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Live Nation Entertainment is an American global entertainment company, founded in 2010, following the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. The company promotes, operates, and manages ticket sales for live entertainment in the United States and internationally. It also owns and operates entertainment venues, and manages the careers of music artists.

A former employee said this in a review “Ignoring the company laying off / furloughing 30%+ of the company, Live Nation really tries to make itself look like the ultimate place to work. Look at the same exact positions elsewhere and you will realize that they pay much less, but subsidize your pay with free leftover concert merchandise and tickets. Poor pay, and depending on your role, you may or may not be overworked for no extra pay. New managers have absolutely no idea how to manage personalities, and it shows. They need better training without a doubt. If you are applying, ask for salary first and foremost, and KNOW YOUR WORTH."

Live Nation Entertainment Reviews

Kyle Dee says "Concert rescheduled for 12 months later and I cannot attend. Requested refund and told "don't worry, keep your ticket, it's all fine!" All my 4 follow up e-mails completely ignored. Please Ticketmaster ESP, let's resolve this. (Asunto del correo electrónico abajo) [Request received] 20200427 Foo Fighters (Valencia) - reprogramado Solicitud 4033907"
Anne Healy says "Refusing refunds on rescheduled concerts is terrible service. I booked tickets for Bon Iver in Madrid, due to Corona it's been rescheduled for January and no refunds available. So I have two useless tickets now."
Jacques Verte says "Trying to register a new account and the link "Register" gets nowhere. Is this a legit site, or a scam to capture pwds? Enclined to think it is the second. Do not use."
Anna M. F. says "Caos total. Incomprensible vender entradas separadas a demasiada audiencia. Como para cambiar de gestor de entradas. Suerte."

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