties. The Mahou brewery was founded in Madrid in 1890.

Kojevergas, an opinionated drinker said, "Mahou hides its ABV fairly well. A garbage beer for getting knackered. Take it for what it is. To its credit, it's priced right where it ought to be."


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Former Employee - Senior Software Developer says

"NEPOTISM. Nepotism has been more than an usual thing in this company since its founding, where they have hired people for their blood filiation rather than for productivity (sons, brothers, cousins, etc). ELITISM. During the last decades, former nepotism has gone to a good 2nd place compared to the much more recent fashion in this business such as elitism, where it is prioritized to hire private business school people for their degree of friendship over their talent or performance at work."

Operario de envasado (Former Employee) says

"Trabajadores eventuales competentes llevando más de 8 años en estas condiciones y conocidos del jefe de producción o RRHH acaben indefinidos en menos tiempo."

Tecnico de mantenimiento (Former Employee) says

"10 mahou ... 0 al gerente que le da igual empleados"

Transportista (Former Employee) says

"Repartidor de dicha bebida espirituosa, por distintos locales de Madrid."


"almacenaje,reparto de bebidas y productos alimenticios trabajo cara al publico muy entretenido pues entre reaprto y reparto podias comentar con los dueños de bares lo cotidianotrabajo cara al publicotrabajo temporal"

Conductor repatidor de bebidas (Former Employee) says

"Mayor comunicaion preventas con repartidor, mejorar la gestión administrativa de cobros y rutas, mejorar logística.Cerca de casaSalario"

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