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The American Bank Building is a 15-floor building in Portland, Oregon, U.S. It stands 63 metres (207 ft) tall, and was built in 1913. It replaced the Marquam Building. Transamerica then sold it to SKB Portland Office Investments LLC in 2002 for $22.3 million, who then sold the tower in 2008 for $35.2 million to LaeRoc Partners.

Laeroc is not a transparent to their customers and it's disappointing due to massive losses form invesments, according to Kip Knight at google reviews

"I am extremely disappointed with Laeroc. I have had massive losses from their investments. What's worse...they are the very worst at keeping their investors informed on what is going on. I would strongly suggest you do NOT invest any funds with them.....I wish I had not."


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