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Lithia Motors, Inc. is an American nationwide automotive retailer headquartered in Medford, Oregon. It is the third largest automotive retailer in the United States. In 2015, Lithia Motors broke into the Fortune 500 list at #482, making it one of only three Oregon-based companies in the Fortune 500. This followed a year that saw the acquisition of the DCH Auto Group, one of the 10 largest dealer groups in the country, with 27 dealerships, before being purchased by Lithia Motors. In 2016, Lithia climbed to #346 and that same year made the Fortune 500 List of Top Ten Companies with the biggest jump in rank on the Fortune 500.[12] As of 2018, Lithia is ranked #294 on the Fortune 500. Lithia employs more than 14,150 people in stores across the nation including Alaska and Hawaii. Lithia operates 180 stores in 18 states.

An employee said in an interview, "Lithia wants way to much for what they pay people, they don’t want to pay your vacation time when your up, the way they preach about the values is not how they conducted business"


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Former Employee - Did Not Make the Clique says

"Too many to note. Just stay away from this company."

Former Employee - Hiring Support Administrator says

"They are very focused and ensuring the DeBoers and their family members are given any job they have, even if they have zero experience or education. It’s very hard to move up and the pay below average. My manager turn down some viable candidates for her team because they were “too old” or “too young.” Employees are treated as another number with no regard for how hard they work. Depending on the department they will expect you to not work more than 40 hours a week but require you get 10 hours of work completed each day. A lot of employees are let go without warning for “underperforming.” Empty promises are regularly made."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"High turnover of employees Not sure where they get their GMs GMs seem to have no clue what leadership is"

Former Employee - Payroll Specialist says

"Too many people crammed into one office"

Former Employee - Technician says

"Nearly everything, micromanaged into the trash compactor so that more could be put in the trash"

Current Employee - Talent Acquisition says

"No work-life balance. If your last name isn’t DeBoer then don’t expect to get the position you want. They surpass the hiring process for their family members. The only way to get a raise is threaten to quit. Management is inexperienced and plays favorites. I know a lot of the stores sell drugs and get their employees addicted as well. From the outside it looks successful but the inside is a different version of the movie “Wolf on Wallstreet.”"

Former Employee - Service Technician/Parts Advisor says

"- Crappy Health Care - Low Pay - Ancient Computer system - No apprenticeship program, would hire rookies that break everything. - Poor management - Manipulative employee tactics (to try to keep everyone content) - No annual raises (which is why I went to parts among other reasons)"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Management is horrible. They don’t value you as an employee just as meat. Will use you for your power base and run you out. No leadership. Just managers by title only"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"Long hours in dealership. Very negative managers that will let you know that you are replaceable and that if you dont do what you are told or sell enough cars than you are a waste of time. Quick to throw you under the bus to cover their butts and promote a toxic environment."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Store had 3 General Managers in a 10 month period. Makes false promises to hire you then backtracks when you're on board. A person who's never spoken to you makes determinations on if you're ready for promotion. Due to being understaffed in management many management roles were put upon myself with inadequate compensation. Store culture is toxic. No training or path to success for new employees, they're thrown out to the wolves and expected to sell cars. Would not recommend unless you need the benefits."

Auto Detailer (Former Employee) says

"● OverallLithia ford is a bad company to work for you don't make the hours they say and they want top dollar work for little pay and there service manager is a dirt bag people who pay the big money for there protection package for there new cars or trucks weren't getting the true protection package some people got just plain old wax put on there cars for paint protection SO BEWARE OF LITHIA FORD"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worst dealership I've ever worked for. Management is bi polar. One day they love you the next they are belittling you and antagonizing you into an argument. Was repeatedly told I would be sent for training but it never happened. And if you try and leave to another dealership they blacklist you since they have a "agreement" amongst the other dealers not to hire from one another"

Office (Former Employee) says

"Health benefits are not nearly as good as most companies and you have NO vacation or paid holidays the first year. Their pay is low considering the required hours and/or responsibilities you have each day. If you're hourly, you are given more and more to do, but are told you are not allowed overtime and you're not producing if you can't keep up. If you're salary, you're expected to work through lunch and after hours, some days 10+ hours without taking a break because there's so much to get done. This corporation is ALL about money & employees are just a number. They say they are "Powered by People," but it should be "Powered by Customers and Their Money."You make great friends with co-workersManagement picks and chooses who they like. Pay and benefits stink."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management. Short staffed. Very poor for encouragement. Will make a employee feel dumb instead of pick up employees or give good work moral. Hostile work environment . Pay is weak. Never got a raise in years. Great is you want to be underpaid and unappreciated. Always gets blamed because we are corporate. Very stressful. Dont ever get a good job. Or any support.Very littleToo much to list"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"A long standing dealership has been gutted of all that was good. 4 GM’s in 3 years, with each one completely changing processes every time. The GM is the determination whether a dealership is enjoyable to work at or not. The new GM has no leadership skills whatsoever. But, the store is selling cars so everything is well apparently. Employees do not matter & are just a number.Since the new GM, morale has hit bottom & departments are more segregated than ever. Community involvement has ceased which was once something of high importance. Customer complaints have increased. Employees are well aware that the GM does not care & they know that they are expendable. Why should employees do more than the minimum when they know this? 10+ employees have quit in the last few months with the probability of more. Lithia doesn’t care because they just hire new people with lower pay. Turnover & losing high performers are not good on profits, it’s simple math really. Employees deserve better! “Growth powered by people,” & Lithia’s core values are nothing but hype for public image. It really all starts at the top by showing that every employee matters & ensuring that all dealerships have well qualified GM’s in place with actual leadership skills. New mission statement should be, “Do more with less.”Co-workers & some great vehiclesPoor culture, low pay, high stress, no care from Corporate leaders & the list can go on"

Service Writer (Former Employee) says

"Lithia wants way to much for what they pay people, they don’t want to pay your vacation time when your up, the way they preach about the values is not how they conducted business"

Lube Technicia (Former Employee) says

"I got hired on as an overflow tech. NEVER EVEN got the chance. Lithia dodge of great falls is a joke. No lunch breaks for,lube techs, amd lubes techs have to take out trash for the entire shop 2 times a week. Will NEVER WORK THEIR AGAIN!!!!!NomeNo lunch breaks for illube techs. Not respcted at all."

Toyota Technician (Former Employee) says

"Probably the worst company in the automotive business currently..Place is like a revolving door with people quiting and getting fired weekly.. Every year lithia comes out with a new policy to take something away from employees whether money,vacation ect... 401k terrible...lithia takes your vacation pay when you quit or get fired."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Move on if you are wanting opportunities to advance your career. I worked there for about a year. Management is the only position that makes money. They are constantly churning people. Awful place to work. Stressful and worthless."

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company only cares about money... for themselves. They don’t pay employees what they’ve actually earned and don’t give you the same opportunities to sell and make a paycheck as their established favorites. If you need a good paycheck work for Steet or NYE. The higher ups lie and make promises that don’t materialize. They tell you what you want to hear to keep you there, but don’t deliver. They bring in GM’s from Jag dealers located in Washington to work in a Nissan store in Yorkville who doesn’t know how to run the store within the culture they are in because they are stuck in the culture they came from."

Senior Recruiter (Current Employee) says

"Volatile industry. Lots of hiring and firing in the company. Constantly changing. Not secure. Leadership changes often. Not a lot of room for growth. ."

Lube /shop tech (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company management cussed my out on a bunch of times and never had respect for me or my coworkers. Pay was not as promised and production was near impossible to meet. They promised raises and promotions and never came throu with any. I worked there for 4 years and felt with broken lifts almost every day and they lack of tools they were suppose to provide"

Detailer/Shuttle Driver (Former Employee) says

"Nothing but lies can live off small checks and the pay sounds good being flat rate but if there isn’t any work you’re not making over 40 hours in 2 weeks."

Business Development Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Do not ever think about working for this company! It’s all about favoritism if they like you... you will stay! Poor management poor HR, poor communication, absolutely No training, and I expect you to know everything they had in their mind as far as the way they wanted, no one appreciate you for your hard work...people come and go all the time and if you are not lucky like me they hire a new GM and they let you go to bring their people in"

Detailer (Former Employee) says

"Too many chiefs not enough Indians. I worked there for 3 years. I had benefits like paid time off and sick days. But they never paid me when I was sick. I did excellent work for them and would go home exhausted. Custo.ers would give"

Automotive Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Maybe it was just the transition from Carbone ownership to Lithia. Be ready to do it all on your own. No training or resourses. I was with out a computer for the 1st two weeks on the job.10-11 hour day, including Saturdays and Sundays. Commisions calculated in magic marker at the end of the month. Just unbelievable. Archaic business model designed to take advantage of the consumer and work the sales force to exhaustion"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"They expect you to do work without being train properly. Like wanting you to fix a car without tools. If it doesnt benefit them your out of luck. Your always wrong and they are always right. But you are suppose to do everything they need done first then your job second. Your job is not secured even if they say it is. My recommendation, don't work for them."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"avoid working here at vw stockton management are so rude and think they now it all they dont even know the difference in the vw models selling wrong cars to customers and not going through inspection highly avoid this dealership if i was you go elsewhere"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely horrible place to work! The culture is sickening! There are cliques and you will not be welcome into any of them! Will get harassed by other employees! Absolutely terrible management and wouldn’t recommend it one bit!NoneEverything"

Sales representative Kennewick WA (Former Employee) says

"Kiss there butts to stay and make garbage money sell your soul to sell a new car and only get $200 per new car used cars where it was at the people that train you feel like they are entitled to car sales you startCompetition trust no one no one is your friend"

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