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Magix or MAGIX Software, a German developer of consumer software, develops software for video editing, audio editing, DAW and photo slideshow. The company was founded in 1993.The software caters to professionals & DIY users. The company is based in Berlin. Additional locations are: Madison, Wisconsin, Dresden and Lübbecke, as well as Huizen in the Netherlands.

On December 2013 an angry costumer wrote a review for Amazon about the MAGIX software music maker: this is by far the worst recording software ever and it doesn't work. it stops in the middle of your recording, it doesn't record in real time, it doesn't syncronize your recorded tracks, i want my money back asap and amazon is too good to be selling a product this bad!!


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Ron Muse says

"The software is not bad, but the so-called \'customer service\' is non-existent! There\'s is literally NO way to contact this company for support of their products! It is all forum based, which is crap! I will NEVER buy any of their software again!"

Leslie Barry says

"Absolutely SICK TO DEATH of the way Magix now provides its software titles. I used so many of their products over the past ten years or more. However, their new trick is a so-called "Update Service", which basically traps you into a Subscription purchase, with the promise of regular updates so you always "have the latest version". After a year, you're constantly bombarded with "nag" banner adverts on your PC screen. Even if you click on "Don't show this again", it makes no difference, and the regularity of their advertising becomes a total nuisance! NOT recommended, and I'll no longer buy anything Magix!"

Knyte says

"Purchased several Magix products from HumbleBundle. I tried to love them...I really tried. They have some good ideas, and you can tell that the software architecture has had solid efforts behind them. That said, I was never able to reliably use any of it. We're talking MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab, MP3 Deluxe 19, Music Maker EDM Edition, MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe, MAGIX Photostory Deluxe, among other addins and bonus content. Either the software would crash, fail to run at all, or post-update would crash or otherwise error out on (insert random dll here). I just don't get it. I spent roughly 1/2 a day uninstalling, reinstalling, trying various updates or new installs, or any combination therein. Simply unsatisfactory all around. I tried - I really did. But I just can't love any of it."

Home Slice says

"Worst malware spam and popup garbage on planet earth, passing itself off as a usable software. Developers and executives should be outed as the crooked snakes they are. Do not buy MAGIX products. Run!"

client says

"Recently I was looking for an upgrade from Filmoria as it was getting too basic for me, Vegas pro looked alright so I decided to buy a license, That was one of my worst decisions. Right off the bat I didnt like the way the software looked (They made it look modern in the intro), I tried to live with it and imported some 4k video and then guess what? It crashed. I went to their support and they refused to refund me. $639 down the drain. Thanks alot magix."

SoSauerDassIchDiesenAccountAngelegtHabe says

"Want to have basic functions, like importing mp3s and wavs, in the audio editing software you bought? Better buy the DLC then! Get any other software. Search for best DAWs or something. This is basically a huge scam."

Francis Bessette says

"It felt like i downloaded a virus. My computer started to over heating and weird pop ups starts to appear. I payed 85$ and i uninstalled it 2 days later"

Nick says

"Awful cancellation policy/process. To cancel a subscription(at least with Vegas Pro) you need to email their service team a month prior to subscription expiration or you'll be charged for the next year. There's no option to cancel under payment options or subscription. Purchased an annual subscription last year as part of a black Friday deal, never had the chance to use the product. After diffing around on how to cancel, learned you have to request cancellation a month before expiration. Discovered this a bit late and now stuck paying the full price for another year."

Alan Levi says

"Sound Forge was wonderful software UNTIL Magix took over. They eliminated CRITICAL functions (the ability to save presets.....the Sony Preset Manager just disappeared -- good luck with reinstall!). And their Sound Forge 13 has BUGS. They acknowledge the bugs but have not fixed them in MORE THAN A YEAR. And now are trying to sell Sound Forge 14. BUYER BEWARE, This Company does not stand behind its software. They don't even understand how it works!"

M B says

"Software doesn't install properly, installed loads of additional spam and garbage. The videos produced by Vegas Studio Premium are generally lower quality than even free software, and the only decent MP4 output requires a special plugin. I have to convert the videos to a proper MP4 for them to even be playable by others.. The audio software Samplitude and Sound Forge are just crap, and not only trigger loads and loads of alerts in windows, they also install a lot of crap all over your system, and do not provide the codes promised for additional packages that are "bundled""

Ashley Patten says

"I have had nothing but problems with Vegas It used to be pretty good when it was called Sony Vegas but now its magix Vegas it's complete rubbish. It constantly crashes when rendering or even when attempting to drag and drop video files where as other editors I have don't. Additionally the tools offered in the software are lacking. An example would be a tool to reduce the amount of noise created by a high ISO. This is not built into the software and if you want anything like this then its an additional purchase. The final straw for me with this company is with how they charge your account. When I signed up I thought I just purchased the software for a year but instead they are just signing you up for a yearly subscription service which you can't cancel through their website and additionally they don't notify you when the software renewal is due. I have contacted the support team as they have randomly charged me £149 a few days ago and now they're just hiding behind terms and conditions and refuse to offer a refund even though they can see through their usage gathering spyware built into the software that I haven't even opened it since the money was taken or at all since September when I opened the software by mistake. My advise for anyone considering signing up for any of the services magix offers is to avoid at all costs as the software is not fit for purpose and the website makes it difficult to manage your account and it all seems like its just designed around them tricking you into a subscription and then trying to quietly deduct funds from your account in hopes you will never notice. Judging by the rest of the reviews it seems I am not the only one who is not happy with the services and it also seems like magix don't really care."

Frank Canonica says

"This is a really bad company. I purchased Acid 10 pro which comes with a coupon for an Acid loop library, convology XX complete and Celemony Melodyne plugins. Acid installed but it’s updater failed, the Celemony melodyne failed because it doesn’t support my system (They said it did). The coupon code does not work, the page for the convology plug is gone. And their support staff told me that those things are extra gifts and I should be happy that they offered them. What? I bought it for those plugins. Good luck on a can’t"

I had a good time says

"Wish I could rate it lower, absolute scam, installed a bunch of adware on my pc I've been struggling to remove for the past few months. Can't believe I actually paid for this absolute trash fire. Avoid at all costs, don't even install it if you get it for free."

Jason Reeves says

"Have used this product for a year with little fault. The playback started "stuttering" just before suggested update which would correct (previously not) stuttering playback. After lots of nagging pop ups I spent £55:99 0n an update/plugin which has done absolutely nothing. I have also not been able to contact anyone at Magix"

James says

"A complete lack of competence on the part of customer support. Only interesting in taking your money however immoral it may be. Avoid this company. The software doesn't even work most of the time."

Ramiro Murga Cerviño says

"This S**T company sold me software ligitimately and then refunded me the money and re-listed the product for a much higher price."

Daniel Ramos says

"Magix is where software goes to die. I'm very disappointed with what they've done to Vegas and pretty pissed at the business model they have with Xara/."

Frustrated Customer says

"I have been a very long time customer of Magix, I loved this company years ago, very good customer service, very good reliable software, but in the last four years things have not been good at all. First had issues with a online hosting problem that never got resolved so I was forced to go looking elsewhere to find a new host. Than this company was horrific in allowing transfer of my domain name. Then I got rooked for the extras they give to another program where they issue coupons for extras however they expire after three months, but I had a failing operational issue with the program taking four of those months to fix so by then I was not allowed the coupon codes to work and lost the extras that were in my purchase. I contacted the company and they never responded about it. Now I have a serious battle again after I extended my service and the program won't let me use any of the templates as it's asking me to "purchase" them with grayed out links, grayed out registration and the manual way states my serial code is not accepted yet I have a receipt of purchase and I have bank statement copy the money came out of my account and after giving all this to this company they haven't responded at all now after weeks of back and forth. So I'm stuck with a non operational program of it's main functions, this means no buttons, forms, ect. for a workable website and I was already in delays from COVID shutdown and in almost a month this company has done nothing to resolve that my program refuses to register for this recent update. I really can't afford to do this as I'm paying for several software's now that malfunction six months out of every year and the losses I've suffered have been huge. I really think we are living in a time where people don't have customer service or reliable software anymore and the effects of this are destructive to many and it needs to stop. Sadly this incredible company is just another large company that now fails it's long term customers, now they all use COVID as an excuse to harm the mainstream public and I don't understand why they treat their customers so bad or why they seem to dislike us so much they think this is okay. To all of you out there not responding to customers I'd just like to say your destroying many lives through this nonsense. Please wake up here, don't allow false information to weaponize your tech power against your own customers who have been so loyal over all these years. We can be extremely forgiving but you need to prove you're still professional and care about your customers as well."

Luke W says

"Save your money for fruity loops for music and Di vinci resolve for video editing. :-) Even ejay is better than this."

FreshxHD kMD says

"I am using magix music maker and I have to say it really is a simple way to create music. But it's not more. But the worst part is that it has so many errors. Especially with third party VSTs."

Mr G Mclaughlin says

"A real shame Magix has changed the way they do things, you now get a free basic programme that I hate the interface of, everything is too big for the screen now and you have to buy everything. It crashes regularly and I am not buying all the extra bits, will have to look for a different programme."

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