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The Los Angeles Clippers (branded as the LA Clippers) are an American professional basketball team based in Los Angeles. The Clippers compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the Pacific Division in the league's Western Conference.

Wayne angrily mentioned, "The Clippers organization is unable to handle success. I have been coming to Clippers games as a kid and decided to become a season ticket holder in 2009, but finally decided to let them go because of false promises and declining customer service. I use to have a hard time giving tickets away as season tickets use to be buy one seat get one free. Once the team got Chris Paul, the idea of good customer service no longer existed. Since the team is a playoff team now, the season ticket holders that have stuck with the team through thick and thin was forgotten. I had a great rep, but he moved on to a better position within the company, but the new reps can careless about you. They take forever to return calls and are extremely rude. E-mails are never answered unless you complain. I am more than happy to spend my $5000 per season elsewhere.

Here are some fun facts about them:

1. Any event that they are holding, they have plenty of room to accommodate season ticket holders, its just whether or not the reps choose to honor your requests. If you have a good relationship with your rep, aka my old one, you will be in the loop of everything going on. If you do not actively seek out your rep, do not expect him or her to seek you out.

2. Great deals well below cost can be had on the day of game. Even tickets for hot games can be had for cheap. Season ticket holders, always get the short end of the straw on the secondary market. In the end of the day, Los Angeles is still a Lakers town.

3. Clippers are the third tenants in Staples Center, so as season ticket holders you will be constantly dealing with scheduling conflicts with other big sporting events, such as March Madness, NFL Playoffs, MLB Playoffs, and the lovely afternoon Martin Luther King Jr game always against the Brooklyn Nets that no one can go to because people have to work. (The Lakers are normally slated for the night game)

4. Season tickets are DEFINITELY not profitable. Not everyone will be able to make all 41 regular season games. It is also extremely tiring to attend every single game.

If you enjoy constantly chasing your reps down for answers and selling your tickets for half the cost consistently then this is something you should look into. Otherwise, I would stay away from this extremely toxic stock. Good luck to the Clippers as success is short lived, but loyalty lasts forever."


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