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Lyor Cohen (Hebrew: ליאור כהן; born October 3, 1959) is an American music industry executive. Cohen has been actively involved in hip hop at various record labels for more than 30 years. He started by managing rappers for Rush Productions, then led Def Jam. After Def Jam, Cohen took on a leadership role at Warner Music Group. In September 2012, Cohen resigned from Warner and started his own indepe

Rodney Carmichael for NPR mentioned how Lyor Cohen, YouTube's Music Head, Faces Down A Doubtful Music Business, "Lately, Cohen's been inducing fear into the traditional music industry he defected from two years ago to become YouTube's global head of music. Brought on board in 2016 to repair YouTube's soured relations with major labels and wrangle new agreements, he found himself waging a public power struggle of sorts with label heads critical of a value gap loophole that allows YouTube to capitalize on artists' content while offering some of the industry's lowest royalty payments."


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Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was the only property employee for 14 months of the two years I worked for this company. I was hired as a Property Manager but wound up being responsible for that in addition to filling the role of Maintenance Technician for two properties for almost two years. You will be treated as if you're not doing your job well enough while being given an impossible amount of responsibility. This company will set you up to fail with impossible workloads. Cons: Extremely stressful, impossible workloads"

Make ready/groundskeeper/maintenance (Current Employee) says

"Constant disrepect and complete disregard for acknowledging hard working people. No matter how much you pick up trash or try to show initiative, you're only seen as the person causing problems instead of making sure the jobs done. Also, you never get recognized for your efforts, when things are bad its on maintenance"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely no corporate support. Lack of funding and zero accountability by corporate officers. They will scapegoat you faster than you can blink in order to cover their butts and not take responsibility for their negligence."

Groundskeeper (Former Employee) says

"First thing is that it took almost a month to start working. The property manager is over 3 separate properties and doesn't have a clue what she's doing. I have provided around $2000 worth of supplies for her to tell me that they wouldn't pay me back. So I contacted the regional manager and she is supposed to be paying me soon. The property I was working at has a serious bed bug infestation and same with cockroaches, property manager will not do anything to help the problem. She's more concerned about keeping her pill dealers in the building on her good side. I was helping with the other two properties until they could get someone else hired because the last maintenance technician has quit. So I needed to replace an entire AC system in a 55+ community long story short I ordered the system and after the property manager cancelled the order then hd supply put a credit block on it. The 70+ year old couple finally got AC after an entire month of July heat. I recently put in my two weeks notice after being told that the property manager has hired her brother and immediately took things from my property that would affect my ability to do things so that she can get everything for her brother so that he's taken care of. Well I found out that the property manager since has gone door to door to residents telling them to not speak to me, and filed a police report saying I stole items from the property. Lol everything is mine anyways when it comes to tools. It's not a good place to work for at all!! I've never seen such filth in a property in my life and I know that a resident passed away"

Leasing Agent (Current Employee) says

"I was under trained, and thrown full force into this job not knowing what to do. Almost worked here 3 months ..when I could receive benefits, I was fired 4 days before they kicked in. When I asked why, they told me they did not have to give me a reason at all. There were 2 days we sat in 90 plus degree temperatures in our office because they did not pay their electric bill. Corporate was contacted and did nothing to turn on our power. We were not clocked in both days and still forced to stay in a sweltering hot office in the summer time and work with no computers or phones because someone could still walk in. I was told during my time there to lie in order to sell their apartments. There were rats and bed bugs ,sewage coming up into peoples dishwashers and sinks in one of their buildings,but still was told to sell these apartments and just talk about the good things the apartments had to offer. Despite the health hazards here. I dont want to be forced to lie at my place of work. Corporate cyber bullies the managers and leasing agents through emails all day long. I would never recommend this company to anyone ever if you have moral integrity and goals in your life. These people do NOT care about their residents or their employees and will willingly fire you even if you try your best and are loyal to their company. These people will use you."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst company that I have ever worked for in my life. Don't pay their"

Maitenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Regency park is a joke the manager there is a joke everything is so much a secret the place has been run in the ground for the past twenty years siding is falling off the trim is rotten the furnaces are shot most ac units are old and wore out most of the residents belong in nursing homes the core values are a joke I would not recommend my dogs to work here if you want to be a grounds keeper the I suggest that you work there no matter what your education level is good luck I have never seen the rpm on the property since I have been there this is not good business at all Cons: None"

Property Manager/Assistant Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Corporate sits High and looks Low Cons: Too many"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked for Cohen Early for one week and due to having my car damaged while at work I decided not to work for the property due to safety issues. The company said they would not cover my car and they still owe me expense for traveling for training. It has been almost 2 months and they still owe me for gas and food expenses. Cons: Safety, not getting paid expenses"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"They don't pay there bills and when jobs don't get done cause of bills you get introuble. You can go to any other property management and make several dollars more a hour.if you like getting introuble for there responsibilities and you want to live where you can't get by this is the perfect place for employment. Cons: Cant live on the pay and no benifets"

Property Manager (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company to work with! Why do you think they have so many positions available? This company will run you thin. No bonuses and no raises. Upper management is not to be trusted and they are a bunch of bullies. You will regret working here. I am looking for another job as we speak. Cons: everything"

Regional Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is horrible to their employees. Break about every labor law and have several complaints with EEOC. They have unseasoned people in management that are clueless at best. The core values they just implemented are a joke.Nothing is confidential. I personally watched the company fire an employee who had cancer. So sad :( Cons: The entire experience working there and the new CFO what a joke"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was offered a position it this company, it all seemed fine, until the 2nd day of work, news channel 4 showed up because the residents had called in... 3rd day... I was on my own.. no one was there to help me through anything, all while a new security system is being put in, a very very old bld, housing adult citizens, in the heart Of St. Louis, and I was responsible for the scattered sites of smaller properties as well, I was never even shown these peoperties, I had to find them on my own.. 2nd day all calls about roofs leaking at one of the other locations, and into electrical boxes.. next thing I know the City inspectors walk in... and was trying to violate me, for things that they had been sited for 6 months prior... 5th day, I came in to a note telling me I was going to be r*ped and killed, I called my supervisor, and they did not want me to call the police, because each time the police are called it reflects on their 'hud' and of course their reputation... I called the police, and then I walked out. Cons: I could right a book..."

Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The pay is horrible for the size of the properties. Current management is obtuse and uninformed on Fair Housing Policies among other things. New manager actually stated in a meeting to discriminate on certain caliber of tenants, which violate housing policies. I worked in a very hostile work environment, that was very unprofessional at all times. The company does not value their employees or pay their bills. The lights, water and phones were shut off because current management does not know how to process bills. I would not suggest this company as a place of employment or potential place of residence for anyone on this planet! Cons: Healthcare is horrid, Pay is below par, Company standards are deplorable"

SOMEONE (Former Employee) says

"Started working for Cohen-Esrey seemed ok until I got on property. This property has to be the worst they have and they don't care that their name is attached to it. For the low pay with no commission and they don't pay the bills, they want the manager to lease units but the units looks horrible, carpet is nasty, they haven't paid bills so there is no cleaner, no carpet replacement, no painter, can't order parts, no office supplies, no paper, pens, ink/toner, phone has been shut off...but we are expected to lease units. They want us to put on resident functions with no money, they want us to get donations to do resident functions. The units look horrible, I am embarrassed that I ever associated my name with this company will NOT go on my resume.....Sorry excuse for a management company. Can't imagine what is going through the owners head with this one..... Cons: Everything"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company will take advantage of you as much as possible. Continue to push more and more work on you with no compensation. You will be hired for one position, but end up doing the work for many. They don't pay their bills, and treat their property managers badly. Will not fix problems with property, say they will, then it's still not done years later. Corporate person very condescending, tries to make you feel stupid. Cons: Limited pay, very high insurance, large turn over, Overload you with work, because everyone is quitting."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Higher mgmt. thinks she's better than everyone else. Likes to throw her weight around as if she's the ultimate being. But wont attempt to help property. I truly don't understand how they are still in business. Will never work for again even if its the last offer in the world. I would rather eat dirt.....They don't even follow their own standards...shame... Cons: Everything"

Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Very unorganized small management company. More paperwork and less pay. Don't live on property. You will have to pay taxes on your employees discount."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"dont make enough to support a family, no benefits which means no insurance, 401 k, no retirement Cons: not enough pay to cover expenses"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Corporate is a joke. They do not pay bills, employee's are constantly changing. They have you do a core value. But do not follow their own rules. They spend allot of money on putting core value stuff together and are so proud of themselves, but leaving a property manager high and dry with nothing to offer you to get the job done. Did not appreciate the employees that worked hard for them. Manager meetings where always a waste of time and energy. Cons: All"