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Former Employee - Hot Counter Customer Service says

"Degraded by manager and supervisor. No respect. Manger is not profession doesn't know how to run his department. Heath safety concerns with food handling. Food left out all day that need to refrigerated. Dangerous environment to work in, floors always grease. Would not there to buy at the hot counter since I worked there. ."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"in the end Loblaws gets rich off there employees!!HAte HAte HAte it . they wasted 10 years of my life to be poor and homeless now! ill always hate Loblaws forever and, Iam not a hateful person!"

Former Employee - Operations Supervisor says

"If you have brilliant ideas to help succeed good luck ideas are pushed down not listened too"

Assistant Grocery Manager (Former Employee) says

"Loblaws does not care about it’s employees, customers or community. From price fixing, to dropping the covid wage bump, they are just awful. This company will expect you to work your butt off, while being given min wage for minimum hours. Even if you work full time, you won’t make enough to survive. Taking groceries is the only way to make working for this company worth it. They treat people, and the public like dirtNone. Go to sobeys or anywhere but hereEverything. Management, work load, pay"

Current Employee - Produce Clerk says

"Poor management, corporate doesn't know what happens on the ground"

personal shopper (Former Employee) says

"i worked at loblaws at the high tech location in richmond hill and i regret every minute of it. everyone talks trash about each other and personal shoppers are made to feel like they are beneath everyone. furthermore, they cut off the $2/an hour extra covid pay before phase 2 even commenced so the billion dollar company could "save more money". loblaws has zero respect for their employees and their food is only half decent. dont work here or you will regret it"

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Treat employee bad and not nice"

Personal Shopper (Former Employee) says

"They make changes to your schedule without telling you. Tell you they will change it back and don't. Also yell at you for almost everything. Very stressful, bad place to workbenefitslack of communication, very stressful, they expect you to be perfect"

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