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Lumosity is an online program consisting of games claiming to improve memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem-solving.

Edwin shares his thoughts on, "Each category only has a few games. They're flash payer games that are boring and redundant. I feel like I got all I could out of Luminosity in just a few days. After those few first days, I haven't logged in since. As for billing, I quickly canceled the auto-renew without any issues. This service is just not worth the money. I got a couple of puzzles from the dollar store and have been enjoying that much more."


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greg oborn says

"Rubbish! Do not bother with this app."

FletcherDunn Jews says

"Full of sh!t. More like rage inducing than calming. Do not recommended"

Candy Carlson says

"This company charged my account for the yearly rate the "next day" after I signed up for a 14- day free trial. After numerous emails, they still would not rectify the situation, full refund, even after I offered proof that I registered for the free trial. The representative, although professional, blamed the charge on Google, even though my bank information clearly showed a Luminosity charge, and myself, for not providing a receipt (Why would there be one?). It's unfortunate that most likely, other customers are also being charged without them even knowing it. Also, I really enjoyed this company's brain games in the past. But, I think it's more important that potential customers understand that this may happen to them too. Currently, not one to stand by, I contacted my bank and they are handling this issue from here."

Елена Кили says

"SCAM!!! BEWARE!!! Somehow they subscribe me without my permission on premium $45 dollars for 1 year!!!! I would not pay even 1 dollar for this! It is not efficient at all!"

Martin says

"Brought it as a gift for 1 month (family subscription), and it was great and did as promised. However, it got boring and of course I then forget it because I only paid for 1 month. Unfortunately, I got charged for 4, so instead of 24$ for 1 month I paid 96$. I then contacted support, and as expected, got an nearly useless response. They ended my subscription, but didn't give me my money back for the 3 extra months. If you consider buying this, then don't. It will get boring quite fast, and you will probably also get over-charged."

Riki Sandree says

"As a disabled elder, ugh, so necessary to "identify" these days, I have been using this site daily for the past 5 or 6 years, both as recreation and as a barometer of my ability to stay focused, multi-task, and eye hand co-ordination. This said, I have contacted them repeatedly over the years as a subscriber concerning the random placement of their "Feedback" button, which often obscures the resized/cropped playing field. Ironically, they do not seem to honor the function of this button, as they continue to do nothing about it. Worse, they always respond with the promise that they are, indeed, working on it. Lies will always come back to bite their purveyor. Recently, I contacted them about a new issue, that of the "App", that was briefly available on my pc. I removed it for a clean install of Windows and the option disappeared from their webpage. They flat out denied such an app ever existed, yet another lie. I can only assume they are not reinvesting their profits with accountability in mind. As for the site itself, it is a good concept that I am not yet prepared to bail on. It is my hope that they reinvest their profits into customer relations as well as product development."

Iona Main Stewart says

"This programme is quite entertaining. Some of the games are very appealing for a while at any rate. However, they should introduce new games more often so one doesn't get bored, But one particular game, Word Snatchers, makes me quite angry. It appears that the persons in charge of the game are quite ignorant of grammar. For a person who has taught English grammar, this is infuriating. One is given some words or phrases and has to unravel some letters to find a synonym for these. But often you're given a noun or nouns and the correct (?) answer is an adjective or else the words given are worded completely incorrectly so you cannot use them to find the answer they want. Sometimes I feel that the persons in charge are practically illiterate and the last people that should have anything to do with such a game. Sometimes the "correct" answer is in no way a synonym for the words given, I often get so irritated with their mistakes that I point them out but get no answer and the mistakes continue. Also the game does not accept British spelling, which is a fault. The quality of the game is thus atrocious. There is also a game, I think it's called Familiar Faces, where you have to remember the names of customers and the meals they order at a fast food shop.ALL the meals are absolutely unhealthy so I can hardly bear to play the game. If most Americans eat this sort of junk, and I believe they do, no wonder so many of them are ill. There are some games that are both entertaining and challenging, such as Pirate Passage. In all Lumosity is quite good. Here is an example of a grave mistake in Word Snatchers: We're given an adjectival phrase "having a need for food" and have to find a one-word synonym with the given letters. The so-called correct answer is "hungrily", which is of course an adverb. The answer should have been "hungry". I've written to them about this but get of course no reply and nothing is changed."

Lin Lyons says

"I find the games fun to play, but can see why others wouldn't. I have a problem using Google Chrome, and was told to switch browsers. One would think they would attempt to find the incompatibility, but apparently they're not interested in doing that. I know that my mind seems to work better at some times of the day than other times, and have asked them if they could show users how their results vary, based on time of day. Clearly they do have that data, and could help users, but they appear to not be interested in doing that either. I'll continue to play -- I doubt that it'll make me dumber, but, as other reviews have indicated, their customer service seems to be limited to, "Too bad.""

WB says

"I wanted to try their games to test if they could really increase your memory, and I had a fun time playing them. But at some point you get bored and I experienced a hard time deleting my account. I experienced this twice, so keep that in mind! There is greater alternatives out there I would say."

Emily Scott says

"Lumosity customer service will not respond to my request to cancel a 2year gift membership. First, I told them that I would like to accept their discount offer, which I received when I renewed my own membership, because the gift membership is meant to be activated in January. I told them in a later note that I plan to replace it with a lifetime membership, but still I have no reply. I think my credit card has already been billed, and I don't think I can cancel it myself, because they would simply keep it as a 2-year membership and not refund my money. I plan to go ahead and cancel it anyway if I don't get a reply very soon. I hope I don't have to file a complaint with the BBB."