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The Lenstra–Lenstra–Lovász (LLL) lattice basis reduction algorithm is a polynomial-time lattice reduction algorithm invented by Arjen Lenstra, Hendrik Lenstra, and László Lovász in 1982. Given a basis with n-dimensional integer coordinates, for a lattice L (a discrete subgroup of Rn) with, the LLL algorithm calculates an LLL-reduced lattice basis in time.

Lll has performance issues that should cause concern, according to Shanxiang Lyu at arxiv.org

"There exist two issues among popular lattice reduction (LR) algorithms that should cause our concern. The first one is Korkine-Zolotarev (KZ) and Lenstra-Lenstra-Lovasz (LLL) algorithms may increase the lengths of basis vectors. The other is KZ reduction suffers much worse performance than Minkowski reduction in terms of providing short basis vectors, despite its superior theoretical upper bounds. To address these limitations, we improve the size reduction steps in KZ and LLL to set up two new efficient algorithms, referred to as boosted KZ and LLL, for solving the shortest basis problem (SBP) with exponential and polynomial complexity, respectively. Both of them offer better actual performance than their classic counterparts, and the performance bounds for KZ are also improved. We apply them to designing integer-forcing (IF) linear receivers for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) communications. Our simulations confirm their rate and complexity advantages."


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Owner Operator Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"They have a big company mentally that is running the company into the ground.. They pull guys off a route where they are home and keep them out and guys that are happy running alcohol and force to run bio ect.. Dispatchers are not running things right.. You will drive by a place where they regularly load empty and drive past the unload to bounce to get a different load when you hear they are falling behind.. Started making $3800 a week after expenses and was under $2000 when I left running twice as hard.. If you needed a day off you was black balled for it and told there was no work... Cons: Low pay, work like a dog"

Driver (ethonal ) says

"A company is only as good as the person in charge. Charlotte nc branch has the absolute worst person leading the way. Lack of management skills and selfishness. Retaliation is an everyday thing at LLL. If you want a decent check and steady work this is not the place for it. Cons: Bad management, low pay no communication"

Company Driver - Solo - OTR (Former Employee) says

"I drove for Girton for 5 great years before they sold to LLL transport. Since they took over it has become one of the worst companies. Under Girton, if you needed a repair on the road, there were accounts set up all over and all that was needed was an approval and a signature. Now, since LLL does not pay their bills, you can't even get a light at Kenworth because they are now a cash only customer. Now after almost 7 years of driving for them, I had an accident ( not a major accident but not minor either trailer rollover, no citation, no spillage) and was terminated for it. No probation, no warning. I was paid percentage (since I was originally a Girton driver and LLL pays CPM) it was their way of weeding out a percentage driver. With 30 plus trucks parked and no drivers for them, one would think a company would do a little more to keep an experienced driver, but not LLL Transport. Clearly they are only worried about the almighty dollar. Cons: Poor upper management, no concern for drivers, LLL dispatchers"

Driver/Operator (Former Employee) says

"If you work out of the St Louis terminal or plan to. Run away from Girton as fast as you can. First of all you won't get much more than 1500 miles a week. Miles are your money. You will constantly be loading and unloading acid. Everyday. You will late load and run 200 miles to plainfield Illinois to sleep in your truck. Fun i know. You will park in a empty dirt lot in beautiful east st louis with no facilities or security. What could possibly happen to your vehicle. Your dispatcher ronda has no time to answer your questions or be remotely concerned with your petty problems. If you like being treated like a second class citizen and being rewarded by no miles and astronomically high health insurance costs then by all means this is your dream job. Cons: No facilities"

Transport Driver- semi hauling ethanol (Former Employee) says

"Favoritism is the plan of the day at LLL. Load assignments reflect this practice. Lead driver picks out people he doesn't like and then withholds work from them. He did me this way. He would set loads up day before and text to your phone. He quit sending me loads and basically starved me out of work and then would not take responsibility for his actions. Got no where going over his head."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"No pay raises. Dispatch has their favorite. Benefits are horrible. If u have a complaint u can’t go to upper management. Lead drivers r gods and do no wrong doing. It’s u vs everyone. Come to work, run your loads and go home"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work in the beginning until they started pulling perks such as breakdown pay, line pay, etc"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"When I first hired on this was considerably the best driving job I ever had. It has slowly regressed and lost its ability to keep me in a good frame of mind. There is a total lack of knowledge about the trucking industry within the corporate offices. Safety on the road is put to the test daily due to the almighty dollar being more important than the upkeep of the equipment. Too many hoops to jump through to even get a worn out tire replaced. Communication is lacking from Dispatch to the driver. Drivers are now considered and number and their professional opinion is longer taken into consideration. You can make a decent paycheck but this will not be anybodies last job before retirement. Cons: Lack of communication. Safety."

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