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LoveFilm was a United Kingdom–based provider of DVD-by-mail and streaming video on demand in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany. Acquired by in 2011, the service had reached 2 million subscribers.

John Archer shares some of LoveFilm's negative aspects on, "Cons of LoveFilm are: - Picture quality very variable, even with HD - Only stereo audio - Aspect ratios not always correct"


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Telefonförsäljare (Former Employee) says

"ringde runt om i landet och erbjöd filmer gratis under några veckor."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Impossible to get any sales as no one is interested where they can just buy Netflix or use Sky Movies. Management didn't do much to help with any given situation. Best part of the job was that I made 1 decent friend."

sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"I would arrive there at 9am and i would then wait in the reception for the rest of the group to arrive. Once everyone has arrived we would then discuss our aims and objectives to complete throughout the day. By about 9:30am we would all leave and drive to our selected destination. At 10am we would start our route around an area and spend the next 10 hours door to door knocking and try and sell our latest offers from lovefilm. when it turns 9pm we arrive back at the office to give feedback to our manager and tell him about what we have learnt and if we made any sales in the days work.From the time i was there the hardest part of the job was actually making a sale and persuading our customers to buy our offers. The most enjoyable part of the job would have to be the time away from others to get on with my tasks and to try and complete them within a set time.good friendly work mates, 3 lunch breakslong hours, difficult weather conditions and commission based pay."

Sales Excutive (Former Employee) says

"Got sent out on my own to knock on as many doors as possible. I learn how to speck to pepole and how to act in a proffesional way. I learnt how to sell a proudect to a coustermer with out it seeing as i was trying sell something to them.long hours and rubbish pay"

Sales & Marketing (Former Employee) says

"It take me 10 hours to get to work and back on the bus. I had to walk all day and knocking doors with no guaranteed on getting payed.20 present offNot a great position"

Sales & Marketing (Former Employee) says

"In the shop it was a mess being in there made me sick so i have to get out as soon as i could. in a typical day i would get there around 8 and then straight behind the till until home time a 4 o'clock not a good experience."

Majid Khan says

"This complaint has been sent to the CEO of Amazon Douglas Gurr with no response. We have had a terrible time with this company. On the 7th September we were promised 3 free films to keep by Aya. My son inadvertently sent back two and when we tried to ask for them to replaced we had to wait for over an hour and then the person at the other end just put the phone down. I am so upset that no one wants to know or knows anything. Henry Hardoon Henry Hardoon BSc, ACA, FCCA, FAIA, CMC, CPFA H & H associates Tel: +44 208 209 0835 Fax: +44 208 209 0835 Mobile: +44 7956 877 605 FCCA Registered Membership No: 1990742; FAIA Membership Number: 63218; ACA Membership Number: 7329787; CMath MIMA 9642, CPFA 3204"

Shane says

"This was a fantastic good value service but Amazon have now decided to pull the plug in the hope that people will now go over to their live streaming that is of inferior quality to Blue Ray and over 5 times the cost to watch the same amount of films as you get for £9.99 with Lovefilm. I have noticed that Amazon has made the service increasingly bad over the last few months as they wind down Lovefilm which is an insult to all its long term customers like me - Very disappointed Amazon."

isabelleshalese says

"The service has really deteriorated. I don't see the point in having a priority list section since you rarely receive a film from that list or have to wait months to receive it. Invariable you will receive a choice from your low priority list of films not on any list at all. Really dissatisfied. I am seriously considering cancelling my agreement."

Claire Allen says

"I recently cancelled my LoveFilmmembership after over ten years as a member. Since cancelling, I have received two emails demanding the return of discs that have already been sent back. I contacted customer services and was told that the discs had been written off and that they were sorry for the confusion. Today I recieved an email threatening me with bet collectors if I didn't return discs sent back over two years ago! No response from cuteromer services as yet."

Martin Bilbie says

"I have tried to have a dialogue with Amazon customer services over my membership of LoveFilm. I have received various prepared responses that did not address the points I made. Eventually I was told that they would not respond to any further e-mails I sent, even the CEO said this. I don’t know how you view this scenario but my view is this does not constitute ‘a customer centric service’ that is much vaunted on the Amazon website. Amazon also blocked a posting I attempted to place on its site asking if anyone else was experiencing the problem as I will explain it below. I am aware of the turn around promise LoveFilm/Amazon make and understand exactly what it means. I am not questioning it, it worked perfectly well when we were first members. (LOVEFiLM By Post endeavour to dispatch rental discs to our customers on either the same day as a returned disc arrives or the next working day. The LOVEFiLM warehouse does not process returns or dispatches on weekends or Bank holidays.) My complaint relates to an abuse of these terms. When we first joined we could reliably post a disk back to Amazon on a Thursday, it would be logged in on Friday morning and a new disk sent out Friday evening to arrive here Saturday morning. That has stopped. It has been over a period of time that we noticed this, but Amazon no longer log disks in on a Friday, certainly not ours and it would be a strange occurrence if it was only ours. The upshot of this is that there are now only four days a week when Amazon appear to process disks. The statistics of our usage show that initially we were able to borrow on average 12 disks a month because we actually received new ones on a Saturday. That average has now dropped to 10 or less. Not a big difference but 24 disks over a year. That I deem poor service. We can’t blame Royal Mail because the rest of the week their service is spot on, why should it differ on a Thursday evening? Please don’t suggest we join Amazon Prime. We took advantage of the free month to examine the films and programmes available. Nowhere in their ‘blurb’ does it say that most of these carry an extra charge above the monthly fee. We looked at a typical month of our viewing and found we would have had to pay £53 on top of the subscription charge to see what we actually watched on LoveFilm."

Ryan says

"Third time in a row they are sending disks to my old address, even though though my new address is set in my account. Customer services read off a script, no help. They even confirmed these disks would come to the new address. Awful, I'm now cancelling."

groan says

"I closed my account when Amazon incorporated Lovefilm, but recently relented as they have the monopoly. I need to contact them about an issue I have but have discovered that customer service is complete zero, there is no way to contact them at all. Governments of the world should rally together to put an end to international corporate monopolies but greed is everywhere and those with power have shares in their own demise."

Simon says

"I've always had unlimited use of the one disc a month service. Now I'm missing discs a week before Christmas, have to chase them and I'm told I'm only allowed two discs a month! REALLY??? NEWS TO ME LOVEFILM YOU ROBBERS!"

PHeathfield says

"As a Lovefilm customer for over 4 years I have been really happy with the product and the service. However, I have received an Email informing me that inorder to maintain the high level of service Amazon are increasing the monthly rental charges for unlimited 2 discs at home from £4 to £11.99 a month. A 300% increase!!! Quite simply they are trying kill off the service. Do they think I will be inclined to use their Instant Service?"

Simon Rutter says

"Like many others I was a subscriber to Lovefilm before it was bought out by Amazon. I have enjoyed using the service. I received an email yesterday telling me that the price was increasing from £4 per month (for my unlimited 2 disc subscription) to, get this, £10!!! wft!!! This is clearly a ploy by Amazon to kill the Lovefilm company. Subscribers, like me, will cease their subscriptions when this price hike kicks in (Feb 2016) and then Amazon will claim in the press that there has been a fall in demand for physical discs and customers now want to stream films so we are stopping the Lovefilm service. This is a very cynical ploy by Amazon. Shameful to treat its customers in this manner."

Elouise says

"Since Amazon have taken this company over it has been dreadful. I had the combined digital and post service. After the worst customer service I have ever received and nine months of frustration I cancelled the digital service. The postal service has been working well (although the length of time it takes to get new releases isn't at all good), however, received an e-mail today stating that the cost of my postal service was increasing from £4 per month to £10 per month. I was very upset at this huge increase, only to receive another e-mail apologising for the confusion and increasing the price by another £2 per month to £12 per month!! This is disgraceful!!!!! According to the e-mail the increase is because the price hasn't been put up in two years!!!!! Which level of inflation have they been looking at????"

Gayle Spencer says

"I write this angrily as I have never ever been so utterly speechless by such poor customer service and impotence For the last 4 months I have been in battles with LF to get DVDs sent to my new address. The new address is shown on my LF account. LF have confirmed (several times) via email that it is correct. Yet STILL they KEEP sending them to my old address! Why? Royal Mail (who are equally incompetent) and are failing to provide an adequate redirection service, are in turn, delivering to the old address and they are then consequently being returned to sender. As a result I have only received 3 discs during the last 3 months at my new house - when they stick the correct address label on the envelope... LF have of 16/09 refused to send any new discs until I update my address on my account, with my correct address. As usual when I go into the account I can see it is correct. What can I do but to cancel?! LF are in breach of contract (and stupid) and I am one frustrated and annoyed individual."

David says

"Such a shame, was a great service utterly ruined by Amazon"

susan carter says

"I am another Lovefilm customer that got unhappily taken over by Amazon. I have tried to put up with the dearth of new dvds to rent on the postal service by enjoying a run through of Buffy and Angel series side by side on Amazon prime instant with the family, only to find that mid series OVERNIGHT, they expect me to pay 1.49 an episode to watch what was included in my membership yesterday. Even if I wasn't fed up at the sudden change , the prices are laughable. You can buy the whole series on ebay and sell it again after for a fraction of the price that Amazon want you to pay. And the other day I wanted to see Demolition man with my daughter- £4.50-...WHAT.. that film is good but it is so old..what are they thinking?? I am so disappointed, and I am not sure the alternatives are much better."

Kevin McFarlane says

"Was a member of Lovefilm for years and was quite happy with their service; that was until Amazon took over and it is now a money-grabbing shambles of a system! If you want to contact them, it is practically impossible unless you want to speak to a call-centre in India (or wherever). I've had several run-ins with these jokers over a period of two months, with the upshot of me cancelling our subscription. If you enjoy films but don't enjoy hassle, look elsewhere. You've been warned!"

Jon says

"It is clearly getting worse after using love film for 10 years. First the games went then the price hike now you have to wait ages to get the latest titles. I reluctantly still pay for the service because I like a bluray with Dolby atoms and 3D capabilitys which is still hard to stream. I'm yet to see a title included with prime membership that streams both of those features. It might be cheaper and quicker to rent from the PlayStation store that have titles that support those medias. It does feel like it is purposely being made worse so that people switch to streaming but that service doesn't seem to have advanced much in the last 3 years. If your going to do somthing, do it properly."

Liesbet says

"Really poor choice of film and after a while you have seen all the ones that you like and there is no update so there are better choice out there"

Pete says

"Was really unhappy that LoveFilm closed but been using DVD Locker since it closed and its so much better, I keep my movies now, no forgetting to update my rental list ect and get my movies every month, i recommend it"

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