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Rush Hudson Limbaugh III ( LIM-baw; born January 12, 1951) is an American radio personality, conservative political commentator, author and former television show host. He is best known as the host of his radio show The Rush Limbaugh Show, which has been in national syndication on AM and FM radio stations since 1988.

An article from The Guardian mentions, "The king of American talk-radio, Rush Limbaugh, stunned his 20 million conservative listeners yesterday by confessing on air to years of addiction to painkillers and declaring he had booked himself into a drug clinic for a month. The confession came days after the tabloid revelations of a former maid who claimed she bought thousands of prescription pills on the black market for Mr Limbaugh, and the confirmation by the police near his Florida home that they were looking into an illegal drug ring."


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Sales & Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Long hours"

Telemarketing/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Either you get along with the Limbaugh's or you are out! They have there favorites and everyone else is just an mean to get sales. If you cross a Limbaugh they find a way to get ride of you - and until you are gone they make work a nightmare for you! I would not recommend anyone to purchase from them or work at that dealership. The Limbaugh's have the Birmingham people fooled on what really happens with them in and away from the dealership. They are a cut throat family and will make your life a living nightmare!!"

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