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LumoPro is a brand of lighting and studio equipment for amateur and professional photographers.

Mike comments on the misleading information provided by the manufacturer, "I bought this Lumopro flash for one reason: I want on-camera TTL ability and this flash doesn't deliver it despite all of the manufacture's info saying that it does. It's not until after buying it and reading the manual I discover that TTL is only available if you spend another $230 for an Odin wireless flash controller. Well screw that: I wanted a flash I can flip to full auto for situations where I don't have the time to futz with manual flash settings so this is a COMPLETE FAILURE and a borderline fraud. Those of you who knew this flash didn't support on-camera TTL: unless you can show me where this was made ABUNDANTLY clear then take your disagreements with my review and shove them where flashes cannot illuminate."


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