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Lindex is a Swedish fashion chain within the Finnish Stockmann Group. The company has around 5000 employees and approximately 480 stores in 18 markets in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States, Central Europe and the Middle East. In addition to sales in-store, Lindex also offers their fashion assortment via online shopping in 28 countries: all EU countries plus Norway. The company has had a rapid international expansion and sales growth. The assortment includes several different concepts within women's wear, lingerie, kids’ wear and cosmetics.

Lindex has a toxic working environment and long work hours, a former Sales assistant claims at

"The staff are negative and unfriendly. The manager is dishonest and untrustworthy. No positive reinforcement. Very negative atmosphere that puts everyone down. long hours."


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Sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"The staff are negative and unfriendly. The manager is dishonest and untrustworthy. No positive reinforcement. Very negative atmosphere that puts everyone down.NoneLong hours"

Varuhanterare (Current Employee) says

"En arbetsdag för mig ser ut som så att jag börjar kl 07:00. Nu har jag min huvudavdelning på kosmetikavdelningen, där jag plockar och lagrar in kosmetiskaprodukter. Roterar till en annan avdelning, utlastningen. Där har vi hand om all utlevereras från hela lagret. Jag har fått lära mig mycket, på många olika avdelningar. Jag kan alla avdelningar bra. Ledningen har jag inte så mycket förtroende för. Det känns inte som att idéer och synpunkter inte tas hand om direkt, ibland inte alls. Vilket är tråkigt då vi försöker komma på idéer som kan göra arbetet bättre och smidigare. Mina arbetskollegor är i blandade åldrar och jag kommer bra överens med alla. Det är mycket teamwork och även självständigt arbete. Det svåraste delen av jobbet är att det är svårt att motivera sig eller bli motiverad. Den bästa delen av jobbet är när jag får komma till utlastningen. Där händer det mycket och vi har många deadlines under dagen. Teamwork på den avdelningen är ytterst viktigt."

Butikbiträde - Praktikant (Former Employee) says

"Allt gick bra, fick bra kritik om allt jag gjorde i butiken, många av kollegorna man fick träffa va snälla och roliga att prata med. Ledaren/chefen va ingen höjdare, klagade på att man inte va tillräckligt glad även fast man tog hand om kunder, kläder i butik och va glad och sa hej till kunderna.IngetSvårt och vara specifik"

Myyjä, myymälän kakkonen (Former Employee) says

"Vain päälliköt saavat täydet tunnit. Myymälöissä vähän työntekijöitä ja tekemistä olisi monelle. Tahti on kova. vapaatoiveet toteutuu, jos toteutuu. Asiakkaat ovat työn paras puoli.Hyvä työterveysJatkuva kiire, negatiivinen johtamisote ylemmiltä tasoilta."

Кассир (Former Employee) says

"За короткий срок своей там работы я успела понять, что долго в этой фирме никто не задерживается, хотя фирма очень и очень неплохая. Но неудачное расположение торговой точки отнимает львиную долю свободного времени, несмотря на то, что расположена не так уж и далеко от транспортного узла. Мне понравилось бы работать там, не будь столь суровы порядки даже к пятиминутным опозданиям..восьмичасовая сменаразорванные выходные, неудобный график смен"

Butikschef (Former Employee) says

"Ett företag med mycket förändringar på gång. Många härliga människor som jobbar inom företaget."

Säljare (Former Employee) says

"Helt okej med trevliga kollegor och bra chef, enda problemet var att jag var den enda killen i butiken, vilket känndes konstigt."

Varuhanterare (Former Employee) says

"Bra lön och skönt med fasta tider, dock tungt och ensidigt arbete.Bra lön och fasta tiderTungt, ensidigt"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"not boring, grest workplace, its alright, lot of people that are friendly and helpful, easygoing environment and nice staff. easy day at work and never a dull moment"

Linköping, Praktik (Former Employee) says

"Fixa på lagret. Packa upp lådor med nya kläder, accessoarer m.m Kassahantering, hjälpa kunderna i affären. Prismärka och larma."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I have been working at Lindex part-time Cons: long hours bad pay miscomunications"

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"I worked at Lindex part-time for more than a year Cons: long hours, lower salary, switched out management often"

Current Employee - Sales Assistant says

"I have been working at Lindex part-time Cons: very rude customers, management not always professional"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at Lindex part-time for more than a year Cons: long shifts and unable to take holiday if needed asap"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Lindex part-time Cons: Stiff work environment,competitiveness between workers. Lack of teamwork."

Sarah Morby says

"Still waiting for this order, marked as delivered on the Royal Mail tracker by Stratford DO which I live nowhere near but nothing received and no reply’s to my email."

Amina Othman says

"The worse company, it's been a month since I made an order and still my item is in Swedan. They dont answer emails but regulary send generic emails calling you to buy stuff. I wont order again for sure ."

Anna Johansson says

"I was told after 14 days of waiting that my items where out of stock. And they are waiting for them to arrive before sending my entire order. Which kind of makes this fraud because you can't sell items that are not available and then not inform your customers, still holding on to our money for weeks and weeks with absolutely no estimated shipping date. Do not blame this on the current situation with Covid 19 because I've shopped at several e-commerce stores which are able to ship in time. This is just poor management and poor customer service. If you had indications that there were massive problems - you should have informed customers before placing the order or as soon as you knew that."

Karolina F says

"Ordered 2 weeks ago, received an email 8 days after the order was placed saying they need more time. When I asked for it to be redirected to a different address they’ve said it was impossible even though my order wasn’t sent or even packed yet plus I was informed it will take a month (!) now for my order to be delivered. I have asked for it to be cancelled but haven’t heard back yet. Not happy, I really had high hopes."

Electra Lel says

"Don't shop online from them. Terrible customer service. They did not send me all the items i ordered and blamed me somehow. Ridiculous!"

Bel says

"The worst customer service ever. I was looking for nail polish with a gel texture when I asked one of their employees about what hey had. She showed me their own nail polish and told me that this was an amazing one that she uses herself and that lasts for a very long time. She really sold me the idea of it being a very good product and made me buy it. Once home and giving it a go, I was very chocked by the results. It didn't even last 24 hours before it started coming off. I was very confused but took it off as it looked terrible the next day. I do not work with my hands a lot and not near water or anything similar lots either. I decided to give it another go and applied it once again, as instructed. And not surprisingly, it starts coming off after less that 12 hours, including the time I slept.. This product turned out to be the worst I have ever bought and not at all what was promised before I bought it. I went to their store in Vällingby, Stockholm to complain of this but their staff were so rude and did not care to try and help out. They basically let me know that it was my fault for believing in their staff member and using it and must be something with my nails. I have had nail polish for years and have never seen it peel off this fast. They told me to call their customer service as they didn't want to deal with this. I called them directly and they spoke to their staff team in another room and the staff then came back saying that they won't be doing anything about this situation. Like seriously? You won't apologise or say that your product sucks? But instead tell me "we understand you, but you are the only one who has complained, so therefore we won't take any action for this. They further said to give this bad nail polish to a friend after me stating I won't use the nail polish again. They had no empathy and basically said to never trust whatever their staff says, because if you listen to them and the product breaks or isn't working as promised, it's all your own fault for trusting the brand and it's staff team. Will never ever buy products from the again."

Bethany Plant says

"Dont know WHERE my order is: Ordered clothes, they have been delivered but I have no idea where! Emailed Lindex Customer Services twice and they replied "Our responsibility ends when we have sent the order" and nothing else. I just want to receive the order I PAID for! Have never been treated so badly by an online retailer as this before. DON'T SHOP WITH THEM guys!"

Claire says

"Absolutely terrible company would never recommend or shop online with them again placed order 9th July for home delivery which I was advised it had been delivered to local delivery office Royal Mail ... went to the delivery office and they didn't know where my order had gone emailed lindex who told me they didn't know where they had sent it either ... asked for refund as it was over £50 and was told I had to wait 14 day a til the order was returned to them ... now 17th august and still no refund been advised 3 times in last 3 weeks that money has been refunded but it hasn't have gone to trading standards and raises issue with my bank as covered with my bank card ans they are going I get the money back ... absolutely disgusting they should be be allowed to trade ... keep away from them"

Ren Fisk says

"I am pregnant and ordered some maternity knickers online from Lindex. They arrived fast, fit nicely and didn't fall down (a problem I had with other maternity items). All pluses for the company. However, after one wash the elastic on the white pair has begun to unravel. I figured this wasn't a problem and I could just contact Lindex for a replacement pair or a voucher for a new pair as I've done with other companies in the past in regard to a faulty product. Unfortunately this did not happen. After sending them my order details, the story and a photograph of the fault, Lindex gave me two options: 1. Return the faulty items to a store for an exchange or refund. My nearest store is one hour's drive or a 40 minute three train ride away. That is a long way to go to return one pair of knickers, especially when the store might not have a replacement pack in stock. Also, as a pregnant woman nearly in her third trimester I am in a higher risk category for suffering complications if I were to catch Covid-19. I have been advised by my midwife to avoid all unnecessary interactions with large crowds. Taking public transport and going to Westfield Shopping Centre would not be a good idea for me at the moment. I do not wish to risk my child's life for the sake of a pair of pants. 2. Send the knickers back to Lindex in Sweden for a refund only. They kindly offered to return my airmail postage fee (though neglected to say whether they would cover my petrol cost, town centre parking cost or packaging expense) but unfortunately going to the post office would force me to go into my local town, which is also a busy and crowded place and again would put me in danger of contracting Covid-19. I also didn't want or need a refund as my other pairs of knickers were perfectly fine and (as they came in a three pack set) I didn't want to have to send them back too. If I did, I wouldn't be able to wear my maternity jeans because (as previously mentioned) these knickers are the only ones that don't get pulled down by the jeans. I replied to their email hoping for a better outcome but just had another reply from a different customer service adviser telling me that if I wanted to complain I could do so by returning the product to a store or by post to them... At this point I felt like they'd clearly ignored my fears about contracting a potentially lethal virus when pregnant and that no one was actually reading what I was writing. In the end I ordered some more maternity knickers from somewhere else and managed to (vaguely successfully) repair Lindex's broken ones myself with my overlocker. Overall, despite the comfort the other pairs of knickers have brought me, I'm really disappointed by Lindex's lack of compassion during what is an extremely frightening time to be pregnant."

Alexandra Long says

"I've been sent the incorrect item. Customer services won't offer a return, only an exchange. The item I actually ordered, is now out of stock. Very poor."

madia says

"Delivery took almost 2 weeks to arrive, but I will blame the lockdown for it (i guess). Quality is really poor! The colour of the baby clothes look a little faded. But worst is that one of the baby pajamas has a little hole on the back. Unfortunately I noticed it after wash all of them so, I couldn’t send it back."

Lyn says

"Really nice products but slow enough delivery."

Always Shopping! says

"Lovely items, let down by the service. I ordered some items for my Daughter 17.04.2020, at the time it said a 10 day delay on orders due to Covid-19. Order marked as dispatch on Wednesday 27.04.2020. Tracking wouldn't track and no email responses. If you cannot keep up with the volume of orders with the staff you have then you should close, things like this damage a reputation. Not sure i'd use again. *Order did finally arrive 05.05.2020."

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