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Leigh Ann Larkin (born c. 1980) is an American actress and singer, best known for her performance as June Havoc in the 2008 Broadway revival of the musical, Gypsy.


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Tricia Markovic says

"I just called Event Tickets regarding a postponed concert due to Covid and I got the rudest customer support rep. I wish I got her name. Concert is postponed till July, 2021 and I cannot get a refund. To expect people to honor tickets that are more than a year in the future is ridiculous. I asked to talk to her supervisor and she put me on hold while I was talking. Talked over me several times. I never got to talk to her supervisor."

Jessica Smith says

"Super rude customer service rep regarding cancellation of a concert during COVID. They're not up to date on their processes or the cancellations of concerts. Customer rep was condescending. Horrible company model."

Sara Knutson says

"This is a scam! We purchased tickets for a comedy show that was postponed due to COVID-19. The venue stated that the original tickets would be honored on the new show date or we could obtain a refund. Unfortunately, we are unable to attend the new show date. We contacted Ticketmaster as the event tickets showed in that account. We were told that the tickets were actually owned by Event Tickets and they had taken advantage of a "loop whole" to transfer the tickets to our Ticket Master account and appear as a verified TM purchase. When we contacted Event Tickets they refused to give us the refund and told us all sales were final."

Perry Stevens says

"I looked up tickets for a concert in May and the price was $150 for two tickets. The tickets were $55 each and then $15 service charge per ticket. I then went to the actual venue website and purchased the same 2 tickets for $72 COMBINED. Event tickets center up charged my tickets to where I'd be paying more than double. Not ok."

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