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It is located in Rionegro (Antioquia) and it is there where we produce baby compotes, fruit vinegar, canned, emulsified, jams, nectars, drinks with aloe vera and sauces of the brands San Jorge and Respin. . The purpose of PANAL is to elaborate and develop under processes of continuous improvement, practical foods of excellent quality that enrich the flavor of the meals and facilitate the life of our clients.

All production lines and processes carried out in the plant have been certified by the corresponding bodies. We offer opportunities and job stability for the inhabitants of the nearby municipalities of the region of Oriente Antioqueño. We contribute to the development and strengthening of farmers through the consumption of agricultural raw materials. We have donated to educational institutions and food banks. We are committed to responsible environmental management.

A farmer reviewed" The company cheats us a lot. They purchase our produce at the price they prefer. We tried to negotiate with them yet all our efforts to negotiate with them have been aborted. We are helpless now."


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