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Leo Gordon Laporte (; born November 29, 1956) is the host of The Tech Guy weekly radio show and a host on TWiT.tv, an Internet podcast network focusing on technology. He is also a former Tech TV technology host (1998–2008) and technology author (1995, 2002–2006).

A blogger on Reddit, an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion websit easked this question: Why do people dislike Leo Laporte? Another fan of the website answered: ¨He is lazy , makes racist comments all the damn time , is shitty to his employees , showed pictures of his dick by mistake to the viewers of a livestream at least two times (maybe more , I am not sure) and generally doesn't give a fuck anymore¨


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Kain R says

"Recently call and was on hold for 53 minutes. When someone did answer the call i asked if there was a reason for the delay and was told that was the only number to call. Under the assumption the representative didn't hear the question, I asked if there was a reason for the extended hold time and / or if that was something I should expect in the future and he responded by saying that they were doing the best that they could and if I would like to renew my subscription."

Marios Michael says


Alain Dumont says

"You make your service impossible to activate a second device aldo I pay to cover two of them . Very annoying"

Rod Carpenter says

"Last year ESET changed many of their policies, and now their customer service is lousy. They no longer offer a phone contact for home users, and their chat is often not available during the times they post it should be open. People, did not follow through with the email help. When I finally got an agent in chat they refused to help, even though someone helped me the year before. I would not recommend them since they changed."

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