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Charles Augustus Lindbergh (February 4, 1902 – August 26, 1974) was an American aviator, military officer, author, inventor, and activist. At the age of 25 in 1927, he went from obscurity as a U.S. Air Mail pilot to instantaneous world fame by winning the Orteig Prize for making a nonstop flight from New York City to Paris. Lindbergh covered the ​33 1⁄2-hour, 3,600-statute-mile (5,800 km) flight


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Steffen says

"Unfortunatly I experienced a quality problem on my Lindberg frame N.O.W. titanium. Design and comfort are great, but quality and goodwill repair willingness did not meet my expectations. I could not recommend Lindberg. The frame brokes during normal use. My dealer told me, that for a 3 year old frame, no guarantee will be granted by Lindberg. From my point of view, I bought a premium product and expect premium quality and premium goodwill. Therefore I asked Lindberg, if a goodwill repair or exchange might be possible. Lindberg wrote: Thank you for your comments. We do understand your frustration about a broken frame, however, unfortunately we cannot meet you upon your request of a goodwill repair/exchange. Hoping for your understanding we send you our very best wishes."

AngryCustomere says

"Nice design but utterly low quality manufacturing and extortionate behaviour by Lindberg. Bought a very expensive pair of Buffalo Titanium frames. Looked great and felt great. Unfortunately, the righthand hinge just snapped after a few months while putting them on normally. They were duly returned to Lindberg and came back after a few weeks fully repaired. Exactly the same thing happened after four years and I returned them to my optician only to be told that they were out of warranty but that it did look as though there was a manufaturing issue so they would argue for a free repair. The glasses were returned fixed after 5 weeks but only after I paid for shipping to and from Denmark. I was told that I would have to pay €450 for any other similar repairs in future. Just a week later, the lefthand hinge snapped while putting them on. I am now facing charges for a pair of glasses that were missold as “virtually indestructible”. I don’t consider a tiny 0.5mm titanium hinge that breaks under normal careful use as indestructible. My advice for anyone considering buying Lindberg frames is DON’T unless you have time and money to waste on repairs."

Hopey Ness says

"Had frames 14 mths, snapped in two while cleaning them. Told they were out of warranty and would have to buy a new pair. Now stuck with $650 lenses and little choice but to pay for another frame of the same type - flimsy, rubbish quality and expensive. Very unhappy."

Phil says

"If I could give these glasses a zero, I would. I had to replace my glasses a couple years ago because they at the frame area around the lenses. There was nothing that they or myeyedoctor would do to fix them except to tell me to buy new ones. I did. I assumed everything was fine until I had to get new lenses and the company that was going to replace the lenses called me and said there was a hair line crack near the lenses. They said that the people that put in the lenses must have put them in incorrectly. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Needless to say I will not be buying another pair from this company. In addition, the plastic part around the ear had broken randomly and I contact them to replace this less than a penny item. They refused to help me. There are so many other glasses out there, DO NOT BUY GLASSES FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!"

JPD says

"Had a pair of these for 4 years. Used as a spare pair and not work very frequently. Frame snapped of its own accord and with no mishandling. Very poor quality, not built to last abs throwing away as quoted £191 to repair. Paid over £450 with good lenses. Rip off. Bad quality. Annoying. Please don’t bother with Lindberg. Just look at all these bad reviews."

Colin Meacham says

"This company clearly posts on their own website that the Titanium M0F series of glasses comes with two additional lens frames or holders in addition to the pair that comes with each pair of frames.They also clearly indicate that in addition to the hard shell carry case, you receive a soft pouch that holds the cleaning cloth and the two additional lens frames or holders. THIS IS FALSE ADEVERTISING ! The moment you walk into a retail carrier, they will sell you the frames with a set of lens holders, you must pay additional for the other plastic or “ Acetanium” lens holders. This type of marketing on the internet needs to be addressed, It’s 100% FALSE ADVERTISING.How can a Corporation be in denial over this. I reached out to the company and their response was totally contradictory to what their own website displays. Perhaps a Class Action Lawsuit would be appropriate. Other reviews of this company, their lack of service, and some of the design flaws have been submitted. It’s time to show these companies we will not support them for misleading us. Don’t Purchase from this company. Take your money elsewhere to a reputable company that stands behind their products, not one that misrepresents their products. Take a look at the website yourself and see what I’m talking about. Just type in Lindberg Titanium MOF.. In these Covid Times, lets close companies that act like this! We don’t need this type of Corporation if that’s the level of accountability they are going to represent."

Anne Tashareau says

"Typical, boring, tired old superior attitude. Problem is - now the products suck, as well. Stuck in denial mode. Time is way overdue to flush this company."

Rafal Wiktorowicz says

"Very bad experience with LINDBERG frames. Lindberg comapny was recommended to me as top brand company for glass frames. i paid 500euro for frames i expected to have great frames but durability of those glasses were terrible. - no way to regulate it myself - it was so fragile that i press it a little and it was broken ( first time it was warrany issue and it was replaced ) - after using it longer plastic frames was slowly destroyed by titanium arms so regulation was impossible . - later plastics frames started to have scratches showing that frames material is very weak and soon going to break. - finally by 2 years kid wanted touched it on my face and they were broken. I have paid a lot for frames i expected much much more. i had frames for 20 years starting from 10 euro / 50euro / 200 euro but never had such problems. i decided to ask for opinion if it is normal and maybe those materials had some failure as it broke that way. and than worst happend:) i was thinking that any customer care exist for top frames brand…. i have send 5 emails to only existing email sales @ and nobody has responded. than i called and said that i send 5 emails and asking to check the issue. nobody respond again. i am very disapointed not only with durability of frames but how company is treating own customers. btw i have tried also facebook and instagram no answer at all:( unbelivable … i do not recommend to anybody bying Lindberg frames."

L Roberts says

"I bought a pair of glasses for ~£300 (frames only - was over £500 for lenses and frames together) just over 2 years ago. Since I bought them, the hinge is missing a spacer and this causes the leg to wobble and the glasses to be unstable. The rubber ends of the glasses have broken multiple times. Yesterday the nose pad broke and it is no longer fixed in place so I have to rest it on the top of my nose to wear the glasses. I do not have a spare pair. I have worn glasses for 23 years and have always been able to make cheaper pairs last for 4-5 years on average. I am very careful with them as I need to wear my glasses all the time. Very disappointed with the quality, especially considering the price and the assurance of quality. I am now in a situation where I am out of pocket and I need to buy a new pair of glasses before I expected."

david sant says

"I'm On my second pair on Lindberg frames. Both have now snapped at the tiny hinge!! The second pair I treated with kid gloves because of the earlier break but it made no difference . The metal ( Titanium -really!! ) is not up to the job. Lovely looking but of no use if they break so quickly. I wouldn't buy again from them."

Z.Bancevic says

"Extremely bad experience! Promising the highest quality, kind of forever and the frame broke into 5 pieces in our hands, not after falling or something but simply during usual movement, putting them of the nose, the frame broke in our hands!! First time it happened they changed them without any complaint, and I believed it was extremely rare case that can not happen again! Second time it happened, they simply rejected responsibility! ??? And the cost is huge! And I see only now that they collected already thousands of extremely bad reviews - pity that I was not reading it before! I hope all new customers will first check internet comments before that bad decision, to buy Lindberg! I feel completely betrayed! My son has -15 diopter on both eyes and need a solution, that I have to finance now!!"

Kim says

"I would advise anyone against buying Lindberg glasses. One of the temples broke and I had to have it sent to Denmark only to be told after 2 weeks that it could not be repaired. For frames which cost 500 euro I find this unacceptable. I will never buy Lindberg again as it isn't even possible to repair a temple."

Lynne Driessen says

"Bought my rimless Lindberg glasses in 2015 at a cost of AUD 1285. Thought that was a hefty price, but was told titanium was a very strong and serviceable material and as I have always been very careful in handling my glasses, they would last well. In fact the opposite is true, they are quite flimsy, and I have replaced a new lens and arm at a cost of AUD 615, 2 years ago, and now at this moment they are being repaired for another broken arm at a cost of AUD 200 and time without glasses for a few weeks again. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. My opticians haven't even considered any discounting of these repairs either. I am now without my glasses once more. So having spent over AUD 2300 I'm calling it quits! Never again....keep away from Lindberg!"

Justin Downes says

"How Lindberg manages to con people into paying a fortune for poor quality parts made in the Philippines is a marvel of modern marketing: they really are an inferior product. There are so many better alternatives. Writing to the MD of the form elicits no response. Avoid unless you are a glutton for punishment!"

F Fletcher says

"My Lindberg frames snapped at the hinge. They were sent off to Lindberg who -conveniently- stated it wasn't a manufacturing fault so it doesn't fall under their guarantee. They offered to fix it with a new front at a cost of over £200. As I found out at my expense, they offer poor customer service on an overpriced but poor quality product. My advice: Don't waste your money on a Lindberg frame."

TimC says

"I have two pairs of Lindberg glasses. they are very comfortable but i am quite disappointed... so far... frames have caused the lenses to chip on three occasions.. two chips came out on the outside and once on the inside... can you imagine my horror... a bit of glass sense must have come off at speed in the direction of my eye! additionally a nose pad has snapped twice... hmm.... i have found my frames to be very fragile and to damage my lenses..."