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Magellan Health Inc. (formerly Magellan Health Services Inc.), is an American for-profit managed health care company, focused on special populations, complete pharmacy benefits and other specialty areas of healthcare. Magellan supports innovative ways of accessing better health through technology, while remaining focused on the critical personal relationships that are necessary to achieve a healthy, vibrant life. Magellan's customers include health plans and other managed care organizations, employers, labor unions, various military and governmental agencies and third-party administrators. It ranked 475 on the Fortune 500 in 2018.

An employee shared their experiences: "Don't want to work here. Management is completely racist. They called me by another girl's name all because we were both Latina. Management pretends to work with you then has a whole paper trial on your case and make statements they never live up to so then you look incompetent, when they are clearly the incompetent one. Their word is held against yours all because they worked there longer. System is ridiculous. There is obvious behaviors that need to stop in management and no one ever does a thing. They talk about each other. Your training will be completely on your trainer's life and 10% on the lesson. They do this so they will be useful on the floor when you're lost in your work and couldn't learn all due to your trainer's stories, so now you have to ask them & look as if you're incompetent in front of your other peers and management. Funny thing is management and trainer are best friends outside and inside of work so they know what is going on and the issue is never handled."


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Former Employee - General says

"Micro managers, stressful, senior management doesn’t make you feel valuable"

APPEALS COORDINATOR (Former Employee) says

"No work/Life balance, over worked and under paid. In management the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Lack of compassion. Low Employee Morale . The worst experience I have had in my work career. Nothing good about the companyOver worked, under paid, Low Employee Morale, no employee recognitionWe are sorry to hear you did not enjoy your time working at Magellan Health. Thank you for the review."

Current Employee - Project Management says

"I have hesitated to write a review for years despite the morale and general treatment of employees declining over the several years since Srini Koushik became CTO here at Magellan. It was my hope that he would move on from this position, but like a horrible virus he has stuck around the company infecting it with more and more toxicity fueled by his enormous outgrown ego. If you have a chance to take a job in IT here and it's your absolute only feasible option than please go ahead and do so - everyone needs to pay the bills and you will be able to make some money before moving on to something better with management who truly cares about you. But if you have any other feasible option, you should run from this toxic Magellan IT culture that Mr. Koushik has created. When Mr. Koushik arrived, we touted himself as a savior who would make us 10x more productive by implementing Exponential Org theory. What he failed to mention was that one of his prime ways of achieving this productivity was through waves of layoffs. Wave upon wave of layoffs. The reduction in force would also be accompanied by him driving his employees to work longer hours. The idea of work life balance is a concept that Mr. Koushik has no empathy for since all he seems to be occupied with is promoting himself and all others should work in the common promotion and glorification of him. And to this end, he early on introduced Workplace from Facebook into IT. Workplace is basically the same as Facebook but geared to a work environment. It's hard to overstate how toxic the introduction of Workplace was for the IT culture here. All of the sudden you provided a platform for people to compete for favor on what is basically social media. Additionally, Mr. Koushik models this behavior on Workplace by constantly complimenting and promoting one person, Mr. Koushik. The number of times he uses "I" on his posts is disappointing. His behavior models actions that are actually harmful to teamwork. Thank goodness that Mr. Koushik hasn't found Twitter for Workplace yet. I have seen waves and waves of loyal hardworking employees get laid off, mistreated by lower level management, and the culture in IT devolve into something awful. This is a lot but what finally broke me and compelled me to write this is the pathetic way Magellan and IT security took care my personal information. Under Mr. Koushik's watch, Magellan recently became victim of ransomware and apparently my SSN and other information along with all my colleagues present and many of my colleagues who have escaped. So now in a pandemic, I also have to be worried about my identity being stolen. Did our savior and his inner circle not take the proper measures to harden our servers from attack and encrypt our data? So careless. I will give credit to Srini Koushik for one thing - he has showed how I never want to behave in my career."

MFLC (Former Employee) says

"My supervisor micro managed and became hostile when "mediating" a conflict. Legally, supervisors are not allowed to mediate conflicts. There was no support."

Former Employee - Full Time Employee says

"Thank you for your review of Magellan Health as a place to work. We are sorry to hear you had a bad experience working here."

HealthySteps Specialist/MFLC (Former Employee) says

"I found the company to be very disorganized, including having multiple departments giving directions. They also made mistakes with my email address, which created difficulty for me. "Expedited" onboarding does not work well."

Director says

"Thank you for the review."

Victim Advocate (Former Employee) says

"great positions and interesting and fulfilling work, Other professionals with same job duties get paid more outside of this company. Since the management is remote, they do not see how hard its employees work. They do not see the dedication and professionalism. It matters to the Army and everyone who works on base. The staff of victim advocates are all professionals and they care so very much about help ing people. Most are our qualified and able to help others in ways that benefit Magellan and the contract they serve, . Magellan makes tons of money off of its employees. They are lucky to have employees of high caliber. Magellan does not have vacation that is built up. They do not offer an incentive to answer the 24 hour hotline. Staff are dedicated to serve the hotline and stop their lives on a minutes notice with an emergency call. This is true dedication,. They should compensate employees with something that matches this dedication. Without vacation time (not covered under fair labor standards) and forced time off when we work overtime, it is a wonder employees still work these hours. It is like they take advantage of qualified army spouses who have knowledge, skills and experience. Spouses are part of the army too. They are ready to support their family when they are deployed. We need vacation and sit time just like all employees do because we are spouses of they army. They say they support the army but do they when they hire spouses that get literally no vacation or sick time.Victim advocacy is important, vacation and benefits are not commensurate with experience."

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