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The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), also known as the Lord's Resistance Movement, is a rebel group and heterodox Christian group which operates in northern Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Lra On army has been a severe problem for 25 years, the lider uses tactics such as torture, children enslaving and destroying villages, according to an article published by Max Fisher at

" Kony demanded civilians be tortured and killed for no apparent reason, destroyed villages, and enslaved an ever-growing army of children, programmed with drugs and beatings to follow Kony. But the outcome will be about more than just a madman and his army of enslaved children. There's more here than might initially meet the eye, and if a problem like the Lord's Resistance Army doesn't go away after 25 years."


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Former Employee - Advisory Consultant says

"I worked at LRA Worldwide full-time for more than a year Cons: Incompetent leadership, Not "real Deloitte", No job security, Low salary, No career growth, Micro-managed, Unrealistic travel budget, Poor service to clients, Constant turnover, Assigned the garbage projects that "real Deloitte" doesn't want, No respect or dignity from management, Losing clients because firm can't deliver on their contract."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at LRA Worldwide full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Constant micro-management from senior consultants and operations managers Inadequate compensation for the amount and quality of work expected Lack of recognition and opportunity for advancement Bias toward certain consultants based on personality rather than skills and performance Discontinuation of certain Deloitte benefits for LRA employees Inconsistent bonus or no bonus at all"

Former Employee - Senior Project Manager says

"I worked at LRA Worldwide full-time for more than 3 years Cons: No growth, no professional development, no recognition for hard work, constant micromanagement, constant turnover, unqualified leaders in corporate office, no work/life balance, poor pay scale for amount of work done, clients matter, associates do not"

Former Employee - Executive Trainer says

"I worked at LRA Worldwide full-time for more than a year Cons: This company left me with an American Express bill of over $1800. Unorganized and underpaid."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at LRA Worldwide full-time Cons: It is Deloitte with an asterisk - they pick and chose when to apply benefits of Deloitte. No Work/Life Balance whatsoever."

Former Employee - Senior Consultant says

"I worked at LRA Worldwide full-time for more than 3 years Cons: First off, do not be fooled by the addition of "By Deloitte" attached to the name. While your paycheck says Deloitte and technically you work for a company under their umbrella, you DO NOT work for Deloitte and at no time during your tenure will it feel like it. LRA still operates as a small independent company and treats their employees as such. If you are in the market to travel for a few months/years, without having a concern for your next career move, then this may work out for you. But if you have any desire to better your career and join a company that truly values your experience and drive, as well as you personally…work elsewhere! Additionally, if you are an experienced hire, just a heads up that the Consultant role is an entry level position. This will be obvious through the micro-managing you will receive and your compensation. The travel aspect can be looked at as a pro and con. While you get free flights and decent travel perks, your Monday's usually begin around 4am and your Friday's end no earlier than 10:00 PM.   The management at LRA is ill-equipped, selfish, inexperienced and full of people who are in positions that they are clearly not qualified for. I reiterate the "inexperienced" part, as the middle management, or Operations Mangers, on several accounts have no clear skillset and genuinely seem useless in their roles. In addition to less than stellar leadership, advancement is not something that LRA seems interested in for its associates and the company itself is certainly not booming with opportunities. If you are selected to switch accounts, most movement occurs laterally, in the form of the same job title and the same rate of pay, just on a different account. I can recall in my last year with the company getting less than 3 notifications from HR and management letting the team know that opportunities were available for internal transfer. This spoke to the culture of selfish leadership, where they would rather stifle your career and keep you in the same place, than to be responsible for your development and allow you to move within the company leaving them with a position to fill.   Overall, the cons certainly outweigh the pros from my time at LRA by Deloitte. While the concept is wonderful and they are an industry leader in the field, the leadership is ruining the reputation and the operation of this company from the inside out. I would not recommend spending any portion of your career with this company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at LRA Worldwide full-time Cons: Awful management, cowards, users, and abusers. Unprofessional, disorganized, no sense of a team environment. Favortism"

Consultant says

"I worked at LRA Worldwide for more than a year Cons: A traveling consultant job sounded like the best job ever, but I learned that it was not. I was sent to small towns in the middle of nowhere with very few options to eat. In addition, I was often schedule to fly out at 6 am on Mondays and arrived home after midnight on Fridays."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at LRA Worldwide full-time for more than a year Cons: Everything else. With the travel every week, having any sort of work-life balance is impossible. Unless you consider a "life" sitting alone in a hotel room doing endless amounts of surveys and reports. There is zero comradarie between employees because you really never meet each other, besides minimal training opportunities. You work long hours and are compensated at less than minimum wage for the hours that you work. It's extremely grueling, and you're very rarely appreciated by upper management."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at LRA Worldwide full-time for more than a year Cons: Unqualified middle management who unfairly and irregularly discusses performance or initiates check-ins or inquires about your overall wellbeing. A company that expects unlimited flexibility from its employees but gives nothing back in return. There is no interest in your personal career goals or personal qualifications. If you decide to commit to this company remember your just a game piece to them to impress the client. Their is no point in being a top performer as it seems to mean nothing to them. Greater Deloitte will not see past your LRA history as they themselves recognize lra has not much to offer."

Lunchroom Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Not much to say working in this area for me was a very stressful experience, older staff very unprofessional instead of assisting the new staff and showing them the ropes of the job, they make them do unconventional things like doing all of the work stations by themselves and at times wanting to fight them. Very unsafe place to work and the staff is underpaid, they don't make enough money to maintain their households, especially if they are single parents or live alone with no other income. Cons: Very Unprofessional Environment Staring From The Top Management down to the Staff"