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Lam Research Corporation is an American corporation that engages in the design, manufacture, marketing, and service of semiconductor processing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. Its products are used primarily in front-end wafer processing, which involves the steps that create the active components of semiconductor devices (transistors, capacitors) and their wiring (interconnects). The company also builds equipment for back-end wafer-level packaging (WLP), and for related manufacturing markets such as for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Lam Research was founded in 1980 by Dr. David K. Lam and is headquartered in Fremont, California, in the Silicon Valley.[3] As of 2018, it was the second largest manufacturer in the Bay Area, after Tesla.

An employee had this to say about her experience working at Lam Research, "This is a results oriented company that is not concerned with the HOW you get the results. The culture is not about people or employees. While they have great benefits, how they treat their employees is unprofessional."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company first then employees, not all about profits"


"Corporate greed, management with no people skills, microaggressions, and implicit racism."

Former Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"No Engineering job, it is only making repetitive documents. only go there if you have no other place to work at"

Former Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"The way they treat their suppliers doesn't sit right with me."

Former Employee - Process Engineer says

"Lots of politics going on. Favoritism pervails. Learning curve slows down drastically after a few years. Very very very bad work life balance with not enough pay. Management does not value employees enough."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low career advancement as fse"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"The poor and unethical dielectric etch management keep abusing power and is much better at defaming and pushing out good engineers than developing a product. Their behavior is far from decent, not to mention the company's core values. The core values are just their tool to punish engineers who have disagreement or are not their favorites."


"Poor leadership and management. Product quality need to look into."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"CEO kicked out for weird behavior. Management lacks core values which is weird because company promotes core values."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"The work environment is a mess. Feedback is seen as rocking the boat. The toxic culture promotes keeping your mouth shut. Teamwork is given lip service because management does not care. Work for this company if you want to sell out your values for a paycheck."

Material handler II/Assembler II (Former Employee) says

"Management is a bunch of clowns and back stabbers. If you're not their "friend ", youll never get anywhere in the company. Management are a bunch of phony jerks. Money and benefits are the only thing good."

NPI Buyer, Pilot Procurement (Former Employee) says

"Bad mgt, bad pay, not on par with market, no collab b/w groups. Intimidating work culture, ppl put ea other under the bus to get momentary advantage."

Livermore - assembler (Former Employee) says

"Grade f racial racism Rud rud not a good place for work Management is racism No opportunity for advance Unless our on your knees in management office"

IT Manager (Former Employee) says

"IT Operations Completely Dysfunctional. Some real b&st&rds working here. Subject matter experts ignored. InfoSys has a stranglehold on IT. Tons of meetings."

Service Delivery Specialist (Former Employee) says

"After my one year employment at Lam Research, I stepped down to pursue a better career over at Google. Their GIS team was an absolute shambles, complete disorganisation and unfair equality amongst all races and genders. Seriously avoid working in environments like this.NoneToo many to list."

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"They will have you train your replacement before laying you off. There are people there who have been on temporary employment with lam for over 8 years. You will spend your nights assembling hyper expensive machinery to allow this company to make billions in profit, and they will not even give you full time employment status in return. The work enviroment is extremely unprofessional, coworkers and managers were often hostile. I regret quitting my other job to work for LAM."

notifying supervisor (Former Employee) says

"they suck the life out of you. make you work 7 days 12hr shifts and brake them up so there are 3 days on one check and 4 on the other. do not waste you time."

System Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work for, they don't have stable work orders, so when you complete of what they need, they let you go, many people did very good job, but they have to let them go because they running out of work, they don' t need you anymore."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"The only way guaranteed to become full time employee for this company is if you have a relative already working there or is a friend of someone that already works there for years. Most employers in this company are all relatives. And most of the full time employers there that been working there don’t know how to train anyone, don’t speak very good English so it can be hard to comprehend nor do they know how to use a computer (don’t know how to send a simple email). This company wold take 1-2 years to decide if they want to convert you full time or let you go. This company unprofessional fire you through phone call on your days off rather than do it in person. Most importantly if you’re temporary, you get NO (ZERO) you can go to 1-2 years with NO benefits. Oh and if you have to call in or have an family emergency, there is no number to call, you have to email; your employer, your boss, your manager of the shift and your lead. Overall this company is very unprofessional and unjustified.Free food special occasionWork through breaks, no benefits, no line to call in, low pay, favoritism, unprofessional managers"

Sabre Final Test Technician (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed troubleshooting and gained experience reading and tracing schematics. Tough crowd to work with. Incosistent expectations. Poor leads evaluation/selection. Poor code of conduct among employees. Great Supervisor with poor support from upper managment. Team work non-existence.paid lunch timeWorking long hours; Reactive Management; Lack of proper training (tools, conduct, teamwork...)"

Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Lam had a toxic culture of hypocrisy when it came to it's internal rules and guidelines. They regularly lied to and mislead their customer to mask the real issues."

Operations (Current Employee) says

"What used to be a nice place to work has turned into a "dog-eat-dog" culture. Work/life balance completely out of balance. Not recommended as a place to work."

Engineering Technician 4 (Current Employee) says

"There just was not any room grow or advance. The management would only advance the people they liked and everyone else they left behind even thro they were better for the job then who they picked."

ECR Change Analyst (2014 to 2015) says

"It's a terrible place to work if you are a contractor. The company laid off a US citizen employee and gave the job to India. "The priority is India", I was told be the Director. A typical day at work - You work, work, and work many many hours without compensation after 8 hours What you learned - to be submissive Management - Micromanagement, critical, you are not protected if you are not the same race as the manager. Co-workers - Back stabbing The hardest part of the job - didn't feel free to do the job. Someone always watching over your shoulder, scolding you, correcting you... The most enjoyable part of the job - Time to go homeNothing good to say from 2 years experienceNo benefits - No compensation"

Assembler/Production (Former Employee) says

"If you are one who assembles the tools you are looked down upon by management and under paid. Management is a major problem here. They preach a specific set a "Core values," but it is just lip service. Management directs the assemblers how to their job but do not know how to do the job themselves. They preach "open communication," but when you try to be open and honest, it is viewed as complaining. Unless you want to be a "butt kiss," there is little advancement opportunity. If you are mechanically inclined but do not have at least an Associates degree then advancement is none. People with a degree and no experience, who "couldn't change a light bulb," get brought in to test the function of the tools over advancing someone up from an assembler, who has been there for years and could build the tool with their eyes closed, just because of the degree. Then when a problem arises with a tool at a customers site, the assembly department gets the blame from management. All they truly care about, despite what they say in all their meetings, is the shareholders and the value of their stock. Temporary employees with no experience, at times start out making more than hired on employees who have been there for years. I have even trained "temps," who were making more than me. I am speaking for the Tualatin campus only. Do not know about Fremont. If you are just starting out and desperate for a job, they will hire anybody as a "temp," experience or not. Negotiate your starting wage well because pay raises are very weak 25 cents to 50 cents a year. A lot of rework of other peoplesGood medical benefits and stock options only if you get hired on.Management. Treated like you are a child. 12hr shifts. Overtime only starts after the 10th hour."

Production Test Technician IV (Current Employee) says

"The Tualatin factory was merged with Lam a little over 3 years ago. The management at the factory is still left over from the Novellus team."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This is a results oriented company that is not concerned with the HOW you get the results. The culture is not about people or employees. While they have great benefits, how they treat their employees is unprofessional."

Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Poor Field Service Management in Place - No Leadership - Only looking for technical people that can be used and abused, and then disposed of afterwards while management takes all the credit for the work you end up doing.Pay and BenefitsBad Management"

Supply Chain Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management of reward system by lower manager. If you kiss up and charge up the hill when you are told, then you may succeed at this place. Stock options allocatted to buddies only."

Supply Chain Manager (Former Employee) says

"Find a different company to work for. management filling up their pockets with large stock options while others getting few. many extra hours of work at home with the lap top."

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