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Le Coq Sportif is a French producer of athletic shoes, activewear, and sporting accessories. Founded in 1882 by Émile Camuset and located in Entzheim, France, the company first issued items branded with its now-famous rooster trademark in 1948. The company's name and trademark are derived from the Gallic rooster, a national symbol of France. The company is a subsidiary of Airesis SA based in Switzerland.

A disappointed client says of their service, "I'm very happy with their [Le Coq Sportif] products but their customer service is very bad. I returned a pair of trainers but I never got a confirmation that they were well received and checked and the refund would be proceeded. I've sent several emails but only received an automatic reply saying their usual blabla but nothing else. I really like their trainers but won't buy theirs anymore, I've been very disappointed with their service."

Another customer advises, "The returns process for this company [Le Coq Sportif] is an absolute shambles, they use an outside company to deal with their returns, you can expect the parcel to be picked up any day Monday-Friday anytime between 9-6. Obviously this doesn’t suit the majority of people who aren’t in the house freely available any day of the week. If you miss your delivery slot, it’s entirely in your hands to ring up the delivery company and reschedule a pick up date, sounds straight forward but believe me it is not. You have to print out piles of paperwork to sign, all with no guarantee the parcel will even be delivered, their terms and conditions state if the parcel cannot be delivered they will sell or destroy the items. LE COQ SPORTIF CUSTOMER SERVICE DO NOT RESPOND. Don’t risk losing your money and time."


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