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Lincoln National Corporation is a Fortune 250 American holding company, which operates multiple insurance and investment management businesses through subsidiary companies. Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for LNC and its subsidiary companies.LNC was organized under the laws of the state of Indiana in 1968, and maintains its principal executive offices in Radnor, Pennsylvania. The company traces its roots to its earliest predecessor founded in 1905.In addition, LNC is the naming rights sponsor of Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, home field of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League.

Lincoln National is notriously famous for intentionally delaying short term and long term disability claims. In an intervoew with a customer, he said " Lincoln Financial has been the worst company I've ever had to deal with and would rather forgo having STD or LTD and just put that money into the bank as I'd at least have the comfort of knowing that I'd have money there if I needed it. Paying paycheck after paycheck for your std or ltd benefits is as useful as throwing your money into the furnace. The company will drag out, intentionally confuse, lie, stall and just flat out deny your valid claims. This is done, I think, to attempt to wait out the disability claim, or just make it so hard that you stop fighting for it. I've had a claim in with them since October 4th for a valid back surgery and at this point they have denied it three times, told me 14 times that they needed more and more documentation. They then approved the claim - but they didn't approve it for the whole time. The claim was to cover me through surgery and recovery, but Lincoln decided they were only going to pay me till the actually surgery date and told me I would have to call them about any additional time." This is just one of many similar stories told by customers daily.


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Real Estate Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Lot's of micromanagement at least when I was there and little to no chance for career growth. The most enjoyable part of the job was going home at the end of the day.Got a bonusDon't go there"

M.R says

"I booked two new tyres on Saturday for fitting on Wednesday. Drove 25 miles to National Tyres only to be told, with no apology, that they hadn’t been delivered so couldn’t be fitted. I was told that I should’ve received an email telling me. I checked my phone afterwards and, yes, I’d had an email sent to me 7 minutes before my appointment. Pretty useless when I left an hour earlier to drive to the fitting. I’d also booked my MOT for later that morning. One of the two tyres I was having replaced had actually blown on the way to National Tyres that morning so I had to go to my MOT with my spare wheel on - which it failed on - and then drive 25 miles home on it. The last time I used the same branch of National Tyres I got my car back and the centre console had a giant crack across it after they’d adjusted the handbrake. It was an older car so I didn’t see the point in complaining but they never even owned up to what they’d done. And the brakes weren’t even fitted properly and I had to return after driving halfway home for them to be adjusted as they were clattering. You pay out £300+ for brake work and that’s what you get. Other businesses bend over backwards to apologise when they inconvenience you or make mistakes & seek to make amends yet garages take their customers for granted."

Emma says

"Having had a recent MOT from a reputable actual mechanic the month before, I had issues with a flat battery. Booked in with national tyres, battery fitted and was happy with the service provided, however at payment stage, I was advised that the tyres were getting low and 2 front tyres needed doing (preferably within the next 4 weeks) Due to working throughout the covid19 situation, I booked the tyres in straight away, feeling that it was essential for me to continue using my car. Upon the replacement of 2 new tyres, I was informed that the brake pads were worn and needed replacing. I then booked for new brakes and discs,but with the original mechanic who carried out my mot. Whilst incurring extra charges for the time it took them to get a ridiculously over tightened wheel nut off,they carried out the work but advised, the brake pads were half worn and merely needed cleaning and reglazing. They also advised that it was unlikely I needed new tyres as these issues would have been noted on the MOT. I feel thoroughly conned by national tyres who I suspect have lied about work needing to be done and completely taken advantage of people who rely on their honesty and fairness, I would expect it from a back alley garage but certainly not from a nationwide company. This has cost me easily £600-700 in total with a suspicion that half that cost was completely unnecessary and during a time where everyone is adjusting and trying to get through a difficult time. I would say stick to fitting tyres however it appears you're not even very good at that having looked at your reviews!"

Mr Mahmut Simsek says

"I’m telling both front have to change he’s going one front one back I telling you doing wrong after dan change front not wery. Good and not checking roads blans"

Jason Fricker says

"Have used live talk on the website and emailed both promised a response but 2 days and have NOT had any follow up:- My wife was driving her Renault SCENIC in Yeovil and heard a noise She thought no more of it and then went into to shop opposite your depot. On returning to her Renault and starting it heard the exhaust had gone and the rear box was dangling. As she saw the depot was very quiet and everyone just stood around outside she drove into the depot at about 14:15 Sat 1st August and was approached by one of the 4 there and asked if they were able to look at her Renault. She was with my teenage daughter and were 2 females on their own. The problem was obvious and she was simply told 'Sorry we do not do exhausts on a Saturday afternoon' She explained she had a 15 miles journey home and would he just look at it and see if it was safe to drive and would return following week. She was then told 'We do not do Renualts anyway' Im told the other staff there all of whom were doing nothing whatsoever as there was not another customer on the premises were sniggering. My daughter told me at this point my wife got quite upset but very calmly again said please help me just look and tell me what is wrong. Again to staff onlookers amusement he said its simple anyone is able to hear your exhaust has gone and we do not do exhausts on a Saturday as unable to get parts and she said then talked mechanical talk in a way she did not understand again to the ammusement of other staff just stood there and at no point was he courteous or understanding to a female customer in distress or offer any help. She remarked 'but please just look as you have no other work on' and to that he responded 'maybe but i still get paid' She left the depot in floods of tears and unable to get hold of me started to travel home and got 2 miles on the A30 dual carriageway in heavy Saturday holiday traffic for the rear box to drop altogether and start dragging and had to stop on the carriageway and get hold of me at work to travel 12 miles to retrieve her and my daughter in a dangerous situation. On attending it took me less then 30 seconds in heavy traffic to climb under the rear and severe the rubber left holding the rear box and remove it and put in the rear boot for her to drive home. In a very livid state i drove to the depot to find as she stated at about 15:00hrs barriers pulled across the entrance and 4 blokes sat on the pavement in there overalls smoking and drinking and not a single customer or vehicle in the depot. I wish i had my phone on me to take a photo to send to your Alan Revie Chairmen to put next to his mission statement on the website as overall not a good advert or impression of this depot despite your website boost of going above and beyond for customers. I want to know from the people involved why they refused a female in need of help and why she was treated like this. I would love to know how Mr Revie would feel if it was his own family that had asked for help from what she saw as experts to sort her problem and why she was not treated with respect and offered to at the very least looked at the safety issue. I would understand a little more if the depot had work going out the door and she was demanding immediate help but at that moment not a single one of 4 people were doing a single thing but socialising at the door and treated a female customer very poorly. National Tyres you are wasting your money on staff wages here on a saturday and you really have a problem at this depot I am lost for words and would love to hear the reasoning behind this and the managers of this depots input."

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