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Le Tigre (French for "The Tiger", pronounced ) was an American electronic rock band formed by Kathleen Hanna (formerly of Bikini Kill), Johanna Fateman and Sadie Benning in 1998 in New York City. Benning left in 2001 and was replaced by JD Samson for the rest of the group's existence. Le Tigre are known for their left-wing sociopolitical lyrics that often dealt with issues of feminism and the LGBT.

A member of the public mentioned, "Without exaggeration Le Tigre's I'm With Her is the most excruciating thing I have forced myself to listen to. Everything about this song is absolutely wrong. The generic, stale, yet somehow still obnoxious synthy backing music, the shrill harpy screeches that dominate the track, or the godawful, insipid lyrics, that are horrible even disregarding the political stuff. This is a song that makes me hate being able to hear, and is without a doubt the worst song of 2016."


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