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The Longaberger Company is an American manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted maple wood baskets and other home and lifestyle products. Its old corporate headquarters on Ohio's State Route 16 is a local landmark and a well-known example of novelty architecture, since it takes the shape of the company's biggest seller, the "Medium Market Basket".

It was one of the primary employers in the area near Dresden, Ohio; at its peak in 2000, it employed more than 8,200 people and had $1 billion in sales. Founded in Dresden, the company moved to Newark, Ohio. A family-owned and operated business, the Longaberger Company was started by Dave Longaberger in 1973. Longaberger used multi-level marketing to sell products. The company had about 45,000 independent distributors (called Home Consultants) in the United States who sold Longaberger products directly to customers. The iconic building is a 160-scale of the company's medium market basket.

A sad customer sent his review to the press, he wrote " They business struggled to manage the top-line financials as a result of a lack of forwarding thinking and innovation within the business model. Pay has been decreased, with no standard, poor management team. No advancements possibly. Poor work conditions."


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Neha Jain says

"It's a scam. They offer products at good price to attract you then it suddenly go out of stock and then you have to buy them at high prices."

PC C says

"Bigbasket vegetables and fruits Quality is very very very very very very very very very very very worst. The management and delivery staff are behaving very worst. Items shortage, bad quality, pricing etc. Nobody Is taking any action eve after so many complaints -
MKF super market, Hyderabad"

Shareek Muhammad says

"Bigbasket sends fruits and veggies in either raw unusable state or expired and rotten or very tiny in size.. i have complained many many times and still they have lackluster quality inspection policy for edible items. Never buy their non veg because they are always deep frozen. The potatoes are smaller than lemons. Beans are always rock hard. If i had the resource i will sue bigbasket."

Ranjith says

"This is the one and only worst app/website comparing to other groceries apps/websites"

naga prathima says

"Due to covid situation i ordered vegetables and fruits from big basket. around 60 percent of the delivered veggies and fruits were rotten and i had to just throw them away. the remaining lot were not even fresh.
pathetic service. highly disappointed.will never buy from big basket nor recommend to others"

Roshini Nair says

"The recent strategy of big Basket to make money is by asking customers to pay delivery charges twice. They will show products are available and while delivering , two or three items won't be delivered. They will say we will credit the amount and they do credit immediately to your wallet. But they will ask us to place a fresh order and they charge for that. Even during this lockdown days, such brilliant ideas are so surprising. It is better you guys go and do some robbery at ATMs and make money!!!"

Pulak Goswami says

"Bigbasket selling low quality rice in name of Miniket, also they are charging hire than market price.

Pulak Goswami

Ashwini says

"A BIG disappointment. Appear unprepared to meet huge pandemic-driven demand. Yet to receive order placed 3 days ago."

Sanjay Sharma says

"This is one stupid app where anyone can register with someone else's email ID. After a lot of struggle I got one user disassociated from my email ID and now again someone else has registered with my email ID. They don't have a basic sense of verifying the email ID.
Moreover, the customer support is one of the pathetic I have a every seen. They don't ever try to understand your issue :(


Shiksha Ek Pahal says

"If you guys do not want to attract critical diseases then stay away from Big Basket Vegetables. I am a very regular buyer from Bigbasket for groceries and the main reason is buying fresh vegetables at home (which they claim and i assumed this is good during Lockdown i need not to go out).
But look what I am getting at least from my last 3-4 orders from Bigbasket. All vegetables get decomposed the very next day of purchase. Earlier i ignored it. This is happening so bad now and it is giving me chills what affect this veggies will have on anyones health. I have 1000 Rs got converted into trash by purchasing vegetables from Bigbasket.
Its an so uneasy feeling since last 2 days. Being a vegetable lover and i could not stop myself of writing this post today.
I got this order on 10th June late evening.
I clicked this picture on 12th June afternoon.
Vegetables were kept in required enviroment/fridge based on vegetable type.
From 5 capsicum only one survived.
All carrots are stinking and perished with Fungus
All the Pudina leafs turned Black from Green the very next days.
I could only upload 2 pictures here.
Take care guys"

Pronoy Mitra says

"Hello Mr. Menon/Concern (if any),

My name is Pronoy Mitra and I was a delivery boy of Dhapa Hub Kolkata, my employee number is 5585. I am writting this to share an experience with you of 31st May 2020. I started my day from Table number 3 Dhapa Hub and out for delivery. There was an order of 5 Goranhata Lane in first slot along with some other order also. After reaching to the spot I consolidated the crates and marched for delivery. After reaching to the address I rang the door bell and after waiting for few minutes a lady came and opened the door. I entered through the main door of the house and asked the lady where to keep the items. Then she asked me can you leave the items to the first floor? Then I said no I can't, due to pandemeic (as the BigBasket's promise is- door step delivery not to the room or any interior part of the house), then she replied to drop the items to a corner. Before starting the delivery I again asked her to bring a bag to take the delivery as she was not having the same with her, on basis of that she replied that to bring a bag she again need to go to upstairs and she can't go for the same and asked me to drop the items there only. Then I started to deliver the items as per the invoice. Meanwhile her father came and asked her why she is taking the delivery at down stair? I should have dropped the items to the first floor, then she replied I refused to go upstair on the ground of virus issue. Then he started to shout on me and used some bad languages also by saying "eder sob bandrami ekhane"- means all monkey like activity here only.I said he can not use this languages to a delivery boy as I ready asked her daughter before starting the delivery then he said her daughter that she should have refused to take the delivery and returned the items and later he would have understand with the office. Then he again shouted on me saying you shut you mouth begger. Then I said him that before saying all this just try to understand the situation of the delivery boys there are many delivery boys who are highly educated and have hand of experience in their respective field they all lost their job due to corona. As an answer he said I do not want to hear all this stuffs, you just drop the items and get lost. After completing the delivery I left their place and immediately tried to call to the office (to Mr. Manas, Mr. Ratan) to inform all this, but both of their phone was busy and I moved for next delivery. After finishing the next delivery I again tried to call to the office but again it was busy. After some time I got call from Mr. Ratan Shaw and I described the entire incident. Then comes the most shocking part he said me as you have joined as a delivery boy you should be mentally prepared fo hear all this, if you are not ready to tolerate all this then no need to come to office from tomorrow. I asked Mr. Ratan as an do MBA I deserve to listen this kind of language from a customer? He replied you must be an MBA but if you have joined as a delivery boy you should be mentally prepared to listen all this without any cross answer to the customer.

Now my question to you is- should a delivery boy wheather an educated or less educated deserve this kind of behaviour from the customer and from their back office staffs? Are the delivery boys not human being? Does not they have any respect? Why they would hear this kind of language from customer as well from the back office? Is this the work culture of BIG BASKET?

Pronoy Mitra

Kakoli Ajay says

"I had ordered few vegetables,dry fruits and milk products. I had only received double quantity of vegetables arround of rupees
1295 . I had received old stocks less than new stocks. I ordered 1 kg ladyfinger i recieved 2 kg +within 2 kg of lady finger nearly 1 kg of it was more matured and the skin was hard+I had recieved 4 bottle guard insyead of sending me 1+ i recieved extra 1kg of ripen banana+ 1/2 kg of raw green banana+ extra 1kg elephant foot +1/2 kg extra broad beans+ extra 1 and half kg chow -chow + extra 1 kg capcicum +extra 400 gm noodles+i ordered 2 kg od onion within 2 kg i recieved 4 rotten onions.At last ihad ordered dry rasins , 1 tin milkmaid and amul cheese cubes of a box but atlast i had not received these three items .

Chennai ,Kamala nagar."

M s Dhoni says

"Price is more
I compared the prices here and the normal rates. For all vegetables and fruits rates are higher comparatively than outside.

And they will charge extra for delivery charge.

Non sense who will pay higher price for normal items.

I can get them from a stores."

Jaya Kumar says

"I have recieved fruits with larva developed in them. Bun and corn with already fungus formed on them. Vegitables are like leftovers from the markets."

Abhishek Shekhawat says

"I ordered online for my parents who are old and don’t know online payments. Upon arrival the delivery man insisted for online payment for which there was no option coming on their portal ..... he refused to take cash .... causes lot of trouble to my old parents ..... very bad and unsymmetrical behaviour..... don’t order from them"

Rohit Patel says

"Never get a refund yet
Ordered on 21st March 2020 and still bagging for refund.
Thay refund me but in my wallet Instead of refunding to bank they keep your money in their app wallet.
But i need it in my bank. How do i get money in lockdown?
I Requested morethan 5-6 time
But only one answer that you will be notified.
We cant place an order without money
But you take more than 12 days to refund me.
Ordered some goods from other sources and thay refund me on next days.
Very dissappinted.
Never ever buy from you.

Thank you for everything"

Vivek Sharma says

"Worst product quality from BB royal vendor
I bought bbroyal rice and after using 3-4 times, I found the rice made of plastic.

Don’t buy, they are selling poison."

Caren says

"I never made an account with them, never ordered anything. Yet for the past two weeks I keep getting an email every day with a different order. I am not in India and can’t make use of this. I emailed them every day with a copy of that day’s email. They respond each day and say it has been escalated and they will get back to me in 24-48 hours. Yet nothing happens.
I don’t know how my email got to them but keep yours away from them!!!"

Allyce says

"They are scam artists. They offer products at good prices to convince you to order then those products suddenly go out of stock when they pack the order. Instead of refunding your money they keep your money in their app wallet. Stealing money through trickery.
Their support makes false promises and are more useless than robots. Don't waste your time or money"

Chitra Samuel Das says

"Bigbasket helps me order veggies and fruits easily through their app. But at times, the goods are not fresh, they could have better control over their partners and ensure fresh vegetables and fruits are supplied and make it hassle free for us so that we don't have to return. Also, when we return the items, the money should be refunded to our wallet NOT to big basket wallet making it mandatory that we return. Disappointed that we had to wait for a week after placing the order and at the last moment, they simply cancelled due to operational constratings. Bigbasket needs to know how to please and be customer friendly at crucial times like this and how to scale up."

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