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Levi Strauss & Co. is an American clothing company known worldwide for its Levi's brand of denim jeans. It was founded in May 1853 when German immigrant Levi Strauss moved from Buttenheim, Bavaria, to San Francisco, California to open a west coast branch of his brothers' New York dry goods business. The company's corporate headquarters is located in Levi's Plaza in San Francisco.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA - 6 agosto 2020

An angry employee wrote this in indeed:

During Covid pandemic, they don't care. Overall the company does not care about the health of their employees. Even during a pandemic they have employees going into Levi Plaza in San Francisco because the needs of the employees at home are more important than the health of the IT team that have to go in 4 days a week on last minute notice. On top of getting equipment out to the higher up employees they still have to help all tickets that come in to them. Not enough time in the day to do what they expect. If you are salary expect to work no less than 70 hours a week with no time for lunch or family. The company is not worth the health of my family but can't afford to just quit. No breaks, no lunch, no time for family.


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Recieving Associate (Former Employee) says

"Treat temps like garbage. & You get paid less than anyone. Training is none existent!!! & For temps they use you then throw you away. With no chance on getting hired perm."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"There is no work life balance with this company. They don't pay very well for the job you. Managers and union frat together so even in union you wont have much say. Employees male up lies to manager which gets a person terminated . if you kiss butt maybe you will stay there. I will never again be associated with company such as this."

Medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Slechte organisatie. Geen goede begeleiding. Er bestaat geen afdeling Personeelszaken. Je moet maanden wachten op je contract en kunt nergens terecht met je probleem/klachten. Laat van betalen. Zitten er niet mee om dreigementen te uiten."

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend anyone to work at levi strauss and co because the base wage is 15 dollars per hour. The management team don't care about the employees. All management care about is getting their bonuses by any means. Alot of unfair practices. Alot of favouritism for senior employees. Management don't listen to the employees."

sale asistent (Former Employee) says

"Jste všem jedno, jste jen panáčci do jim tam prodávají, plat špatný, očůrají Vás jak to jen jde. Na vše se čeká"

Shipping (Former Employee) says

"No real training, insecure older workers and confusing management. Went there through an agency and just exploited. Big waste of time. If you do something wrong they don't advise on how to get better."

Order Filler, Stocker and Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Don't ever work here. Management is horrible. They can send you home every day with only 4 hours a day. They talk to you like your stupid and beneath them. They don't even follow the contract.NothingBad Management, horrible pay, not enough hours, lack integrity and empaty."

Flex Pac Operator (Current Employee) says

"My opinion of this company is that it would be a great company to work for if they really look into who they're letting have the run of things and forget it's a job not a sweat shop when you're running a business you really supposed to be honest, courteous, kind, respectful, helpful,not trying to bring a person down and in the same note using those exact words I typed above, if you're not practicing those words why tell the employee that Levi's needs to get it together great place terrible management"

Lead Stylist (Current Employee) says

"You never get raise, the managers act like they care but when you need something they don't do nothing to really help. Hours are not too good and managers are not either."

subgerente de tienda (Former Employee) says

"si no eres amigo de alguien no creces o te hartan... mala gestion de distritales apadrinados déspotas soberbios lame botas gerentes ineficientes pero con contactos que los hacen crecer y lucir a pesar de los malos resultados los cobijan. te mencionan una planta que llega de ser candidato a pasar el primer contrato trimestral. pero eso se vuelve en años de espera y en ocasiones para los amigos o recomendados es de un dia a otro. outsourcing fatal cambian de razón social pierdes puntos de infonavit. gerente de satelite amenaza tiene club de amigos rateros pero nadie dice nada. contrata personal a modo... que sirve de tapadera....no hayout soursing"

Dependienta (Current Employee) says

"Un horario muy poco estable y mal ambiente de trabajo"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"My location (Miami Dolphin Mall) was horrible. The general manager was very unprofessional, would constantly display rude behaviour, and has the charisma of a wet sock. She would yell at her employees and talk down on them. Overall very low pay, very childish environment and abusive managers. AVOID AT ALL COSTS"


"Ils virent les gens pour rien a la tête du client des malades mentaux rongés par le travail alors que c'est une marque qui génère du chiffre facilementPlutôt payé correctement"

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was new to the area and previously worked as a stock associate for another company and figured since Levi’s was hiring it to be a perfect fit and fortunately it was terrible coming into the store nobody introduced themselves everyone was very unfriendly and just staring management was very poor here and no one knew what they were doing and they literally had me covering what everyone else couldn’t do when originally I had applied for stock associate adding to the stock associates were not too friendly either and would be so rude"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I was only offered 10-15 hours weekly. The days I was supposed to work I would get calls saying not to come in due to over hiring. I did enjoy meeting new customers.CustomersNot enough hours"

Verkäuferin bei Levis Ingolstadt village (Former Employee) says

"Die Arbeit hat mir sehr gut gefallen Freude bereitet konnte gute Erfahrungen sammeln bin selbstbewusster dadurch geworden nette Kollegen gehabt viel Arbeit und trotzdem immer wieder gelacht am liebsten habe ich Kunden beratenKostenlos Outfit und Getränke- zu wenig Gehalt"

satış danismani (Former Employee) says

"yeni açılan mağazalarında çalıştım ve satış birincisi olmanıza rağmen sadece bir ay olmadığınız için işten çıkaran bir firma yönetim deseniz berbat kariyer derseniz yerinizde sayarsiniz siz elimizden gelenin en iyisini bile yapsanız bir şey olamıyorsunuz çünkü yöneticisini dışardan alan iğrenç bir firma bir de çalışana değer veriyormuş gibi bir slayt izletirler ama bunu hiç bir şekilde uygulamazlar özellikle bölge müdürü diye sedat diye biri var o işten anlıyor gibi gözükür ama hiç bir şey bilmez yüzünüze başka arkanızdan başka konuşur is yapmayanlar çalışır yapanları ise gönderen nezaketsiz ve iğrenç bir firma ."

Stock picker (Former Employee) says

"Needed a good job (ASAP) went through a temp service to get hired in at Levi Strauss. (Biggest mistake I've made.) They treated me just like I didn't belong there and pushed me out in less then a year. I was not aloud PTO, so I couldn't and didn't miss a day of work and was never late. But because I went through a temp job company they cand me soon as my contract time was up. There was no benefits as a temp at all. The pay was under 12 bucks (as a stock picker/lift truck driver) and there was no paid lunch as a temp. Don't work here unless you don't mind not having a life. They don't tell you in advance about the schedule. You won't know about working the weekends or Fridays until the end of the shift.A lot of workTo many"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"No recognition, Upper management is disorganized, Overall this company really left a bad taste in my mouth. They helped build and renovate a multi-million dollar stadium while giving its employees minimal raises and starting most low end employees at minimum wage. even if your store is beyond profitable compared to others in the company, within the highest margins of the company. you can miss one month to plan out of a year and be treated like an absolute failure! the training programs are disorganized and personally i was looked over for promotions several times given a pipe dream of opportunity. I love the brand but from an internal perspective I would never work for this company again because of their lack of empathy and respect for their employees."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, company was mismanaged and closed. Busy store in Sunrise, Florida, great for potential sales, but not enough staff or security to maintain merchandise from being stolen.BusyManagement"

Alexandra Barber says

"Never have a problem in the stores but ONLINE is a completely different experience. The customer service for online orders is absolutely appalling - i returned 2 items, 1 item for a refund and 1 item to be exchanged for a small size. I checked the website before requesting an exchange and all sizes were available. You would have thought a high-end well known brand would be capable of managing exchange items just like MAJORITY OF OTHER CLOTHING RETAILERS. Well, bizarrely i was refunded for both items and no exchange was registered. I checked the website again to see if the size was available and sure enough a small was available. I contacted customer services as i actually wanted the smaller size for my bf's birthday. Nathan, the customer service rep was pretty unhelpful - he automatically gave me a 10% discount code.... funny because i actually get 20% unidays discount. He basically told me nothing he can do, i have to order it myself but i disputed the fact i dont want to pay delivery again £4.99 and you cant use 2 discount codes [20% and a free delivery]. He blamed the warehouse team and wouldn't help me saying the management said the 10% code includes free delivery - did he not read my email that i get 20% anyway - so i'd have to re-order myself at a higher expense. DON'T OFFER EXCHANGES IF YOUR WAREHOUSE CANT FULFIL OR WHY NOT GET CUSTOMER SERVICES TO FIX THE PROBLEM AND ORDER THE PRODUCT FOR THE CUSTOMER WHEN THEY COMPLAIN awful! they havnt even sent me a closed account of the request or a questionnaire to complete. probably because they know everyone who completed a questionnaire will give them bad ratings!"

Stacey Robinson says

"Jeans were not the right size, customer service is horrible, cannot get any help from anyone/anywhere. Just GARBAGE."

Ala Khan says

"Absolute WORST experience. They charge to return an item???? IN THE WORLD OF AMAZON and pandemic where main stores are closed to do in person returns, HOW can they think this is okay? I will never purchase anything from levis directly again."

M. Marcelo says

"on June15, 2020 I ordered an item and it was processed, I then checked my credit card transaction and saw it was pending. I then received an email that my order was cancelled so I checked the Levi's website again to see if the item was no longer available or out of stock, it was still in their website and it was not out of stock so my order was abruptly cancelled for unacceptable "other" reason which was not included in the reasons that they emailed to me. I then proceeded to order a similar item and applied code: FRG2-8K2L-5MRS-D6L8 to save 10% and free shipping but it gave me message that the code has already expired; the email they sent me states that it is good till 6/18/2020. Although I like Levi's and their product I would advise people not to order online because not only do they cancel orders for unacceptable reason but they also engage in false advertising as stated above."

Irrelevant Guy says

"I bought these about a month ago. They are very comfortable and so but, unfortunately, the jeans are fake to my disappointment. In the pictures shown on this page they are not fake, but the pants I got are. They do not look the same at all as you see in the photo of my profile. Just compare the leather patch where the back of the pants you see difference in several different places. For example, where it says original Riveted then the red thing is above, has a little thing on top that the real ones do not have (as in the picture), it also says TRADE MARK on the pants but not on the picture, the waist and length figures are further down on the real in the picture, but on these they stand in line with W and L. It also says Genuine Quality Clothing, but it should not say "genuine", but it still does. So, unfortunately, the pants are fake. It is one thing that the pants are fake, but another thing is that the pants in the picture that the model has are not fake, but the pants you get are fake and do not look the same. The pants only get a 1 even tho they are very comfortable and stylish (even if they are not real (fake). )"

Tara says

"I purchased a jean jacket online as a Christmas present for my daughter. It was too small so I initiated an exchange online and mailed back on 12/26/19. It took 3 1/2 weeks before I received the exchange which was also too small. When I tried to exchange the jacket again for one size up, I was told I could not do that. I could only mail it back for a refund and re-purchase a new jacket. I shipped it back on 1/16/2020 for and didn't receive my refund until 2/10/2020. I purchased the jacket for $99 and my refund was for $65. I will NEVER purchase anything from Levi again."

Katie Jackson says

"Worst customer service. Genuinely appalled. I ordered some jeans on the 6th January and I still haven't received them (28th Jan). They lied to me and said they'd left the warehouse then later admitted they made that up and they haven't even left the warehouse. Then they tried to blame DPD. They finally replied to my many phone calls and emails saying they'd refund me £50.47 but they actually owe me £51.49... and the money is still not in my account. Wow. Seriously!!"

Tori says

"I have contacted levi.com 4 times through 11 days. No reply at all!!! What is going on for levi.com??? They need to steep it up big time."

C.S. says

"I ordered a shirt on Levi’s website and received an email saying it would receive it a few days later. It has now been over 2 weeks and when I track the order it says it hasn’t even left their facility - but the money has gone out of my account of course. I have emailed them twice and heard nothing back. I won’t rest until they pay me back though. I’m beyond amazed that a brand as big as Levi’s treat their customers this way. I for one will never order from them again."

John Feroleto says

"Wore Levi’s all my life. Bought a pair of 510s. They are cheesy as could be thin, cheap. They are basically like knock offs of real Levi’s. I hope the company can find itself and make jeans they are capable of making."

Carlos Morales says

"I paced two orders, one on Dec. 4th it was cancelled 1 day prior arrival. Second order placed on December 5th, today is Dec. 11th and I have not received yet. Horrible!!"

Erica Mosby says

"I bought 2 Levi tshirts from Macy’s last month a white one and a red one. Both T-shirts’ are in horrible shape. First of all these shirts are not cheap!! The red one has a Levi’s logo on the front and it’s worn off as if I’ve had the shirts forever!!! I’ve never had shirts last for such a short amount of time!!!! They are now “around the house” shirts. I paid waaaaay too much money for these shirts to look like this!!!"

Spencer says

"Don't waste your money! Very low quality Jean's. Nothing like the originals. I won't be wasting any more money on them."

kimberly tait says

"I ordered the women’s Levi Belted Trucker in August 2019 for their site. Nordstrom’s also advertised this jacket. The jacket I received didn’t have a tab and a silver Levi button on the elbows of the jacket the tab and button basically makes the sleeves of the jacket look less bulky. My complaint is stop the false advertising I paid for what’s pictured. I don’t like that crap! They refuse to post my review on the Levi website I should be given a refund sent the jacket back and still got the same jacket that’s not as pictured. Other websites have the jacket they sent me Levi you guys are a bunch of crooks!"

Platu Suksuchit says

"I order 2 time , always technical problem , i pay money get confirmation and wait wait wait , 2 weeks I call , oh technical problem , product stay in warehouse , please don’t order , they took us money for something , how many people who believe , I the person who got rip off ,, may be I have to report to criminal website , or rip off , I have direct experience , I can say it"

Lotte says

"I couldnt get a refund, just a coupon..... For a company this big, I expect a good customer service, but unfortunately didnt get it."

David says

"I seem to consistently have problems when ordering online from Levis, and they appear to be borderline fraudulent. A couple of examples: I placed an order for 5 items and paid by Paypal. Shortly afterwards I was sent an email saying that most of the items were no longer in stock and they would send just 1 item. That's fine, but when I checked my credit card statement, I find that I have still been charged for all 5 items. I called Levis who agreed to refund, but admitted that the refund would not have come through automatically. On another order, I returned an item using their own prepaid returns service. No refund was showing after a few weeks. Again I called Levis who confirmed the item had been received, but no refund had been arranged automatically. I have had several similar instances. If you do use the Levis online store, I'd encourage you to check your bills very carefully in case you are victim to similar sharp practices as I was. I will continue to buy Levis clothes, but will do so from Amazon or the high street as their own online operation falls far below the standard of service I'd expect."

TAyyab Ali KhAn says

"Levi's has worst customer service even with my jacket"