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M&T Bank Corporation is an American bank holding company headquartered in Buffalo, New York. It operates 780 branches in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Connecticut. M&T is ranked 462nd on the Fortune 500. Until May 1998, it was named First Empire State Corporation.M&T Bank has been profitable in every quarter since 1976. Other than Northern Trust, M&T was the only bank in the S&P 500 Index not to lower its dividend during the financial crisis of 2007–2008. The bank owns the Buffalo Savings Bank building in downtown Buffalo. M&T Bank also sponsors M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens. M&T Bank is the official bank of the Buffalo Bills in Western New York and of their home Stadium New Era Field in Orchard Park, New York. Wilmington Trust is a subsidiary of M&T Bank Corporation, offering global corporate and institutional services, private banking, investment management, and fiduciary services.

An unhappy customer shared this in a review, "In the current environment I have to make an appointment to enter the branch, that's fine. I made an appointment for 1pm on a Friday. I arrived on time and there was already someone in the branch. I told security I had an appointment. An employee came to the door and spoke to me through the glass, which I couldn't hear. Since we were both wearing masks this seemed unnecessary and inconsiderate. Once she opened the door she explained that only one person at a time could be in the branch. I asked if I could sit on a chair in the waiting area, which was at least 10 ft away from any office or the teller line, and was told no. So instead, I waited past my appointment time, in the vestibule, less than 3 feet from customers who came in to use the ATM. There was a minimum of 10 posted signs at the doors and throughout the branch to keep 6 ft away, yet I'm forced to stand in a vestibule to wait and be too close to other customers, rather than be comfortable, safe, and more than the necessary social distance away from others, inside in the waiting area. I mentioned this to the teller and she didn't even respond; also very rude. This happened at the University Plaza branch on Main St. Let's use some common sense with the social distancing rules. This experience was inconvenient and unnecessary."


Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says "Management only interested in developing younger, cheaper talent."
Former Employee - Relationship Banker says "Nepotism runs rampart. They will change your job title; they will change your management team; you will not be compensated well and you will work harder and in more responsibilities than your job description. No respect for branch employees."
Former Employee - Corporate Trainer says "Pay is below industry standards."
Current Employee - Relationship Banker says "Micro Management from next manager. Offer made for $1 more per hour, only work 37.5 hours a week which means I made less in the long run. Company does not care about the little guy. Want you to think that you are in a wonderful place but if you have real issues they just back you down in a corner and make you feel isolated."
Former Employee - Analyst says "Tech professionals be cautious they run loose and fast with job responsibilities. They change by the hour. You will absolutely be emotionally ruined should you say yes to any technical position"
Former Employee - Wealth Management says "Poorly articulated expectations from management"
Former Employee - Associate says "Low employee morale and no clear career path. Management not engaged and many good people overlooked. Performance issues a surprise at the annual review. Obvious favoritism."
Former Employee - Teller says "Management is horrid. They do not care about employees, extremely unprofessional, and basic guidelines are constantly unclear. Not to mention, the work to pay ratio is not balanced at all. No ability to work up."
Former Employee - Credit Analyst says "Salary, >50 push out"
Former Employee - Branch Manager says "Company is profitable, but working in branches you don't feel good or pride in the organization. What was a company proud of credit quality and growth through smart acquisition has stalled and is being passed by former peers like BB&T."

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