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Flex Ltd. (previously known as Flextronics International Ltd. or Flextronics) is an American Singaporean-domiciled multinational electronics contract manufacturer. It is the third largest global electronics manufacturing services (EMS), original design manufacturer (ODM) company by revenue, behind only Pegatron for what concerns original equipment manufacturers.

A former employee shares his experience on indeed.com, "I haven't worked at Flex since 2013. So I'm not sure how this would help. At the time the leadership was horrible and out of touch with its employees. They pretty much told people, you either work all these hours or lose your job. It was run like a concentration camp. It was a place where people worked on production and they had to meet these numbers at all costs. From bad weather, late delivery, and not enough machines the managers didn't care. And forget about taking days off, as a contractor, I didn't get paid for time so I schedule a vacation month in advance. When the time came for me to go on vacation, all the managers seemed to have forgotten about it. I even had the original request, it eventually got approved but it was some in fighting with my supervisor and the lead knew this was coming up because I reminded her so many times leading up to this. So overall, Flextronics could be a good place to work, but the leadership is wack and tries to demand respect instead of earning it."


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Elliot Holt says

"Absolutely the worst company I have ever purchased anything from. I got an email after ordering 2 items to say that they had been shipped. I then got another email stating that the items had been sent separately to speed up delivery. I never received a tracking number for each. Tried contacting affordable golf. No reply for nearly 2 weeks. Eventually I got sent 2 tracking numbers. When I tracked the first it told me that it had been sent back to the sender as it had been at the pickup location too long (I never requested a pickup location I selected for it to be delivered to my home address). The second tracking number didn't exist. Eventually I got sent the right tracking number, and then this item had also been left at the pick up location too long, returned back to sender. I requested a refund numerous times and eventually I got my money back. 14th August items ordered 11th September refund received. Will not be using this company again."

William says

"Ordered a new battery charger and it came without the power cable,surely someone that packed it in the box realised something was missing you would think."

Roy says

"Bought Scotty Cameron putter on Ebay for a golfing trip that I was going on. Putter arrived on time but packaging was poor and damaged, and when opened the putter shaft was bent. Not protected properly in packaging. I sent a contact to supplier with photographs of packaging and damage but received no reply. I needed the putter for my trip so had to take it to a golf pro who removed most of the bend in the shaft at my cost. Still slight bend but playable. Disappointed in no response to email. If I hadn't required putter urgently would have raised a formal complaint via ebay."

Chris Bartlett says

"Ordered a Cobra fairway wood from the ebay shop. Received email saying they had sold more than they had in stock, so I had to wait for a restock in 7-10 days, received nothing, head nothing, poor."

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