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Little Tikes is an American-based manufacturer of children's toys, with headquarters and manufacturing located in Hudson, Ohio. The company also has other manufacturing and distribution facilities in Asia and Europe. Little Tikes' products are mostly low-tech molded plastic toys aimed primarily at infants and young children, for indoor and outdoor use, including its party kitchen and turtle sandbox.

Tracy mentioned, "We bought the Little Tikes Police Patrol Car for my daughter's 2nd Birthday. Within two hours one of the wheels had burst right along the joining seam. We returned it and collected another one three days later. This was built and again within the hour the same problem occurred. It's as if the joining of the wheels has not been fully completed. We now have one very upset 2 year old who doesn't understand why her birthday present has been taken from her twice. I don't rate the quality for this product."


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"Do not pay holiday pay to temps. Make temps work over 90 days without any kind of permanent position. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management believes that they can talk to you any kind of way. They make decisions and act like you should be able to read their mind. I was moved from one department to another and didn't learn of this for a few days. They continue to hire people but have extra people very often so some people get sent home."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Expected to much out of you"


"Management acts Holier than thou especially if you are hired through a temp agency. Very repetitive and Boring. A lot of physical work. Machines are raggedy and need to be updated. Building is old and gross"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Little Tikes is Battle ground between parent company MGA and Little Tikes. Fundamental differences in direction cause anger resentment and a negative environment at LT. A small group of people at LT are the root of problems and create a horrible atmosphere. Gossip, backbiting, undermining, twisting truths, dramatizing situations. Lack of time for projects, poor work flow, no process, high pressure, very little positive support, poor communication.....get the picture?"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extremely unorganized. Everyone is wondering on a day to day basis who will be fired next. Huge lack of communication between all departments. Facilities are a mess. MGA Entertainment is constantly re-structuring with out any warning, preventing any substantial work to ever get done. Company could fall apart any moment."

Current Employee - Assembler says

"Management issues severely - Management is almost absent since they do breaks and repair parts higher-ups mainly talk all day and love too watch you work (Any shift) Extremely tedious work on fast machines that seem to go faster to make more profit Profit orientated"

Current Employee - Rotomild says

"Hot boring expect too much out of you too fast"

Worked In the DTC Department says

"The company as a whole is dramatically understaffed and the employees are often required to work outside of their normal scope of practice. The compensation is far below industry standards and the exorbitantly high health insurance cost, lack of 401K matching and almost non-existent vacation time make the benefits almost not worth it. Upper management/MGA is greatly detached from Little Tikes and is often unwilling to listen."

Former Employee - Senior Process Technician says

"Poor communication lack of respect"

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"You will be screaming to get out. The management people are nasty and mean. Forget about training. They throw you on a line and you have to fend for yourself. Some of the people were nice. The people in assembly are nasty and mean. Last two days. Couldn’t take it.NothingEverything"

Line Worker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"It was a ok job but it was to far of a drive for me to go back and forth every day and night if it was closer I would have loved to stay with the company but I need something closer to home"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"No holiday pay for temps but force you to work ten hour shifts? Worked for 3 months and not offered anything permanent. Would not recommend to anyone."

Roto Assembly (Former Employee) says

"Quit on the 2nd day. Demanding impossible goals in trimming parts, on top of helping everyone else in the department. Wouldn't tell me my wage either. Saw someone start having a seizure while holding a propane torch. HR tried playing it off. Noped out right there.NoneYou're guaranteed to be injured or killed by someone else"

12hr D-team lead (Former Employee) says

"best way to put it blind leading the blind best word of advice don't apply. lower management very good whole problem is upper management a bunch of yes men. they simply do what they want to benefit them an that is all. there is no concern for the actual laborers in this skilled labor job.noneall"

Production/assembly associate (Former Employee) says

"Unless you're in a really tough position and just need a job, I wouldn't recommend. This would be equivalent to a sweat shop. You are expected to keep up with an in reasonable production pace, and the pay isn't worth it.Friday and Saturday off"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"The work entails trimming parts, blowing them clean, and boxing them out correctly with all parts. You are responsible for at least 8 to 16 parts every 30 minutes that come off of the line. Needless to say, sometimes you arent able to be as thorough with the reamer as you would like owing to time constraints. The same case may be present with blowing. Don't worry you will be told about your failure to do so while boxing out everyday by QC. Even if you have other people trimming on the line it doesnt help much when boxing out as the constant turnover ensures there will always be quality issues. If you miss a sharp edge while boxing out or someone doesnt route out a hole youll hear of it too. After a few months of this you'll be kicking yourself to stop from cussing out the QC person. Oh did I mention that they expect the person boxing out trucks to rework every single part that other people trim? You can complain to the line lead about it if you want, nothing can or will be done about it owing to the turnover issue, especially during Christmas. God help you if you are made to 'break' yourself. Youll come back with a huge backlog of over 20 parts to trim and box out. This means that the line lead has to lend a hand anyways. One questions why they think that breaking yourself is even possible. Line leads themselves dont seem to care about quality. I have noticed that a lot of time they wont bother to fill in holes of the toys you turn in with holes. You are supposed to chase down the head supervisor when that happens. Abandon the line and get backed up to try and"

Continuous Night Shift Assembler (Former Employee) says

"If you work here, most likely you will put on mandatory overtime every week even though you were told it was optional. You can't catch a break. The 2 breaks given during the shift is reasonable, only if someone else is covering your spot while you're gone. If you have nobody, then you gotta catch up quick which defeats the purpose of taking your breaks. So do yourself a favor and avoid this place at all costs. Everyday, you will not look forward to work. The amount of monet they're paying you is not enough for hard labor."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Up early off early weekends off no room for sick time or for family days holidays unpaid the day just drag so long and the radio is repetitive but the work is easy and the pay is cheap"

Blowmold Operator (Former Employee) says

"This is a very fast paced production type of position. Parts come out of the blowmolds within 20-30 seconds and you have to clear hot flash (plastic) and scrap extra off for a smooth finish and some machines may be a little slower, but require you to box, stack and wrap items on skids. Long hours and very, very uncomfortably hot in summer time."

Rotor (Former Employee) says

"Hot nd uncomfortable management was very unprofessional. Mean nasty not willing to help others bad place to work for a long time Very hard on the body"

Assembler Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Line leaders Yell at you. They don’t teach you the stuff you need to know before they want you to do the job. My hand wouldn’t work when I wake up in the morning. Elbow not much better. This job is not good for your body!!!!"

Production Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Long hours working at full production, with half of the staff necessary to complete tasks. This is a labor intensive job with an environment that breeds stress and frustration."

Packaging (Former Employee) says

"I had an ok expierence working with this company Also the drive was too far to commute everyday and not enough breaks for an 12 hour shiftPayTravel"

Blow Mold Operator (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst places I have ever worked. You mean nothing to them. The point system hurts everyone. Cant ever get sick or you get punished wouldn't suggest anyone work there.12 hr shiftThe point system and about every person in management"

Rotomold Operator Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Unfair treatment from other works and supervisors. I already knew most of the work, due to experience at Step2. 2nd and 3rd shift management were irrational. Co-workers were decent. Little tikes on 3rd shift does not want their employees working together as a team or helping others out. Having to do the work of two or three more people was not rational. There was nothing enjoyable about this typical factory job.0Late break, bus system is not convenient."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Very fast paced with limited training. Managers on 12 hour shifts are not pleasant. It is a factory so its hot in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter.working by yourselfvery fast pace"

Packer/Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I got pregnant working there in the summer in injection mold and because this mean supervisor in blow mold couldnt keep a crew they kept sending me to his line and he kept putting me o n machines i couldnt keep up with knowing i was pregnant and told me to suck it up butter cup. I felt discriminated and ostracized cause i was left go after a complaint of him bullying me on the job"

Janitor (Former Employee) says

"it was a fast pace job some days and other were slow the work was hard and they give u a short time frame to learn things and thing if one can do it everybody can do it which is not true"

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"They only hire in felons it is very hectic you pretty much train yourself which is a big downfall there's alot of rude people that work here but some that are very nice"

Pam says

"Ordered from them in summer, never came,cant get ahold of them. They removed the email that was sent.
THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NEVER DELIVER. Should have know because the shipment was coming from overseas. LIARS"

Tracey Powell says

"Little tikes big fun. They are total rip off. I've placed order for grandson a few months ago and not received anything. How this company is still going is really unacceptable. You can't even get hold of them. DON'T USE THEM."

heather Dipple says

"After placing my order end of July of two climbing frames that my little girl would of loved for her birthday presrnt. I was then told at the end of August customs had stopped it from entering the country that they would resend the item. This didn't happen till end of September that they then sent another shipping number. By beginning of October again was stopped by customs from entering. I've only just received refund on 22nd of November. It's poor communication from the company."

Christine Emerson says

"Ordered £90 worth of supposedly little tikes assortment of toys on Facebook well n truly scammed !!!! Don’t order from Little Tikes Play Big on Facebook unless you want to be out of pocket"

Lorraine Pierson says

"Bought a climbing castle from '' that never came. Got a pair of Rayban's instead for the $68 I spent. Should have been smarter and checked the reviews first. Nothing but trashy thieves!"

Paula Stewart says

"Climbing activity set ordered u know swing slide climbing frame, pair of rayban sun glasses received😡I live in Scotland and it’s pissing rain so no the 4yr old won’t want them for xmas😭😭"

Ash says

"I ordered items for my sons birthday 173.00 and they took out 180.00 fake company scammers no emails , I tried emailing them the email address didn’t even exist , putrid!"

Lucy says

"AVOID!!! Please DO NOT pay this company a penny of your money. I saved up and ordered my son a slide and a trampline for his 2nd birthday, a pair of sunglasses turned up months later. No response to emails. Thanks for ruining my sons birthday you horrible people. Please everybody report this website to action fraud and the police so they cannot scam anybody else!!!"

Jenn Burton says

"Did an order for my daughters birthday and got a pair of headphones not f**King impressed worse site ever"

Tina Sheehan says

"FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! Stay away from this site!!!did not get what I ordered. No emails replied to. Phone number does not work! Sent me a scarf! €60 for a sh**ty scarf!!"

Rebecca Misenas says

"I ordered didnt get my orders its fake tried calling and emailed them no answer . Dont buy anything frim them ."

Lynnette Conkel says

"I ordered and got nothing. They sent a scarf. I tried to get Paypal to refund me, they said no. The charges at order were $72.00 and they hit my account for $92.48 saying there was an international difference in prioces. Not a real place. Save your money it is garbage, fake, liars, no products and no response for DAYS after you email them. Paypal was no help either."

Mary Ross says

"Putting together an absolute disgrace
Holes far to small and took 4 days to assembled
Why it can’t be bought ready made is beyond me
All the extra plastic packaging and poor instructions
Totally frustrated
Cosy coupe"

Customer says

"I ordered a tumblin - tower climber back in may this item came with and had a missing part. The parts department couldn’t replace it so had to organise a collection and replacement product.
Replacement item came and has a different missing part. I’m so angry as I got half way through putting it up, to realise. So once again have to send emails and wait weeks to get things sorted. Paid £279 and have been left feeling completely let down by the little tykes company."

Carl R says

"Expensive product with cheap production. We have purchased two Little Tikes items for our Son's 1st Birthday and both items have failed during assembly.
The first was a Dino Coupe Car and the plastic was cheap and was not formed properly meaning nothing fitted correctly, they were too lazy to even make the assembly holes. When trying to screw the supports for the rood in place as instructed the screw sheared off and has left a nasty spike.
The second item was a Fountain Factory. Following step 5 to remove the remove (instructed to pull this out) the inner mechanism of the pump completed shattered with minimal force.

You pour god knows how much into advertising, perhaps you can invest some of that into making a quality product.

Really disappointing and thank you for spoiling our Son's Birthday. Well done."

Kirsty Mann says

"I ordered my son a water table from this company. At the time of ordering they said it could take up to two weeks to be delivered which was fine. After three weeks it still hasn’t been delivered! I messaged them and they just kept saying we will contact our warehouse team and see where it is. After five weeks they still couldn’t tell me where it was so I got a refund and ordered elsewhere! How they can lose a big water table I’ll never know. Shocking customer service, will never be ordering from them ever again. Have seen other people have had similar problems. Quick to take your money but don’t deliver what you’ve ordered! Never again. Ordered one from very which was delivered the following day."

Jared Feller says

"Do not buy from little tikes. I posted this review because I bought a product from them and then tried to get in touch with them because it was broken and they didn’t get back. So I tried posting a review for the product and they deleted it from there website.
“I purchased this sandbox for my sons birthday and it was outside for a night and the next morning it was filled with water from the rain. It was completely closed. I contested the company who never got back to me. This is extremely disappointing”"

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