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Michael Seth Gelman (born August 4, 1961) is the executive producer of Live with Kelly and Ryan. He also occasionally takes small roles on television, appearing in two episodes of Kelly Ripa's ABC sitcom Hope and Faith. He also has a Guinness World Record for the most morning talk show episodes produced by the same producer.

Live Gay show 'Live with Regis and Kathie Lee' is not live at all, it's deceptive to the audience, and there is no discussion of any newsworthy issues, according to a review by Xlaparas at

"The show keeps making more and more prerecorded shows and host chats. They have been airing prerecorded shows for the last month! How can the show be called Live! They should re-title it because it is deceptive to the audience. These last couple of years have been ridiculous. Several times a year, the air prerecorded shows for several weeks! The host chats are usually very brief and they never discuss any newsworthy issues."


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Nothing (Former Employee) says

"A company in Singapore is posting fake job ads using this info. They will then text you repeatedly offering outrageously inflated salaries to get you to call them. Indeed should remove them."

Harm Reduction Counselor (Former Employee) says

"• Extremely unstable, volatile, unprofessional work environment with completely incompetent management."

clerical (Former Employee) says

"a lot of respect for the clients. confidentiality is a big one. clients are well taken care of and are always priority. however, there are certain departments where management is so poor. directors come to work mid-afternoon from meetings (holding shopping bags)....all the time. no one to report these issues to. there's no room for advancement. it's all about who you're friends with. a lot of people get away with murder because of their relationships with the bosses. responsible people who stand up for themselves get 'laid-off'. they expect you to do extra work 'for the cause'..and are offered flex time in exchange. i regret ever working there. i don't miss it Cons: conniving culture in management"

Case Management (Former Employee) says

"Toxic environment, poor communication, unnecessary layoffs, Poor quality of work, poor moral, favoritism, more managers than line staff, staff are overworked, a lot of gossip. Clients are not receiving a good service. NOT A GOOD PLACE TO WORK FOR."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"That's all, just being 100 percent honest. Decent enough management, but many departments not properly staffed. There is a feeling that no one knows what they are doing except the legal department. I have no grudge or bad feelings towards this company, but I will not hide the truth from job seekers. One Love. Cons: many..... you have to personally experience."

Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Within a year at GMHC I watched as 10 out of 12 people in my department were either let go or quit. The new director and my new supervisor lacked any leadership skills, keeping the remaining staff in the dark about GMHC's clear financial struggles (there are more interns than full time staff members currently running a clinical program). My supervision time was often delayed or skipped, and clients were an after thought as they were passed around from counselor to counselor. I was criticized for asking for concrete feedback and answers about my performance; it became evident that the director wanted all employees who were hired by the previous director to be let go. The director was unpredictable, angry, and had spoken discriminatorily against me and my other colleague. It is highly problematic when a newly hired director does not have to answer to anyone."

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"The employees were friendly, helpful, and easygoing. It was a pleasure working with them. The only difficulty was dealing with the supervisor, who had a toxic personality. No encouragement, just negativity. Her favorite words were, "No" and "Wrong." She was also easily agitated, especially by the clientele, and quick to show anger rather than empathy. Very unprofessional. Lastly, no job security. You'll either get laid off or be dismissed if you complain about something. Don't waste your time here. Cons: Low pay, too much drama, unqualified supervisors, ZERO job security"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Met some wonderful folks here that are passionate about what they do. However, the red tape, favoritism and blatant disrespect for boundaries can make or break your experience here as it is based on the department you work in. The pay isn’t great, you take on extra work from people they let go and there’s little to no job security. Cons: Gaslighting, lack of boundaries, etc."

Maintance Worker (Former Employee) says

"very gossipy and management does not care one bit about front line staff!! I was there for two years and waws running into some personal problems. Whe nI spoke with management about it they could not have cared less!"

Program Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day involved taking care of my daily duties as well as my boss's duties. I learned how to manage , do budgets & multi task. The management was horrible. My team I worked with were unreliable and were not cohesive. I pulled most of the weight for the team. Doing my job as well as the duties others are supposed to do and lack of support were the hardest part of the job. The most enjoyable part of my job were the clients I worked with. Cons: bad management, hr as wel weren't helpful, difficult hours & a non cohesive team."

Silberman internship (Former Employee) says

"I think it's a good vibe overall due to real genuine caring for the population by work staff; however work quality widely varies depending on department."

Policy Intern (Former Employee) says

"Great space for gay and lesbian folks in general. Not so much for people of color or Transgender/non-gender conforming folks. There is a difference between how certain groups are treated over others"

Staff (Former Employee) says

"A work day at this company is stressful. They preach one culture but practice something else. You are not allowed to disagree you will be put on the trouble making list and eventually they will find a reason to dismiss you. If you jump when told and don't question no decisions you will be promoted. They also tend to put staff against each other. Cons: Dealing with managment, the lack of well deserved raises and atmosphere to express opinion without targeted."

EA to VP (Former Employee) says

"I began as a temp and quickly transitioned into a full-time role. I appreciated the career advancement schooling and workshops for employees and incentives they gave to encourage workers to give their best efforts for the advancement of the organization. The company culture also changed overtime and somehow became stressful. Many practices I did not agree with or support, but had to deal with as a direct result of working for the agency so I'm releaved to no longer be an employee. Cons: Competitive and often stressful"

Senior Accountant (Former Employee) says

"The company provides varied and valuable services to the lbgtq community. Cons: Employment uncertainty. Cash flow problems. Low employee morale"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Fast paced environment, complicated by detached decision making, and a poor view of staff.There is an evident division of departments and disregard for line staff. Cons: Poor quality service provision and staff development"

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (Current Employee) says

"Like the mission of the org, but it's a struggling non-profit financially with poorly run management. This affects the morale and culture of the organization. The location is also less than desirable."

Senior Level Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management is incompetent, lacking decision making, and truly thrives in an atmosphere of crisis all the time. Lots of retaliation instead of being supportive of staff. CEO does not manage well the agency. They all stay in their executive suites and are out of touch with what does on at the agency. Nepotism at it's best. Cons: Very little advancement"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"A good company to work for, they gave me the chance to use some of my skills such as language and communication. Cons: no health insurance and very low pay."

Substance Use Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Needs to get back to its roots and stop letting distractions infringe on client services. May not be around much longer. Financial mismanagement...sad!"